Iridar's Farewell Note

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Iridar51, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. Iridar51

    EDIT: Nevermind, I'm back!

    EDIT 2019: Nevermind, I'm gone for good.

    Goodbye, dear forumside. I am leaving you and this game. I will not encourage you to do the same, but I will say this: if you're genuinely having fun playing PlanetSide 2 - good for you. I don't, and I really wish I didn't invest so much time and money into it.

    Naturally, I will not be updating the LA guide. I may drop in once in a while to check how things are going, but at this moment I have zero faith that this game will take a turn to better, seeing how unwilling the developers are to make the big changes, necessary for this game to become fun and fair.

    If any of you wish to contact me for whatever reason, you can write me an e-mail to

    Here are main reasons why I'm dissatisfied with PlanetSide2, and why I'm leaving:
    1. MAXes ruin infantry combat. I can't stress this enough, MAXes are one of the my biggest gripes with this game. It is absolutely terrible to have a unit with 10-16 times durability of a normal soldier and equal or greater (mostly greater) firepower. "It's not so bad when you get used to it" can be said about anything, including being boiled alive, so it's an invalid argument.
    2. Combat vehicles (including aircraft) don't have a function other than kill each other and kill infantry with low risk to oneself
    3. Weapon design that makes no sense
      • Weapons that are meant for close combat have long reloads, and long range weapons, that actually could afford having long reloads, have short ones instead. Damage per minute is not how weapons should be balanced.
      • Models that don't correspond with weapons' functions
        • Inquisitor, Cerberus and Desperado pistol generation looks like it should employ faction specific traits: Inquisitor should be full-auto, Cerberus should have *insert VS faction trait* mechanic. Desperado looks properly, I guess, but it doesn't feel like an NC sidearm
        • Sniper rifles that came out in recent update have awesome and unique models, they should perform unique roles. They could have become anti-material sniper rifles.
      • T7 MCG spin-up serves only one purpose - make this weapon worse at its intended use
      • Same for "Railjack" - I still can't type this name with a straight face - it has a split second delay before the shot takes place, which makes this weapon worse in its intended area of use
      • Weapons are too similar to one another. In modern world, half of the weapons look like M4 carbine, another half is a copy of the AK, but that doesn't mean that in the future things have to look like alike. While the sound and looks of the weapon do not affect how it handles in battle, they still are very major part of the "feel" of the weapon. Good example of this would be TRAC 5 vs Jaguar. First one has a very strong, chopped, rough sound: *KALALALAVA*. Jaguar is more *RATATAT*. Technically, they have the same DPS within 10 meters, but TRAC 5 sounds more powerful, and I feel more confident when I wield it.
      • RAMS .50 is supposed to be a high-caliber sniper rifle, like this one. But it feels and looks just like all other TR sniper rifles.
      • Burst fire mode has no benefits. Burst mode, for example, could bypass FSRM and fire the burst at a very high speed (think AN-94 Abakan), but there is a forced delay between bursts, so overall fire rate remains lower than in full auto mode. Here, now we have an actually accurate burst weapon that isn't imbalanced.
    4. Core game mechanics do not exist. PlanetSide is a big team death match with no actual incentive to capture bases. This leads to constant conflicts within the playerbase: one group tries to capture territory, another group realized there is no profit in doing so, and just plays for fun/farms certification points.
    5. Lack of regard for the Light Assault class. Since what was called "launch", this class received nothing but nerfs (not counting fixing of some of the obnoxius bugs, like the one that caused Jump Jets to stop working until relogin). Game designers seem to have little to no idea why they even added this class, and I wish they would just put LA out of his misery already. And that's after the CGI Trailer, where Light Assault had a centering role. That trailer is what dragged me into this game, and I feel stabbed in the back with treatment LA get.
    6. Performance. It is bad bad bad. It was worse before the OMFG, yes. It is still bad.
    7. I'm sure you're all aware of what drinking game is. (note: I do not promote alcohol! Alcohol is bad for you, don't drink it, ever!)Drink (tea) every time when you hear:
      • "He plays class X, so in situation Y he must always win, because class X is designed this way" (example: HA in 1v1)
      • "He paid resources for X, so he must always win. Because he paid resources"(example: tank or MAX vs infantry)
        • Subsequently, "It's OK for infantry to die in any situation because their lives are free, while I paid resources".
      • Leave the game when your local store is out of tea or when you've realized these words have no place in a competitive and fun game.
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  2. Shuuda

    Yeah... bye then, and I hope find fun somewhere else.
  3. Iridar51

    I've been in this community for a year, vocal, social and informative. This letter is to those who know me and care about me.
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  4. Suiradezza

    People who write farewell posts always come back.
  5. cruczi

    I will miss our "discussions"... until you come back
  6. paradroid

    Farewell Iridar, you have been one of the few voices for LA that I could rely on for a fair opinion. It's sad that it has reached this point for you, hopefully this isn't the end and you come back some day.
    Your LA guide has been a piece of art, helping along a great many players who disregard the Z axis and think outside the square.

