If you could change ONE thing about Planetside 2, what would it be?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Duke, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Ronaldspiers

    Move the NC warpgates to better areas where its not idiotically difficult to push out of and where the attackers dont have the upper hand during a gatelock period.
  2. OldMaster80

    Personally I wouldn't change a buck. I'd just add those nice tools we saw in beta cert trees:
    - Deployable shields
    - AV Mana turret
    - Stalker Camouflage for Iniltrators (imho a high priority)
    - All the other camouflages for Infiltrators
    - Flamethrowers for Max Units
    - All the other Max Units skills like in PS1.
    - I'd like to see effect of Max defensive certs to be increased.
    - I'd change the Detection Device because it's almost useless, mainly due to the small/poor minimap.
    - Generally speaking better hacking mechanics with possibility to download virus to the vehicles.

    Then other cool items like:
    - Minimap scambler for Infiltrators
    - Mortars for Engineers to replace the MANA turret.
  3. LonelyAirman

    Performance. Both in render distance and awful CPU optimization, but mostly the latter. Because of the particle effects of muzzle flashes etc, I get 10-20FPS less while being shot at, which 90% of the time ends in my death.
  4. -Vyr

    I'd like to see changes to defending a base. Some way of encouraging players to make use of fortifications and taking an aggressive defense in bases, like bonus xp for actions taken while on a wall structure.
  5. Darkstone

    If you could change ONE thing about Planetside 2, what would it be?

    The name.. this is NOT worthy being called Planetside.
  6. kungflu

    fix the crashes godammn it only gets worse and worse
  7. ron1n

    Remove The Crown.
  8. illgot


    Either a recert that costs 500 sony points or allow me to buy 1000 certs for 700 sony points.
  9. 13lackCats

    MIssing: Player accountability for their experience.

    There are so many people expecting the game to give them something. They don't see that they have to make their own way. The players are the game's greatest failing.
  10. txmedia

    Two-man tanks. Why they took that out, even as an option, is beyond me and reeks of "too many cooks". Another way this game discourages teamwork.
  11. xxJackallxx

    Not any more...every time I go into a Bio Lab someone has a tank or plane in there not safe there anymore either.

    Just yesterday on Mattherson someone had a Magrider parked outside the upper spawn room of the Biolab preventing people from getting out from it.Also seen Scythes flying around in there as well.
  12. Uben Qui

    The forums...
  13. bPostal

    Base design.
  14. Morpholine

    Implement a reward for driving off (but not destroying) enemy air, to make AA operations a worthwhile endeavor.

    I actually think the balance between air and AA is about right, but using ground-based AA feels a lot like shooting into the wind for no gain much of the time.
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  15. FelixG

    Planetside 1 bases and lattice please!

    Make things TONS better
  16. Parity

    What I'd love to see is either the render distance being fixed OR that people that are out of the render distance can still get hurt by you.

    The artillery fire from Planetside 1 comes to mind. I have fond memories of being in a squad and spotting for the artillery on how to adjust the aim to hit enemies just right.
  17. Armodeen

    continent population balance. at the moment its roll or be rolled, rarely any good fights
  18. AzK

    Oh yeah also..

    Remove collision from drop pods.
    Remove collision from aircraft wreckage
    Drastically reduce ramming damage, especially among aircraft
  19. OvenTop

    The piss-poor optimization. I don't care about the games' other problems until January, if i'm going to be miserable playing this game, i'd rather do it at 50-60 fps over 20-30 fps..
  20. HavocDK

    Performance increase and bug fixing. Hold off on new content until the content that's actually there is working properly.