Light Assault needs some love

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  1. ViXeN

    Light Assault just needs the freaking jetpack to be fixed. LOL
  2. Minsc

    I think C4 is fine where it is. If anything, it should only cost 75 infantry resources.

    LA's special ability is it's mobility. Extending adrenaline pump and letting that momentum carryover into jetpacking would make us feel like we have 2 tools, running and flying. I'm also a fan of the idea of being able to toggle between drifter and normal JJ at any time, but at a fuel cost.

    Someone mentioned earlier the worry over ammo as LA. Higby has already put forward the idea of giving us the ability to scavenge ammo off of corpses. It doesn't make much sense to get bullets of a Vanu or batteries of an NC, but whatever, they'll make it work.

    If LA get a recon tool, it should work well with the infil, not be a direct competitor.
  3. Jack tha Man

    Yo peeps.. i got a suggestion for a tool that can either swap with the ifiltrators scan tool or work as a la tool
    Here it goes....

    Some kind of a target designator tool to mark targets for bombing... Since u sit in good places to mark vehicles and aircraft's this would be awesome as a teameffort tool... Mark the target and let ppl with lock On weapons deliver the blow.. kinda. Like soflam in bf3? Tell me what ye think.. I would also suggest to increase the fuel of the jetpack since you can almost never get ontop a tower in one go.and since its the future I would think that this should be thought of u know.not a major inc but just some since all you do otherwise is fly As high as u can and stick to the wall of the tower ceiling BTW is that a bug thats gonna get fixed? Hehe I'm typing on my phone so I don't bother making this pretty ../jack

    p.s I don't want ps2 to be turned into bf3 tho some ideas work well here aswell since it's really coming from actual warequippment. And laser designaton is incredibly important for rl ops jack out
  4. Takoita

    I thought you already could use enemy ammo packs? What thoughtful ammunition dispensing nano-machines, recalibrating the production for my needs on the fly...
  5. Alexander Angelos

    I'd add a LVL 2 skill to the adrenaline pump... And make you run faster, a little bit.
  6. Achmed20

    nah we cant. higby was talking about some LA love we are going to get and mentioned this, but i personaly dont think thats the right way.

    a little more bit please ^^
  7. Brickwalker

    i rarely play LA myself,only when there's an enemy on the rooftops or domes of biolabs really

    whats wrong with the jetpack?
  8. TheEvilBlight

    I roll with a 30 round Pulsar C with 5 reloads. Depending on what are you are up to, you either die too quick for it to matter, but you *can* run out of ammo rather quickly, especially if you aren't getting in close.

    Some people report a bug in the jetpacks, but I've not seen it. It can also be a little tricky at first to guesstimate when to start holding down space so you can arc onto your target. The jetpack mechanic is totally different to the VS MAX mechanism I was used to in Planetside 1, and until I figured that out I was failing a lot of my jumps.
  9. Achmed20

    they sometimes keep refusing to work at all if you switch classes. you need to completly log out and log in aggain to fix this.
    realy annoying unless you just play LA with a single loadout. this bug only occurs when you switch to another class OR to another jetpack.

    also ... the Jump Jet Upgrades barely work at all. lvl 6 JJs have the same recharge rate as lvl 1 (should have 60% less) and just gives you like 4m+ extra height (should be 40% more)
  10. ViXeN

    It gets bugged a lot where it won't even work. And the only way to fix it is to restart the game. It happens to me about every hour or so.
  11. Brickwalker

    ohhh,same thing is happening with my HA shield

  12. Jack tha Man

    What ye think?