LA and new Advanced Shield Capacitor

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  1. Iridar51

    It depends. The better player you are, the more effective ASC will be for you.
    If you ADAD like a god, never step on a mine, generally good at avoiding damage and killing people, have very good K/D, then ASC will help to stay in action more. Don't be quick to put yourself here, because that's top 10% of playerbase.

    If you think you belong in amorphous gray pit of mediocrity with me and the rest 90% of players, then nanoweave will probably help you more.

    I actually used exact same loadout until nanoweave buffs. Called it "demolitions", gave me a hard-on every time xD
  2. Sneakier

    Whenever i survive with 1/2 bars of hp, i thank god i wasnt ******** to put ASC
    Whenever i survive couple of random explosions, i thank god i wasnt ******** to put ASC

    Not being a religious man myself, am only thankfull i wasnt ******** to put ASC

    Lets be honest, ASC doesnt even come close to the rest

    Nano gives a edge overall
    Flak increases your defenses by 50% vs explosions

    There is just to much competition...

    Flak saves my medic and engi more times then ASC would

    Nano saves my HA, LA and the already glassy Infi more then ASC would

    Of the 3 suits that boost survival, ASC is the wourst

    And personaly, i find any other suit more usefull then ASC

    Am actualy considering changing my nano suit for ammo belt on my LA, i ran out of ammo way to fast and roof tops aint friendly for engis, funny thing is that am alot more carefull when attacking with my infiltrator and ammo never becomes a problem
  3. Iridar51

    I think the source for all the wars around ASC vs Flak vs Nano lies in misconsception about ASC boosting survival. As Corezor proven, ASC only 'boosts' survival in those 2.5 seconds.

    ASC is not a survival booster suit slot, it's more of a thing that allows you to be more in combat and less panting in cover, regenerating shield.
  4. Sneakier

    Cleary isn't, cuz it would be awfull at it, it tailors a very specfic play style of play with to much caution and make the most of your shield

    Playing with half my total hp never been a thing of mine, the image i get is a dog that wants to fight but if it gets bitten a bit to much goes away to lick its wounds
  5. theholeyone

    Sort of thinking about going for ASC, but I think in my case factors like not being a brilliant twitch player, and a high lag connection means I often lose sheild and part of health in one engagement. I already have max nanoweave too. Obviously its one of those abilities you fully cert or not at all, so can't really decide to try it or not...

    The people of New Zealand would like to inform you sheep have wool, not fur.
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  6. RogueComet

    Not sure about your BR there, but I'd like to let you know that once you start to hit something around BR 70-80, you have so many certs that finding things to spend them on becomes more difficult. You should have all the things purchased by that time that are your main loadouts for all of your classes and vehicles so the certs you get can start to easily be applied towards other alternate loadouts. Personally, I have both sets of JJ maxed plus like 3 different armor loadouts on the LA maxed as well. Similar with other classes too.
    If you are worried about the purchase, just wait a few more BR and you won't worry near as much.

    Of course, if you are pretty low on the BR scale, it would become a much more difficult thing to decide. Ask yourself this, "does max nanoweave work for you now?" If you answer yes, I think you could easily just keep going with that until you don't feel bad about spending the cert points.
  7. theholeyone

    I'm 79 atm, and a lot of my certs go into reload speed and maxing out vehicle things. So the 350 odd for ASC wouldn't be too difficult, I'd still rather not spend them if it isn't going to be useful for me.

    Think I might just pay more attention when to sheild state/time when playing for now.
  8. Corezer

    the thing I think many people forget is that even without any shields at all, nanoweave gives you almost full HP+shields, and presuming we both get hit by an EMP, by the time ASC gives someone back their shields nanoweave will also have regenerated enough to absorb another hit due to the recharge time on top of the delay. for super good players, neither is optimal, the grenade bandolier gives you something that no amount of time, engys, or medics can give.
  9. TeknoBug

    So far I've picked up ASC on infil, medic and HA and medic is the only class it benefits me with. ASC doesn't really seem to fit an offensive playstyle, as medic I can hang back and keep people healed and rezzed while taking random hits and recovering in mere seconds so I can continue supporting. As infiltrator it's OK for sniping if you get hit once and you cloak or take cover and wait a few seconds and get back to sniping, it's not particularly a good idea for SMG bumrushing. For HA it's OK, NW is king combined with either adrenaline or resist shield, perhaps if you're a young HA still using mesh shield still learning the game then ASC would probably be of help.

    I don't see the point of it on LA, I prefer flak so I don't die to my own C4's blast and vehicle shells, vehicles will kill just about every LA they spot.
  10. Cromell

    I absolutely love ASC on my heavy with resist shield. I'm a bit strange that way. Thing is, when I go 1vs1, resist shield usually saves me from taking damage to health. So I need the ASC to get shields back faster and be at 100% when I face the next enemy.