    Enjoy whatever game you take up next, it wil be better for your presence.
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  7. Niller

    I do not agree with you about the weapon balance, I find that fun and fair.

    Maxes are annoying yes, and battles tend to end up in large deathmatches. Two biggest problems for me.
  8. sodopro

    Iridar was like the one person who focused on LA, and made helpful guides.

    Well miss you.
  9. Cromell

    Cya man, that LA guide of yours was really good.

    I don't agree with most of your issues with the game (some feel exaggerated on your side, imho), except for guns being too damn similar to each other, but if the game feels like a chore for you, it's a good sign to take a leave. Or at least a good break.

    That being said, good luck to you! Hope you'll find enjoyment in other games. ;)
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  10. Jaedrik

    While I agree that SOE will not work to solve the vast majority of the problems you pointed out, Iridar, they are working on number 4. . . Just a few more months and we'll have Hossin and Continent Locking and Resource Revamp v1. . . Hopefully.
    I think they're just afraid. They said on an FNO that nobody in the office wants to work on cross-faction balance, and it's most likely that these actual issues are getting to most of them in the same fashion. Hey, SOE, hire me, a 19 year old from Illinois who has some vague semblance of what ought to be, and at least I'll try! I'm not afraid of harsh criticism, but I welcome it!
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  11. Moisture


    Some mild second hand embarrassment reading this.
    Why do people do this? gah I cringed just reading the few lines.
    I hope where every you go petty complaints don't detract from your enjoyment. Reading this I think you let too many little things get to you.
    Actually reminds me of my departure from World of Tanks.
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  12. Wobberjockey

    1. sorry you're going
    2. obligatory "can i have your stuff?,"
    3. i feel sorry that part of the reason you are leaving was because the LA revamp got pushed back
    4. i feel doubly sorry, because, as an infiltrator, i was part of the crowd going "hey, at least LA's can do something against vehicles and can kill infantry"
    5. agree on the guns, though to me they feel too similar cross faction. the infiltrator has the exact opposite problem the LA has. all of our guns are good at 1 and precisely 1 thing :/
  13. DeadliestMoon

    Fair for whom?
  14. Megaman3300

    Goddamn iridar, I'll miss your awesome snark :(

    I have and always will agree on your sentiments for the drinking game, and I hope you'll be back once things are sorted out. Until then, good travels, and avoid BF :) .
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  15. Bankrotas

    Hmmm, okay. See ya. I should've left myself probably, but community I'm in is too fun.

    Personally, I stopped caring about PS2 future. I kinda said "screw it" and enjoy it, like it is: mindless fun.
  16. Malcmodnar

    I'm not much one to pronounce doom on a game, or to pay much attention to goodbye posts.

    But this... we're seeing respected voices, people who bring life to Planetside, leave. Iridar isn't the first, and he won't be the last.
    Planetside has such wonderful potential, but it's hurting. I don't doubt that the SoE team is hard at work to make this a better game, but something's gone wrong. There are so many disparities between playstyles, so many toxic, vicious people in this community, and so many people chasing the flavor of the month (more so than I've seen in any game)... I worry for Planetside.

    Iridar, you will be missed. Your guide was what made me love Light Assault, and I am sad to see its maker go. May your aim be true, your vengeance quick, and your name strike terror into the hearts of your foes.

    Vanuspeed, Iridar.
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  17. sodopro

    Iridar was one of the main LA players.

    He had great guides, great data, great all around person.

    He contributed, a lot. (Even wrel used his data at one point)

    You have no point in flaming. Go somewhere else
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  18. Roland2TowerCame

    I and others use our tanks to blow up sundies and our esf's to blow up tanks, so I dunno where #2 is coming from.

    Re: giant team death match: I don't usually squad up because 1) when we all work collectively and spread out like ants, we generally get the job done, 2) it requires successful coordination to make squad play worth while and it doesn't usually happen.
    Though I admit, I am damn tired of going through all the trouble of flanking and then being the only tank who gets behind all the enemy tanks and having no gunner to make it even worse!
  19. Moisture

    Says Who? You?
    We'll excuse me if I find his ego trip of a exit laughably vain, His guide(half being regurgitation of in game descriptions, Common knowledge And links to actually in depth information and insight from werl) simplistic to the point of patronizing to anyone past BR20 and his list of mostly petty to non complaints embarrassing.
    This was a garbage post, Classic hit and run pot stirring that I could not possible take away from.

    A dressed up QQ thread at best.
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  20. Wobberjockey

    if you don't like it, the rest of the forums are that way
    go troll somewhere else
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