Light Assault needs some love

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  1. Trenyt

    I wish all these players here would cease with the idea that Light Assault's setup should be built around an enhanced C4 idea. C4 is practically universal and not a class defining ability. We need a proper tool that is unique to our class, not 'one more brick of C4' or 'one free brick of C4'. If they did something like that It would really put me off this development team. Think outside of the box people, Light Assault needs its tool slot filled and not by explosives.
  2. YeOldeSammich

    -sigh- Ok lets try this again.. You're saying c4 needs a nerf to promote more teamwork. C4 doesn't need a nerf to promote more teamwork, people just need better tactics and sense. A) you shouldn't be running in by yourself anyways (unless you want to be a terrorist then sure go suicide bomb) B) Sunderers are generally under attack anyways so technically that's some support, unless they are kind of far from the base or well hidden (aka by a tree, mountain etc etc)
  3. -lOldboyl-

    Some softer boots would be nice, the fall damage is a joke at times.
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  4. Banick

    I find most outfit leaders don't utilise the class to it's potential. It is commonly thought of as a camp class for the positions it can reach. But when you want to flank infantry concentrated solely on chokepoints, LA shine for their ability to move outside the predefined movement zones, allowing an advantage over an enemy.

    Solo, not so much, but a group of them working together, very effective. I don't really see what much more can be done to improve the class, because they already have mobility and C4.
  5. Soloviev

    lol what

    light assaults dont run bro, thats the whole point. and yes, i should do it, especially if i have the ability to maim an enemy sunderer and achieve a # of kills almost exclusively limited by personal skill.

    you clearly dont play LA, or you're doing it wrong.
  6. Trenyt

    I concur about this, for a class used to flying at great heights, dropping from some 6-10ft heights seem to break your legs and kill you.
  7. YeOldeSammich

    Flying makes them an easier target IMO.
    Wow contradicting yourself now? If you want to "maim" a sunderer and achieve lots of kills, why would you want to nerf c4 then?
  8. Soloviev

    holy ******* **** you are dense... not wasting my time past this

    I CAN. CAN.

    Im telling you its too STRONK and once more nubs like you l2p it will need NERF.

    O K?
  9. dasichri

    The ability to fly, use C4, go around entrenched defensive emplacements, walls, get on top of buildings, and manouver in ways that no other infantry unit can, along with an increase to run speed, and you want more? (Though I think at max the increased run speed should be 15 or 20%)

    LA's are fine, if they get anything, MAYBE the use of a single recon dart that is unupgradable (unlike the infiltrator who can carry more than one and increase the effectiveness of it)

    Or maybe the use of 2 grenades, but different types, not two frags.
  10. YeOldeSammich

    Should=/= can two different words bro. But ok. whatever helps you sleep at night kid. And rofl I do know how to play numb nut. Again C4 wont ever get a nerf unless crybabies whine about their little sunderers getting blown up due to no one protects it.
  11. Soloviev

    If you had those basic reading comprehension skills, you'd be able to follow the conversation and realize the usage of the word ''should'' was in direct reply to a sentence beginning with ''you shouldn't be'' - a sentece you typed, no less.

    You poor fool.
  12. YeOldeSammich

    again should=/=shouldn't.. and still doesn't mean can either... Retake English my friend or buy a dictionary for that matter.
  13. Crywalker

    Free C4 would be nice, infantry resources are a PITA to resupply all the time.

    Giving the LA ability to solo-sunderers w/4 C4 probably not a great idea.

    Recon tool would be stepping into infiltrator territory. Admittedly, LA already somewhat does that, but it doesn't need to infringe any more.
  14. Kiekeboe

    I'm playing LA a lot lately from mine standard HA and I must say I'm loving it, Jumping over rocks hitting people from above, Jumping over walls and stuff its a nice change from the HA. If it counts for anything I am getting a higher K/D with mine LA :)

    You need to try to flank people the LA is so good for that.
  15. Thrustin

    I can see your point about the recon tool.

    Free C4 is what I care about the most, as I really would like to use it more freely without worrying about constantly running out.

    I understand your point about LA's ability to solo a sunderer, however I think that if you really leave the sunderer unprotected for that long so you can actually fly there and drop 3 C4 bricks, then you deserve to loose it...but yeah it possibly might be frustrating for a sunderer driver. Maybe up the resistance to C4 and then make it require 4 bricks, but also give the LA the ability to carry 4 bricks max?
  16. Alexander Angelos

    Don't give me wrong, but I love playing this game with style and what I really hope to see is an airburst behind the LA when he lifts of ... and the actual speen increese, making him a rocket, with a decrease of time that he can fly that leaves us with the same thing only he gets faster on the point.
  17. Alexander Angelos

  18. Crywalker

    The problem with giving LA the ability to take out a sunderer in one shot - or with one detonation anyway - is that they're the most mobile class. When I manage to get to a sunderer on my engineer and tank mine it, as much as people complain about tank mines I either had to work to get there and/or the sunderer was unprotected or in a bad spot. In some cases I'd simply have to die several times to get lucky and reach it via distraction, confusion, explosions and smoke, whatever. When I'm on my LA however, I'd often have much easier paths available due to flight and I don't think it'd be fair.
  19. Poorform

    I was thinking. What about giving the LA tracking sensors, little sensors you throw that stick to people and armor that keep them constantly spotted, negating stealth. We shouldn't give them the outright ability to freely destroy armor with free C4. but giving them a "Here's the target" ability for their faction to get a location on hidden sunderers or other armor would fit perfectly with the class in my opinion.
  20. Achmed20

    thats what the infiltrators are there for, at least if it comes to higbys ideas for them. I glady take their recon tool aswell. im constantly moving arround and searching for enemy sundys anway since i'd say we are pretty much the most effective class to destroy (or badly cripple) them.