If you could change ONE thing about Planetside 2, what would it be?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Duke, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Canaris

    original plan was Planetside - Next ;)
  2. Niv

    ye maybe i dont remember the name but i remember the plan :)
  3. Takoita

    +1 to all suggestions above XD
  4. Wargrim

    Only one thing?

    Better Players.
  5. jwballison

    Ragdolls. I mean, COME ON; THIS ISN'T 1997! (Ragdolls were introduced to video games in 1998)
  6. siiix

    wow i hated ALL suggestions so far

    what i like is being able to spawn ANYWHERE on the front line and in any vehicle that my platoon holds
  7. Wintermaulz

    Re work every base design.
  8. Genghis Kob

    Rename it "ace combat 6: sci-fi edition" since the devs have admitted that the only hard counter to enemy air is more air.
  9. Almost

    Add Prowler "Big Brother" variant to the game. Same as the current Prowler, except it is manned by 3 persons: driver, main gunner, top gunner.
  10. Mortucus

    higher frames per second for everyone
  11. Ysanne

    Award one QQ-Point for each "Nerf this and that" thread and display it next to the profile picture on the forums.

    And introduce a monthly award for the one with the most points.
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  12. Phyr

    Better base interior's. Towers are severely lacking in walls.
  13. QuantumMechanic

    If I could *change* one thing (not *bugfix* one thing). Very very very easy.

    Get rid of that stupid @#%@!#$ class system.

    I mean no offense to the devs by this, and I understand there are business motives behind this design decision. However it makes for frustrating and restrictive gameplay. And it is an evolutionary step backwards for the game.

    If anybody wants examples, I am happy to provide many.
  14. BengalTiger

    Introduce the ability to win the war.

    Capturing a continent would lock it for 24 hours.
    Capturing the second one would lock that too.
    Capturing all of them before the earlier captured unlock (or defending them after the lock shuts down) gives victory.
    Victory gives a custom, empire wide title, some cool unlock (bonus weapon that's still not implemented for everyone to use, a single use camo unlock, etc), and a long term goal to fight for in PS 2.

    Then everything resets, people only own their warpgates- everything else is neutral, and the next war begins.
  15. Lt Hills

    My biggest, fundamental problem with PS2 right now is that the core goal which drives all your other motivations is to get certs. It makes for odd behaviour where you don't want to cap facilities and you get raged at if you destroy an enemy sunderer because it "ends" the xp grind and you have to go find a new one.

    If it was up to me (tm), I'd make capturing and holding facilities the primary, core goal of it all. I thought the game made a lot more "sense" when there was auraxium and while I understand there were problems behind it, I feel the game is just a pure deathmatch/mmo grind without it.

    My mental flowchart used to be "which facilities should we cap or defend, and how can I best help cap or defend them". Now it's "Where can I go to earn the most certs per hour".
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  16. nella

    Remove aircraft and tanks while the devs figure out a way to balance infantry vs aircraft vs tanks. People have made good suggestions, but nothing is ever done.
  17. RAS

    the 1 thing i'd change is everyth1ng <----------- like it ?

    ps1 with updated graphics = win

    ps2 fails
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  18. Garzin

    Optimize the game
  19. HappyHerdOfCows

    This ^^

    Or, failing that, if it's one dead simple, short term, easy, sticky-plaster fix we're thinking of, remove one continent.
  20. f0d

    someone else said to just upgrade planetside 1 with forgelight engine so i wont say that (good one tho)

    i would say bring back planetside 1 style bases and replace all the bases we have now with them