Iridar's Farewell Note

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Iridar51, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. Demigan

    5 minutes of time wasted on an image that doesn't load. Ignore this.
  2. ican'taim

    Ok... let me refute this.
    • Destroy vehicle terminal(s) before you start capping and before enemies start to spawn. Check back on it every so often to see if an engineer repaired it. If so, destroy it again.
    • Hide your sunderer in a good spot.
    • Defend said sunderer
    • We have a freaking alert about getting the most kills in 30 minutes.
    • HE "cancer" is because of horrible leveldesign, nothing we can do.
    • I'd like longer fights, that I agree with.
    • Gal drops have been a part of the game since the original PlanetSide, nothing you can do. Try certing into anti-air weapons. (like lock-on launchers or somthing)
    • Headshot multipliers have no place in a game that doesn't have matchmaking.
    • The primary purpose of vehicles is for TRANSPORT, but that has been completely nullified due to redeployside and the endless tank nerfs by Wrel to the point that it's more effective to kill tanks and harassers with C4 than counterattacking with a Lightning.
    • Have you tried PS:A?
    TL;DR go play CoD
  3. OutlawSZ

  4. brutes359

    I agree with this guy. Saw the post. First reaction, "Who are you? and why do I care?"
  5. XimiKai

    A nonce.
  6. TR5L4Y3R

    did you look at the date dude?
  7. XimiKai

    Yes i looked it,but i was banned from the forum very long time ago and i was playing on Xbox One,now i am back to Planetside 2 with this forum account,and Iridar51 is not a guy i like precisely,his prepotency is incredible,and that is why i say what you quote.

    I am happy that this prepotency guy is gone.

    If you read my recent posts in general discussion,you will know my history,did you read my posts dude? As i think,you do not care,but i had to say my thoughts about this preopotency guy,because i can not before.

    Iridar51 gone = good news. Iridar51 gone on forum = more good news,we do not need toxic players like him.
  8. ZDarkShadowsZ

    In what way was he toxic?
  9. ican'taim

    the last post in this thread was over a year ago...
  10. TR5L4Y3R

    so you were banned for some reason, then about the first thing you do is keep holding a grudge appearantly to some people .....
    maybe you wanna move on than being stuck in the past ..
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  11. XimiKai

    And it bothers you or you care? What are you? Iridar51 boyfriends? Or you will report me of necroposting only for the pleasure of see me banned again when it does not affect you at all? This is for put the finger on the wound,only for the pleasure of see someone morè hurt.

    I will repeat to say, Iridar51 is a nonce and that is after 1 year cause i had my account banned and this guy,Iridar51 have prepotency of a Godzilla of huge.

    And you appear here,defending him saying the excuse of necroposting only for bother me. If It was not necroposting,would be another reason,i can not reason with tòxic users like the last 3,is a waste of time.
  12. ican'taim

    i joined the forum in early 2019 so i don't even know who you are, calm down.

    heck i don't know who irdar is other than he wrote some guides a few years back.
  13. XimiKai

    Is ok,lets end this here. Good hunting ingame.
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  14. AmericanEmpire

    Hahahahahahahahaahahahahaha BRO stop it. you actually thought that the trailer which says " not actual gameplay " in the trailer, was how L.A was going to be in-game? Jumping from Ship to Ship?
  15. Scroffel5

    Are you a freaking moron? Dude basically said the trailer brought him into this game. It doesn't matter if its actual gameplay or not if thats basically how the game is portrayed or the feeling you are supposed to receive from playing as that class. If Planetside 2 was like the trailer, the game would be epic, no? You decided to sit here and reply to a post that was last talked about on April 1st just to mock the dude for saying straight facts. Hey, a trailer that says "not actual gameplay" means the gameplay you are seeing is not taken from ingame footage, but that doesn't mean the game can't be like the trailer. Let the man talk about his history for goodness sake.

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