LA and new Advanced Shield Capacitor

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Myrgatroid, Jul 27, 2013.

  1. Tristan

    That was directed towards Iridar. I can't tell you how much I don't care who you are.
  2. Corezer

    you care too much if you had to reply.
  3. Iridar51

    I don't care enough about opinions of people who care about K/D to care about my K/D, create another character(s) for clean K/D and wake up in the middle of a night with scream because I had a dream I had to sacrifice myself for an objective or switch to a support role.

    It's absolutely adorable how you accuse me of telling "you play LA wrong" when I did no such thing. Learn to read? Why bother, better attack bad stats where you can find them.
  4. Tristan

    Did you just claim that your K/D and kills per hour are so low because you have to sacrifice yourself for an objective and because 'support'? You spend 59% of your time as LA, 13% as HA (for a total of 72% non-support) and 'sacrificing yourself for the objective' while playing LA is code for 'Dying without killing anyone, where killing people efficiently is my only real class goal in Planetside 2'.
  5. Iridar51

    No, I said my stats are bad because I don't care about my stats. If I played for stats they would be better. I don't. This my first and only character, aside from BR2-3 twinks I created to check out other factions, with stats 7 months old, when I had 15-20 fps, raging tank and rocket pod farm, which have been nerfed to the ground since then and I got a lot better at the game.

    I really don't understand what you hope to achieve here. Prove I'm bad? I am. Prove I don't play a lot? I don't. Doesn't mean I don't have a right for an opinion.
    I do not wish to discuss this topic further.
  6. Vastly

    Put it this way, without ASC, I'm cursing my slow shield recharge rate a lot more than I'm congratulating myself on having won a fight with 250hps to spare.
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  7. DoctOrious

    You have a right to have an opinion, but to assert your position as the superior one then discount your lack of relevant experience is backwards thinking.

    At this point, you're probably thinking, "Man, those DT guys are jerks!" We are not. We just use the facts we have available (YOUR STATS) to determine the validity of your point.

    For the record, yes, your stats DO matter. No amount of excuses will cover them up.
  8. Iridar51

    Where did I assert my position as superior? I stated my opinion, then you guys rolled in and stuck to me like a glue for some reason, invoking ad hominem arguments. Probably recognized a victim with your predator sences.
  9. Sock

    Thank you for defining ad hominem for me. I would have never understood your passive aggressive tone otherwise.
  10. Iridar51

    Thank you, man. Seriously. I think when I went to google what actually "passive-aggressive" means, I actually found what was so wrong with my life until now. You may just as well have helped me to fix my life.

    You're still a bunch of jerks though.
  11. Sock

    Glad to help.
  12. jak

    Or it could simply be we have differing opinions, which is not an indication of competence, comprehension, insecurity, or anything remotely negative. I'm still baffled why me disagreeing with your view of how a LA properly operates translates into me degrading anything about you. It's very simple - we just disagree. That's it. It doesn't make me think any less of you or your ability (which I never commented on).
  13. Iridar51

    Yep, I see that now. Well, that's how it i with us, passive-aggressive people. We're very afraid to be proven inept, and when you're afraid of something, you see it everywhere.
  14. jak

    lol, okay man...I'm done extending the olive branch. Have a good day.
  15. Iridar51

    What's your problem now? I agreed with you. In that we have different opinions, lol.
  16. jak

    I couldn't tell if you were serious or not! Okay, we're good now I hope lol
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  17. Eclips

    So what the heck. Am I supposed to cert up nanoweave or ASC on my light assault first? I'm confused from all the mildly intellectual bickering going on in this thread.

    Give me an answer to my question damn it, that's why I read this post.
  18. Ronin Oni

    That's incorrect....

    You get like 25-30% more HP....

    You shouldn't even be losing HP in the first place....

    compared with the 30%+ reduction in downtime recovering your REAL hp (ie; shields)

    I've been using ASC for months now... now it's even better. Love it. Run it on Infil and LA.

    HA I run Extra Rockets, Engi & Medic I run Flak. I never use Nanoweave.
  19. Iridar51

    Yeah, we're good =) I was sirius. Hard to believe, but I honestly think this thread will help me turn around my life from that stagnant existence I had. And diagnosed by a sock of all things :D

    Apologies to everyone who had to read through all that crap :rolleyes:
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  20. RomulusX

    I like grenade bandolier paired with UBGL. :X

    *edit* and C4..can't forget C4...