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Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Perls, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. Perls

    First off, I can't freaking believe how dead these forums are compared to beta lol.

    I have two loadouts now that I'm happy with.

    1) Cycler + grip
    2) Sabr13+Comp (will get grip or HVA next, haven't decided).

    Using emp2 pistol (awesome).

    Cycler still most versatile, deadly mid and close range. I swear it's the best default weapon in the game lol.

    Sabr, well, if you used it and you can aim, you know how ridiculous it is.

    My question is, I need a CQC weapon. Cycler is "good enough" but I kind of want the third loadout to specifically be tight quarters. Reaper is garbage, anyone tried any of the other weapons? I've already bought so many weapons I haven't been impressed with that I don't want to waste anymore points lol. I already have the n11 (having a brain fart but I think that's the name) and it's awful compared to cycler so far. Perhaps after the sidegrabs it may be better.

    I was also curious about the cycler variants, which one is the closest to it in how it performs (I would pick it up just for the side grabs).

    Thanks in advance.

    "Other thoughts"

    For those complaining about medic, it's a solid class. Once you have C4, and your med tool is maxed, you'll see why. I pretty much play heavy/med and sniper once in awhile. Med is by far the most fun. Heavy used to be till they ***** the resist shield (I know, it was way OP, but now it's useless at least at lvl 1). Sigh I miss my c4.
  2. Krugan

    I couldn't get behind the Cycler. I like using the NS-A11 / High Velocity Bullets / Forgrip / Compensator. I think the bullet spread is tighter than the Cycler.

    The TRV is good in CQC with its higher rate of fire compared to the Cycler.
  3. Pyros

    Can use a Nighthawk shotgun in closequarters, it wrecks people. I didn't like it cause it's worthless past like 5-7meters but other than that it kills most people in 2shots at pointblank and it fires so quickly people drop dead almost instantly. Even MAXes drop dead in like a second(granted they also drop you in less than a second). You'll want bigger magazines on it though as the basic magazine size is fairly small and you end up having to reload often.
  4. iEatGlue

    I second the Nighthawk for close quarters. Be careful and don't shoot it too fast though or you'll be wondering how the hell that was a full clip!
  5. Hagestol

    Whats your take on High Velocity Bullets for the NS-A11 vs soft? I hear soft work great, and bullet speed shouldn't be a problem anyways. It would make it a better low-medium range weapon I guess, while still being a semi-sniper when you need it with 2x.
  6. Krona

    The cycler is the best AR in the game. Thing is insane.
  7. Peanut Butter

    A good combo I had during the Beta was SABR-13 for long/mid range combat and the RF-3 for short range. The RF-3 has a stupidly high fire rate and will murder people at close range once you get a hang of the recoil pattern. Downside is that it has a very low accuracy, which means it would be more effective to insult people at medium/long range then to try to shoot them.
  8. Perls

    Cool, I had thought the shotguns were super nerfed or something as I never see anyone with them. Might give it a shot. I think I tired the RF in beta.

    I'll grab the NH maybe and maybe the RF3.

    Tonight's goal is forward grip and HVA for my sabr ;)
  9. Krugan

    I haven't really tried the soft point. But it seems since I put in high velocity I get more ranged kills. Maybe I will try the soft point.
  10. CrimsonDaemon

    The RF-3 is not too bad at range honestly, once you put it on single shot and take aim for their head, its a real naildriver. Though foregrip is definitely a must.
  11. Littleman

    The RF-3 has been renamed the TRV, and for what it's worth, it's practically an upgraded T1 Cycler as far as I'm concerned. If I'm missing out on ADS accuracy, I'm not seeing it. The SABR-13 is pretty okay. Has a mean kick, and I hate that it doesn't have a full-auto option, but then it would essentially be the gauss.
  12. Perls

    I'm actually a little sad with the sabr-13 after getting it more or less fully upgraded. HVA, Forward grip and compensator.

    The headshots it can yield are fun at times, but I feel like it's long range damage is very weak (mid range it's pretty effective). So this might not be my long range alternative afterall. IDK, maybe I'm using it wrong though I don't see how. Tried single and dual burst, just doesn't have much stopping power at range. Still feel like the cycler will bring someone down as fast or faster.

    Only other upgrade I can get for the silly thing is the advanced forward grip.
  13. KodiakX

    Fully Automatic guns in this game always have a huge advantage over burst fire guns if you're good at controlling the bursts at range. Just the way it is in this game because, like you say, the burst fire guns don't have enough stopping power in those modes. It's the same with the Battle Rifles that other classes can unlock. It's not to say you won't ever get kills with them but rather you should be able to do better with an automatic rifle instead because you can burst out (accurately) enough stopping power with them.

