Light Assault needs some love

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  1. cardboardbacon

    My issues with the LA:

    - Jump jets seem to ignore your momentum. If you use the jump-jets while moving very fast (ie. using jump-pads or sliding down a mountain-side), you'll actually slow down. That's just flat-out stupid.

    - Adrenaline pump should have it's own cert-tree with a maximum sprint speed increase of 30%. The current ~10% sprint speed increase is hardly noticeable; it's just not worth it when you could choose Nanoweave armour, extra grenades or extra ammo instead.

  2. Minsc

    -Adrenaline Rush
    -Jetpack/Adrenaline Rush
    -Every other class
    -Engies have all the guns we have plus some
    -See above
    -See above
    -So can anyone with an "S" weapon
    -So can heavy, medic and engie
    -Every can too
    -How many stationary sundies have 10+ people in them? Oh and so can a heavy, medic and engie(them more easily even) One more thing, it's 200 infantry resources for 2 C4, by the way.
    I play LA almost exlusively, and that is what you just said. But to seriousness:

    I think Infils and LA need love. Here's what needs to happen:

    Light Assault:
    Need a way to be a "team player".
    Binoculars: enhanced spotting/laser tagging of enemies that make them stand out more against the backgrounds and would last longer. This would make their ability to get to nice vantage points and scout useful to everyone in the battle.
    Hopefully, spotting will change to be less spammable/available.

    Need a way to deal with armor.
    Armor-Piercing Ammo: slow RoF, high velocity, high recoil, low infantry damage rounds that can damage armor for a decent amount.
    Hopefully SMGs go to Infils to satisfy their need for a close range weapon.
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  3. Minsc

    For number 2, what do you think of this?
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  4. FleshIcon

    As a tank pilot, LA is the only class Im scared of and can be a good deterrent. Yeah, others can have C4 but they don't fly above me.

    My soldier class of choice is (was) LA as well but frankly I can owned a lot. Everyone plays a heavy and they kill me in .5 seconds. Jetpacks are slow and consume energy crazy quick. I personally find them rather bad in this game and now stick to engineer.
  5. Vortok

    Fairly sure devs have stated LA is high on their list of classes to work on/improve. Not even a matter of "what class is weakest or needs the most work" just it is (if I recall correctly) one of the next things to work on.

    Needs something in the tool slot or it'll always look incomplete.
  6. cardboardbacon

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  7. LibertyRevolution

    2 C4 does not take out a sunderer, but yes 2 c4 takes out a MBT.

    A full health sunderer needs 2 C4 + 2 underslung nades + 1 grenade..

    Heavy with 2 c4 and a rocket can do it alone.
    For an LA to take out a full health sundy is not eazy, they hop out and repair it... while you have to nade it to death.. its fail.

    tldr: Cant we at least get a 3rd block of C4 for LA...
  8. Minsc

    Glad you like it!

    What do primarily Infiltrators think of the addition of armor-piercing ammo? What do infiltrators think they need?

    What would you suggest we give LA? Higby has mentioned the ability to scavenge ammo from corpses for LA to make us more of a lone-wolf/commando class, but I think we need something team-oriented.
  9. Soloviev

    LA doesent need love. At all. We're fine.

    If you want to make us really op, ****, give me a way to use adrenaline pump and ammo belt. That'd be sweet.

    for the love of god see this train coming and avoid a fotm disaster
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  10. altonyc

    If they made the cert cost for C4 smaller for Light Assault, that might be nice. During beta, it was half as expensive for LA to get C4 as the other classes, if I remember right (of course, back then it was like 40 certs for the first one, and only something like 150 for the second). 700 certs is a lot. Especially considering the resource cost.

    The light assault don't really have a lot going for them besides jetpack (For me, that's enough). They are also, in my opinion, the best infantry class for taking out a MAX. Fly above, drop a C4 while they're busy shooting at the air or other infantry, and ka-boom.

    Technically the same as any other class (except infiltrator) + jetpack, but for me it's enough. I would really like to see something team-oriented. Binoculars didn't sound too bad. Maybe a stim-pack consumable that makes their overall movement speed faster for a time? Like adrenaline pump, but actually more? Not something that helps team-play... right now as far as LA team-play use is, I see it more as a "You, go kill that unit" class, a role that the infiltrator can do just as well/ some situations. But an infiltrator can't get to the top of a packed aircraft tower undetected unless their enemies are really unaware (or they ALL happen to be using low graphics), and an infiltrator doesn't really have the tools to take out a MAX.

    Wow, this post was a lot less helpful than I thought. Basically, I think the LA could use something to give it more team benefit than MAX killer, but maybe that's how it's supposed to be; I remember someone saying in an interview that LA wasn't supposed to be as much of a "team" class.
  11. Brickwalker

  12. Poorform

    Them not being much of a team class isn't what they wanted, it's because they just couldn't think of anything to give LA. It's clear the class is missing something. It's jetpack ability is not a utility, it's like the Heavy Assault nano shield, it's a completely self serving part of the class that contributes nothing to the team effort. However, HA gets that team credit with free rockets to destroy armor with. Even infiltrators have a free ability, hacking, that contributes to the team effort. Light assault has nothing.
  13. Soloviev


    no wait..

    i still cant

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  14. Malsvir Vishe

    I agree with your points, but I've actually found an acceptable short range weapon: The semi-auto sniper rifles that have iron sighs instead of a 6X scope. 1-4 HKO, 5 against heavies. It's a great weapon to use close up because its iron sights. If you use the bolt action, shoot once, run behind cover (or bob and weave) to get the pistol, then fire two pistol rounds into them... or just hit them in the head.

    Yeah, that's not a great solution, but it works in the mean time.
  15. rumblepit

    got about 8k kills using my light assault, only thing i can really complain about are the jumpjet and nade launcher bugs.
  16. Crywalker

    I mostly play engi, but I think armor-piercing ammo for infiltrators would do a lot to help infantry vs. air/armor. Wouldn't need to be super high damage of course, but enough to stop only a few aircraft from having free reign over large groups of infantry.

    Really though, AA rockets for HA need serious buffs.
  17. fish998

    Can we get the jetpacks fixed please SOE. Just logged off because they broke again and CBA logging back in.
  18. Blaaaaaaag

    I need to look up that AP ammo, this is the first I've heard of it. If it can turn my RAMS .50 into the anti-material rifle that it's name suggests it should be, then that'd be awesome.

    I really don't think that as it stands, LA is any less of a team player than HA. In my mind, a well executed ground assault would consist of a wave of HA's and a wave of LA's flanking from somewhere unexpected. We veer off to one side and come at the defense from the rooftops beside or behind them, split their attention between two fronts, and job done.
  19. Mocam

    Infiltrator doesn't need dink added to it. They can use scout rifles for closer ranges and they work well from short range through long range. At long to very long ranges, sniper rifles rule.

    I wouldn't go with most versatile (that being a HA - they can hit *ANY* target in the game) but I would go with most flexible and that counts for a lot.

    "team play" and what do people talk about with respect to a HA? Rockets. What part of "I shoot it, I get credit for it dying" is team oriented?

    The same can be said about flying over walls and through windows via the jet pack being "team play". You can go *OVER* buildings with shields up and such.
  20. rumblepit

    if you dont switch classes after you die it wont happen. if you die as a light assault spawn as one then change class, works the other way aswell. if your heavy and die, and you want to spawn as light assault, dont... spawn as heavy then change to light assault.

    havnt had the bug in a week or so since i started this.