Iridar's Farewell Note

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Iridar51, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. Moisture

    Any other thread when someone posts a list of grievances and why they quit playing a game they are consistently mocked. with hundreds of examples in the general game play board to look at.
    Throwing around "troll" like this is reddit mean nothing to me.
    I has as much as a right to post here as anyone. and if people are going to throw their opinions into a public forum of discussion like this I can comment on it.
    And if they are gonna post them but make sure we all know leaving forever because of them and wont even see the responses probably his opinions out like that then I can criticism him for this hit and run (And I would say a form of trolling in most situations) posting.
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  2. Syphers

    I find these farewells a bit melodramatric it's just a game and a good one already minus the flaws. Everyone has their opinions some more biased than the others and no game can please them all. Criticism is necessary and at least the Devs here do listen to the community and shape the game with this in mind decently. Overall everything is pretty balanced atm no classes come short as long as they use what they have properly and there's decent variety to enjoy. Everyone would like some PS1 additions but cmon the game just came out and it's not just another bland generic fps
  3. Iridar51

    Thank you all for your kind words. Like I said, I will be dropping in once in a while, so I will see all of your replies eventually.

    The reason why I wrote this farewell post, is that I felt that over the last year I've taken a responsibility; to provide an opinion, to keep tabs on things, to be up to date. Many people know me for that, and I couldn't just disappear without some sort of announcement.

    I always was the one to answer questions preemptively, that's why I included reasons for my leave. If I wanted attention or to troll people, I would've posted this in the general discussion, but LAs are the only ones I truly cared about.

    I'm sorry you feel the way that you do about me and my guide, but keep in mind I've never presented it as revelations of sacred and deep knowledge. I'm a researcher, I gather data, present it in a convenient form and keep it up to date, sometimes do my own experiments. Nothing more, nothing less.
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  4. Mustarde

    Leaving is lame Iridar. Just take a break, play other games, and come back later! Writing a letter and saying you are gone makes it that much harder to turn back on words and come back (at least it would for me as someone who doesn't like to say something and be wrong later on).

    Nothing I could say would address your gripes or change game mechanics in a way you would want them to be... but I do have a lot of faith in the game and the dev team - more than most people who post on these boards. We are seeing very frequent development and updates now, new content each week, and more finely tuned balance passes. The game is heading in a much better direction than it was 8 months ago when ZOE dropped and wasn't touched for over half a year.

    Anyways, I hope you'll at least consider just taking an indefinite break and leaving the door open to return. Because I think there is only more to look forward to as the game keeps evolving.
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  5. DFDelta

    One of the few reasonable people on the PS2 forums leaves.

    Fare thee well, you will be missed here Iridar.
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  6. ShumaKun

    I wish you will have fun with Titanfall (if I'm not mistaken) and you will comeback somewhere in the future.
    I saw your VS alt and I was looking forward to fly liberator together, so if you ever would like to hop in to try something different in PS2 I will be glad.

    See you soon
  7. NaySayer

    Couldn't agree with your points any more, I too feel betrayed and backstabbed when it comes to the LA class. Take it easy man.
  8. JesusVoxel

    I mostly play LA (247h played), and I have seen zero "nerfs" that would make the class as useless as some here insist. In fact, it's as functional as it was on the launch day. Don't know if there were some exploits that people used with LA that got fixed....would explain all the crying here.

    But yeah, it's good to take breaks from time to time. See you on Hossin!
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  9. Corezer

    And in any other thread you would be right, but this is Iridar, a well respected pillar of the community. Yes you have the right to bash him, and we have the right to bash you, I don't see the point in the rest of your post outside of your first sentence...
  10. HerpTheDerp

    Honestly being boiled alive just gets a lot of bad press

    I would mock you OP for being a drama queen, but your post is one of the most level-headed one I've seen on these forums. Have fun with Titanfall ;)
  11. Kayth

    While I didn't agree with all of your opinions, I enjoyed reading your posts and that you always promoted LA.

    Have fun where ever you go.
  12. DerEchteSpatz

    We surely will miss you, Iridar.
    I hope you'll come back, eventually.
  13. Niller

    For everyone (Okay I hate maxes like hell, but otherwise it's fair enough)
  14. Naelyan

    Always sad to see a LA leave but i can't really blame you with how the game "evolved" and its current state. I will remember you for reading your inspiring LA guide a "long time" ago.
    gl & hf whatever you're playing.
  15. Iridar51

    I'm back!

    I know technically I've never been gone, but whatever.
    I got tired of my gloomy angst drama. Realized I'm powerless to influence anything about PS2, so I'll have to accept if for what it is - hilariously bad My Little Farm simulator.

    I'll try to be more cheerful and constructive in the future, but no promises :D

    I'll get back to updating my guide in the meantime.
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  16. MajiinBuu

    Keep Terran it up!
  17. Archiadus

    Welcome back :)
  18. LordDethir

    Wow that was fast ;)
    Welcome back, and pleaaase don't leave again!
  19. NCDaniel

  20. RockPlanetSide2

    This pretty much represents why SOE KNOWS they don't have to change anything.