    For my Medic I use:

    T1S Cycler: High Velocity - Compensator - Reflex / INRV - Underbarrel Grenade Launcher
    Nanoweave Armor
    Ress Grenades
    C-4 Explosives

    The gun gives me the best of all worlds. It performs well in close quarters as well as in the usual medium range in which I tend to engage most of my targets. The Grenade Launcher gives me anti vehicle capabilities (which admittedly isn't much but I've killed tanks) as well as add a surprise damage load. I can't count the number of times I've ran out of bullets and then just quickly flipped to the Launcher and blew the guy away. There's basically zero animation delay swapping to the Launcher making it supreme. I could swap to the TRV indoors but I am used to my Medic Tool being on 4 now and so I just use the same load out each time.

    Ress Grenades are amazing if you learn not only how to aim grenades (which takes practice) but also when to use them. If you see 5 medics around that isn't the time to use them. They also have a MASSIVE ress radius and can ress through walls. I don't feel the loss of the Frag grenades because I have the launcher as well.

    C-4 is good for blowing up that AMS Sunderer. Throw down two C-4 and kiss it good bye. Our special ability handles all the self healing we'd ever need.

    Really is the best of all worlds capable of handling any situation require and I'm incredibly pleased with the load out and performance.
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  14. Pyros

    I use basically the same setup. I haven't bothered with high velocity+compensator yet, I'm keeping my certs for the 2nd C4 upgrade atm and it seems like 200certs for a fairly minor increase to long range combat, but the grenade launcher underbarrel is amazing.

    I've been using Bandolier with rez grenades, but I wonder, have you ran tests with nanoweave or have ran tests during beta? I wonder how truly useful it is, can you survive a headshot from a bolt action sniper rifle with it? Can you survive 2 bodyshots? I initially used Nanoweave and probably will againw hen I have more points(I only have 3points in it atm) but I'm wondering just how useful it is and how much of a difference it makes, especially the last point, going from 20% to 25%, does it ever matter? I mean obviously it's 5% more but if 5% doesn't let you live one more bullet(even normal body shot bullet) because of the base value being too low and bullets doing too much dmg, then it's basically kinda worthless besides fringe cases where you get enough healing in before you die to get just one more bullet.

    I kinda want to run tests but I'd need to unlock all of it first which will take a long time. Wish you could trial certs then it'd be easy to check it out.
  15. Paulus

    my set up is the T1 for general purpose, and the TR-V for CQC (if i remember to pick it up at spawn)

    My T1 has the 3.4x red dot sight, which i find suits me best for medium range, the TR-V is stock atm, saving up the certs for laser dot for hip-fire buff.

    I put 3 levels into nanoweave, i find it allows me to be on equal ground when facing off against other people, i'm not the fastest trigger in the world so i need that cushion to make it a fair fight.
  16. GDiesel

    Anybody have any opinions on the NS-11a? I've been dying to pull the trigger but I'm doing pretty great with the default Cycler, I just dont like the attachments much. If its not the NS-11a I was looking at the Cycler T1S.
  17. CrimsonDaemon

    Well you will definitely get more utility out of your T1S, but keep in mind that you will have higher initial recoil (which is more than negated with the compensator) and it has a slower rate of fire and more bloom when hipfiring. If you are used to the cycler, them you might find it a little lacking comparatively in a CQC environment. The NS-11 is essentially a hybrid of a Cycler and Gauss Rifle. If you treat it more like a Gauss rifle, it will serve you well. Though you will frequently need to get more ammo for it.
  18. FirstPersonWinner

    People deny the SABR-13 credit at close-mid range. Get the thing high velocity ammo and have a decent aim (Comp & Grip probably don't hurt) and the thing shoots faster than most of your automatic guns. Nanoweave armor probably helps this situation.
  19. Pyros

    High velocity ammo doesn't mean it fires faster, just that the bullets travel faster, it's useful for long range combat on moving targets since you have to lead your target less but it does nothing to increase DPS and especially not at close range where the added velocity is meaningless.

    It doesn't shoot faster, it actually shoots noticeably slower. It takes about the same time to empty a magazine with the SABR than it does with the Cycler, only that there's a whole 10 less bullets in the magazine, that's 25% slower(from 40 to 30). That's a straight 25%dps less than a Cycler, which is why unless you make use of the superior bullet travel and long range accuracy, the SABR isn't a good weapon.

    I used a SABR for a few days and while I really appreciated how fun it was to snipe infiltrators with it, I disliked how it handled in close combat, it has insane recoil so you need a compensator to even get something decent, you need to mash the key which at least for me tends to make me less accurate while moving the mouse and it is straight up inferior in damage anyway.

    Add to that that the Grenade Launcher Underbarrel is all kinds of fantastic and I've shelved my SABR and might not use it ever again.
  20. Dankshasta

    I hope you arent spending certs on weapon accessories before you have at least the fifth rank in, heal applicator, nano regen, and nano-weave armour. Well of course you aren't, that would be completely noob, sorry.

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