Iridar's Farewell Note

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Iridar51, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. Demigan

    5 minutes of time wasted on an image that doesn't load. Ignore this.
  2. ican'taim

    Ok... let me refute this.
    • Destroy vehicle terminal(s) before you start capping and before enemies start to spawn. Check back on it every so often to see if an engineer repaired it. If so, destroy it again.
    • Hide your sunderer in a good spot.
    • Defend said sunderer
    • We have a freaking alert about getting the most kills in 30 minutes.
    • HE "cancer" is because of horrible leveldesign, nothing we can do.
    • I'd like longer fights, that I agree with.
    • Gal drops have been a part of the game since the original PlanetSide, nothing you can do. Try certing into anti-air weapons. (like lock-on launchers or somthing)
    • Headshot multipliers have no place in a game that doesn't have matchmaking.
    • The primary purpose of vehicles is for TRANSPORT, but that has been completely nullified due to redeployside and the endless tank nerfs by Wrel to the point that it's more effective to kill tanks and harassers with C4 than counterattacking with a Lightning.
    • Have you tried PS:A?
    TL;DR go play CoD
  3. OutlawSZ

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