Iridar's Farewell Note

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Iridar51, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. Iridar51

    And here I thought I was special. But seriously, don't judge the entire playerbase by me. The fact that I'm drawn to PS2 like a horn to the fabulous unicorn doesn't mean that everyone is like that. If I try hard enough I could probably remember some people besides Wolfwood82 and RogueComet who left PS2 for good.
  2. RockPlanetSide2

    I'm glad you decided not to leave, I have the exact same struggle every single day with this game. It was just a point of fact is all.
  3. Malcmodnar

    Glad to know you'll be staying with us.

    Now, I think I know what your problem is. You're suffering from Acute Spandex Deficiency Syndrome. It's an all-too-common disease, symptoms of which include (but are not limited to) headaches, nausea, tendency to "spray and pray," infiltrator hallucinations, thinking that the NC music is good (by any stretch of the imagination), and death.

    Of course, we of the Waterson VS would be happy to help cure you of this tragic disorder. Come to the purple side, we have lasers.
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  4. Iridar51

    Thanks for the offer =) Hover tanks are cool, so are spiky gloves. MAX looks amazing in armor.. when not crouching.
    But I really can't bring myself to play VS. It's a love or hate faction, and hate more than I love about VS =)
    Maybe I will one day, just for the special VS things like Lasher, Lancer, Phaseshift and V-H45 - I really like the looks of this gun.
    Also, I'm from Russia, so it's gonna be hard for me to play on 'Murica server ping-wise.
  5. Crackulous

    You lasted two days. New record.
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  6. Iridar51

    You having fun in my ignore list? Thanks for reminding my in 2 seconds why I put you there.
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  7. Crackulous

    Yes. And you're welcome. Anything for you, my dear.

    Remember, no matter where you go, you will stay here in my heart.
  8. Chazt

    I can't really blame you for leaving but I can't really agree with some of your points either. There are certain situations where one class should have an obvious advantage over the other, namely being a heavy assault in a 1v1 while his special is up. That is what the skill in made for so I don't see any reason in complaining about it. That would be like me saying "light assault being able to fly destroys the purpose of walls!"

    Anyway I will agree that light assault is probably one of the worst classes at the moment, I wish they would add something back to the class to make them excel at their job. Their High moblity is supposed to make them special, yet they keep nerfing the benefits to that mobility to the grounds. Kind of a sad state really for what used to be my main class back in the day.
  9. M2_Bradley

    It's said to see a member of the community to leave...Especially such a respected one.I hate to see you leave... :(
  10. KnightCole

    Yup, all your complaints I pretty much entirely agree with them.

    This game really has no point to it....its fun for awhile, but for me, its nothing but a KD Tracker session. There isnt really any thing else to do but become a farm for someone else's KD tracker.

    I mean..attack point? you just die to the defending force as you fruitlessly try to take the point. They know right where you are, where you can and cannot be...I attack a point but am not going to work overly hard to do so...if I am not winning or atleast making any serious impact on the cap timer...naw, im not going to fruitlessly zerg into a death...meh.

    Then battles typically are...

    Mixed infantry force of HA, Infil, Engi, medic....if that fails..

    MAX CRASH...if that fails...HA/Infil mix...if that fails...Libby/infil/max crash combo..

    Then we have ******** *** Infil abilities that just allow them to do little more then just be an unbelievable annoyance with stalker cloak.

    next we have the HA Shield nerf.....I am biased towards HA, but really...unless the guy is just hacking or lag is ****, the HA is not overpowered. He has an advantage in a 1v1...but 2v1, 3v1...unless the 3 are scrub *** ball sack terrible, the 3 will win. HA is not OP, even with that shield. I know I dont take the 50 rounds I seem to need for some people. I hear rounds missing me, but I dont take 30 hits lol. And if the shield was not meant to be used like it is, why wait so long to change it?

    Then we have OP libbys, useless vehicles, horrid hit detect, Slowly turning all the factions into one Terran Conglomerated Sovereignty, along with other things that all combine to really destroy the fun of this game.
  11. Iridar51

    Erm, relax guys, I've already returned from my holy pilgrimage to titanfall :rolleyes:
  12. Unclematos7

    I know that feel. Buzz describes it perfectly....except for the last part.
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  13. SupaFlea

    If your back get your damn site back up, i need nerd intel on weapons lol

    Ive been LA from launch and worked my butt off trying to make it class that has more use roof top camper etc.

    If SOE hadnt been so adament on not using any ideas from PS1 during development and early launch they could of had a good foundation to build on.
    Then they do a 180 and start including things but in token additions that mean nothing, hacking, Lasher, MCG, Jhammer, Warpgates. Controlling continents meant controlling yours and yours enemies ability to move around the map(9 continents) and continent benefits. If i remember correctly, you had to have a link to your own WG to be able to pull MBT etc not just a simple 1 base on the same continent.

    Hacking and certs you had meant as much you as it did to your squad because you had a cap and an 8hr cool down.

    Infiltraters (cloakers) were usually extrememly talent SOB's and almost always required for base capture, and they mostly just carried a knife.

