Light Assault needs some love

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  1. hellaskan

    I play LA about 80% of the time, and find no issues with my LA -shrug-
    I do die a LOT more as an LA though.. sort of a suicide -at times- class.
  2. Crywalker

    The only issue I usually have with LA is ammo. 180 batteries is not enough when you're rarely around ammo packs since LA isn't the class that hangs back near engineers. Less of an issue with HA since it has a much larger ammo pool.
  3. Talizzar

    This might explain why I have never seen this bug. I almost always just respawn the way I died and then will change at a console. Most of the time I forget you can change on the fly like that LOL.
  4. Brendan

    Bah the the fact you are complaining is a bit sad because your jetpack is a device for high mobility.

    High mobility allow you to :

    reach place only you can reach
    avoid hard fight
    Stealth efficiently

    And give you an option select each fight wich is the best thing

    In fact LA is a basic soldier with a jetpack
  5. Grotpar

    I was thinking about LAs yesterday, and thought it would be interesting if LAs got one brick of C4 be default, and can upgrade to a total of 3.

    Back in the day(beta), I also thought a portable radar would be great for the LA, but then Infiltrators got that.
  6. Soloviev

    Yes lets give the class that already has the ability to reach an enemy AMS 99% of the time the ability to completely lone wolf it as well.

    phone # of the resident drug dealer here pls, i want some of yo ****.
  7. BloodMonarch

    Guess that means the jet pack is a pretty good ability all on its own then? and its what 'define's' the LA class. Give the LA anything else and it will become overpowered compared to other classes.
    Edit:- just to add one simple example of where the LA is an excellent assault class....jet packing over walls right at the generator get straight in and destroy them. Other classes have to fight through the gates and openings in the walls, which is where the defenders are.
  8. YeOldeSammich

    Dont forget dropping them near other vehicles, unsuspecting maxes, and base doors.
  9. Grotpar

    The LA can already destroy a sunderer on his own.
  10. Mrasap

    Give LAs a (short range) proximity radar and infiltrators immunity to it
  11. Soloviev

    No we cant. We could use a vehicle, but that wouldnt be ''on our own'' nor would it allow for assured access to the AMS. 2 C4s get it burning. Chances of camping 10-15 sec if high activity are close to nil.

    Are you referring to nade launchers? Do they damage sunderers? If so - thats ******** along with their infinite ressuply and expect it to be patched as soon as people realize the strength of it and begin abusing it en masse. Or are you talking about suiciding on one enough times to lay 3+ c4? Yeah thats a pro tactic right there. There is a good reason why 2 C4s dont kill a sundy, and we only get 2 C4.

    In fact, id go further and nerf C4 dmg vs sunderers 30% to force teamwork from at least 2 LA. atm 1 rocket + 1 LA gets the job done which is silly ez.
  12. YeOldeSammich

    Thats why you need teamwork to WATCH and PROTECT the sunderer from incoming enemies trying to lay either c4 or tank mines :p When ever i get tanken out by those I blame myself and the people around the sunderer for not protecting their spawn point.
  13. Soloviev

    How does that have any relevance to the conversation at hand? Ok yeah what you said is correct. Im not complaining about the difficulty of sundy defence or anything. I am a LA as you will note by my avatar, I am arguing with idiots who think our class is useless and needs a buff, one of which would apparently be the ability to take out a spawn for the entire hostile push requiring 0 teamwork.

    I think 4 C4 should be necessary to take one out, requiring coordination from 2 LAs, as it is, it requires minimal teamwork or you can just suicide on one twice and have enough C4 on it to blow it up on the next rez ezpz.
  14. Thrustin

    I suggest the following:

    -Free C4 for LA, it's the equivilant to the HA's rockets or the engineers turret/ammo pack, and they don't need to buy these.
    -Allow to cert into higher carrying capacity for C4 (I suggest up to 4)
    -Some reconnaisance tool, like a mini radar or something.
  15. Grotpar

    The only thing that came to mind when I thought of the additional C4 brick by default was MAX busting.

    Considering it's already possible to bust a sunderer with C4 + grenade launchers.
    I'd probably welcome a 4 C4 kill on sunderers.
  16. Soloviev

    I like it.

    Then maybe we could get a noclip jetpack, infinite ammo belt and a maphack with a 100 meter radius.

    if you think our class needs help you need to l2p. simple as.
  17. YeOldeSammich

    Because you think c4 needs a dmg nerf which it doesn't.
  18. Soloviev

    Reading comprehension.

    C4 dmg nerf != C4 required to kill AMS
  19. YeOldeSammich

    1 LA is fine. besides if you're charging in there by yourself thats you're own fault.
  20. Soloviev


    i cant even

    im being trolled right?