    ASC fits my playstyle a lot, because shorter down periods keep me in rythm. Also, NWA is boring... people pick it up because it gives a clear, straight upgrade, that is not situational and doesn't require the player to pay attention to how he plays. Almost every NWA discussion I saw brought the argument that it helps to survive a 1vs1, face to face shoot out. I strongly believe that good players do everything they can to avoid such shootouts and pick fights where they have a clear tactical advantage of position, awareness, etc, not just a higher HP. Now, I'm not a good player by any stretch of imagination but I try to not go headfirst into a firefight whenever possible.
  11. Sentrosi

    Definitely thumbs up on this.
    ASC plays directly to the LA strength; taking advantage of our jump jets.
    If you play LA you should always be looking tactically for Z, Y and X (in that order) positionally on the battlefield. If you play LA and only look along the X and Y, then you aren't playing to LA's strength. I have ASC maxed out on my character. I love finding those hard to reach areas where I can be a force multiplier on the battlefield. If I can pin back the enemy to their spawn room, I've won the battle for that control point/territory.
  12. Corezer

    ASC is good on infils and heavys, because their shield will still prime to recharge while their abilities they use to survive are active, so you have a time limit.
  13. harmypants

    Definitely. I main ASC on my Heavy and Close range Infiltrator loadouts, but I do think it has a place in an LA's arsenal.

    I typically run with Flak outdoors, Nanoweave for mixed use, and ASC strictly for tower skirmishes. Once you know the layout of towers well enough every nook and cranny becomes your hidey-hole, with good close quarters to get the jump on someone. It's also one of the few areas I don't mind running medkits at either, which definitely covers some of utility I miss from no Nanoweave.
    I find ASC really helps with keeping pace and staying useful with less overall downtime. Which you might only save a few seconds after each encounter, if you're staying alive and moving that adds up and really keeps momentum.

    That said, if you're picking one over the other just go Nanoweave. It'll give you more bang for your buck in general.
  14. Visk

    Nanoweave all day.

    My stats for reference: VonicVS (VS, Mattherson, my main) Vonic (NC, Mattherson) (my other characters are in my sig)

    I play light assault. A lot. I have over 48 days logged playing the class. I can't tell you how many times I've survived firefights because I had a couple of bars or even no bars of health through just wearing Nanoweave. When you're in a situation where your shields get blown and there are no spots to let you recharge, the ASC will not save you. All it does it cut down the time between engagements, but when you're killing people in groups, you don't have time to let your shield recharge because you are constantly under fire. The only amount of downtime you get in close quarters is that very brief moment where you break line of sight. Not only will you have enough health to actually make it to cover, but by also popping a medkit in that brief moment, you essentially would have the same effective health compared to someone running ASC with 50% shields. Instantly.

    Normally, it takes 17 seconds (10 delay, 7 seconds to charge) from the moment you last took damage to the point at which your shields are fully recharged. ASC only cuts down that time to 13 seconds. If you're safe enough to not take fire for a whole 13 seconds, you are most likely safe enough to wait an extra 4. ASC doesn't protect you from anything. It will not save you in a firefight. It won't protect you from being one shotted by a bolt action sniper rifle, it wont protect you from explosions that land a few meters away from you, it wont protect you from ZOE max units, it won't protect you from scatter cannons, it wont save you from lolpods, or shotguns. It is only a slight time saver.

    The only way I'd actually see it become more viable is if it also increased the rate at which your shields recharged. I'd might consider it a viable option there, but in all honesty, if it doesn't help you in a 1v1, a 2v1, or even a 3v1, it's not a viable option.

    tl;dr: You will be easier to kill.
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  15. Pikachu

    All it does is a small reduction of the annoyance of waiting in cover for your shield tp cpme back. Most of the time when you retreat and find cover you are safe enough in your spot to stay there for a minute or 2. While youre sitting there your enemy waits 4 seconds longer to come back and the fight can start again, both at fulm shield and maybe healed full by medic as well. If the battle is close so you cant take cover, then its going to be over before the ASC gives an advatage and the slow recharge speed might not even be enough tp make a difference. Like someone said, if the time was reduced by 8 then it might make a difference sometimes.

    The ideal scenario of you and your enemy retreating and you being able to run to him and surprise him before his shield is back never happens. Either ypu both got enough cover to wait for a medic even, or the battle is over in 3 seconds.

    Buff reduction to 8 and make it rechargw 400% faster and we might have something.
  16. [HH]Mered4

    ASC is meant to get you back in the fight faster. NWA is for winning the first 1v1 surprise faceoff you come into, or even winning a 2v1....if you are that good.

    Two different aspects, two different playstyles, so apples and oranges. There a reason we are comparing these?
  17. Pikachu

    The reduction is enough to make difference you think? Usually your waiting for the nearby medic to heal you before you go back, which rakes more time.
  18. KnightCole

    I suppose a truly good la could make good use of a faster shield. Hossin looks to be la paradise.

    I think i will avoid hosson at all costs. I dont fight well whrn the enemy can hit me anyehere Any time.....from above below behind

  19. [HH]Mered4

    It makes a huge difference compared to someone without ASC. those 3-4 seconds (or whatever it is) can be the difference between the element of surprise and being on your heels when the next attacker comes around.
  20. [HH]Mered4

    So you are basically saying that you cant fight well when the enemy has mega boundaries?

    Dude. let me remind you that Light Assaults will still be able to do such a thing no matter what. You'll be fine. :p