    Hacking vehicles gave Infils a AV ability if you will, hack someones Tank, jump in the gunner and kill them with it lol.

    Ammo mattered, there was no resuply, you had to scavenge from dead bodies during the Zerg.

    Anyways glad your back dude, cheer up the Snowmen will be here soon :)
  14. ZDarkShadowsZ

    This thread is from 2014. Iridar has already left the game again since, and I believe, has moved on to playing XCOM 2.
  15. P149U3

    Only a year :D
  16. Iridar51

    My site is down for good and I'm done with PlanetSide 2. You will have to look for other community members to host the data.
  17. Badman76

    Thats a shame, i've been using your blog a hell of alot, especially the weapons pages

    This game have awesome gunplay but horrible in every other aspect.

    There is a several major issues with achieving "gunplay" in this game.

    Let me tell a story: A bunch of randoms spawn at facility what being captured by small group of peoples, so it started 1-12 vs 1-12 small fight eventually grow to ~25vs~25, after succesfull defend someone pull sunderer and drive it straigh to next base. Then you start to capture it, nothing extraordinary yet, you just get your 8 killstreak, but being flanked and rekt anyway. And then, you spawn again, but, oh wait! Your spawn point is under attack! You switch to engi, trying to repair it, trying to defend, dying anyways. Sunderer is destroyed, fight is over, attack has been repelled. You check map and realise what it is 66%vs33% population 48+ vs your ~25. So what happen is: some of the "objective players" order his whole squad to redeploy and defend this base, overpopping you by twice ammount of peoples. They defend it, ruining your nice little fight there, just to secure piece of dirt and there is not even allert right now.

    Welcome to planetside, i really like what this game doesn't have a ******* matchmaking, cause if you can kill stuff you not gonna be forced to play against same badass players like you, at the same time if you one of the "bads" you still can try to kill this "unkillable full aurax HA" and can even succeed, no need to grow your internet peni... your "rating" or "MMR" or whatever it called. I am really sick and tired of rating race, meta gameplay and countless ammount of stat abuse including buying accounts with high rating. This game unforgiving to newbies, but does it hard? I think not, i think all games should be like this, i want to be wrecked by salty vets, becuase it make me stronger, but casual sofa warriors who play video games for 2 hours before they sleep disagree with me, they want their ***** protected from sealclubbing and this is sad.

    So this game is cool because it doesn't have matchmaking which is very rare thing this days for competetive multiplayer games, but possibility of galdroping superior forces on the head of opponents ruin everything.
    On top of that we have combined arms which is basicly have two roles: Kills sunderers (map control) and farm ground peasants without high risk of being killed (and also kill each other).

    Do you remember my example of "nice little small ~25vs~25 fight"? There is always, ALWAYS a guy who will spawn lighting and try to kill sunderer. Why? For what? Because he is objective player, he think what it is for greater good, for his faction, he imagine himself as a hero of this fight which repelled enemies literally solo. But what he actually did is ruin fun for everyone else here.

    So i start to think what it would be better if we don't have global map at all. This game have so many bases, every single one is literally a separate map. I wish we can have longer fights, no HE cancer and objective players. I wish the goal is just get as many kills as possible in 15 mins or so...

    I really like the concept of global map, but what we came to is horrible mess of overpopping battles and infantry farm combines (vechicles). Also a friendly fire is issue, cause there is a choke point, you are not ***** like others and have balls(and skill) to push forward, but you can't, because you will be most likely teamkilled. Or a ******* max just blocking doorway by his large *** so he only one who have fun there, others must wait untill he get back for repair so you finally can shoot in to this doorway too, otherwise say hello to weapon lock.

    Another thing what i hear very often is "go play CoD" or whatever **** is popular this days... but i really like planetside, as i said earlier this game have such awesome gunplay what i stick to. (Before planetside the only shooter what i liked was battlefield 2 from 2005, oh Oman beach...). I don't like other shooters, i like how it made in planetside, i like headshot multipliers, i like damage models, i like how (almost)every weapon balanced in terms of TTK, BTK, HSTK, recoil pattern, unique features, reload speed, i like classes, abilities, loadouts what can completely change playstyle of these classes etc, etc.

    Why you offer me other games? Why we can't just be nice and play without cancer. Why i login, press instant action and get farmed by ESF in next 15 seconds? Why it is so hard to have good fight outside biolab because every moron in 500m range want to pull his ******* tank and destroy your bus? Why there is a bunch of people who constantly redeploy at warpgates to galdrop/ruin balanced fights? Just why? Is this a game what you want to play? Is this so fun of guarding points? Is it really entertaining sitting on a hill and launch HE after HE in one doorway, not even holding your left hand on keyboard? So much potence, so ****** up community.
  19. Demigan

    Hold on, this site allows you to edit your post for 30 minutes and then never again. How'd you edit a post made in 2014?
  20. Iridar51

    I'm magical :)

    RadarX procured special rights for me back when I had Light Assault FAQ on this forum.