If you could change ONE thing about Planetside 2, what would it be?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Duke, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. H0urg1ass

    Lattice System.
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  2. Rothnang

    Give massive XP rewards for playing on continents where you are outnumbered, so we finally see a real war again, not this idiotic zerg-dance we have right now where every faction just has one continent where most of its forces are concentrated.
  3. Chalid

  4. KoSGunny

    Intelligence testing required to post on forums.
    No really lol.

    As for explaining my reasoning: Simply that most requests made on forums come from an extremely narrow and biased perspective. It's one loud air-horn spamming the word "NERF!" about many things which happen to be working as intended.

    When someone complains that their HA has a problem with being killed by Liberators, and Zephyrs/Daltons need nerfed.. Well it's a perfect example of this. Why should you be able to kill a bomber with that Rocket Launcher? Because you think of this game as a generic FPS, probably.

    And so on for many other issues. Devs are swarmed with requests to change things that make sense, because some people can't think about both sides of the encounter, are selfish (in that their favored role should be dominant), or are simply not intelligent enough to notice the available counters or play accordingly and stay alive during encounters they can't win.
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  5. PhKnight

    Make my anti vehicle weapons actual anti vehicle weapons.
  6. SturmovikDrakon

    facility layouts

    oh god the layouts
  7. Bloodtank

    Only get to choose one thing? I know my choice..

    Turn server power button from position on to off.

    Goodbye all.. have fun if you can.. I require use of brain power and skill, none of that was design intention here..
  8. AdmiralArmchair

    It's a hard decision between the optimization and the balance...
  9. Keifomofutu

    Base design. Vehicles should get you into the base but nothing more. Infantry should have to capture it. Vehicles stomp all over infantry's toes at every base but biolabs.
  10. Chalid

    Christmas bump. Devs should see this thread when they get back from their holiday :)
  11. Lafladitu

    A few points I would love to be fixed

    • Map icons that flashes like someone is taking over the base or hacked a shield, but when you look at the scren none of that is happening
    • Friendly vehicles not showning up on Map cause they use stealth.
    Fixes i would like:
    • Tank traction for Vanguard,Prowler and Lightning needs to be inproved
    • More variety to the Mana tower. e.g. No gun but larger shield, Anti armour version with no shield.
    • Diffrent designs on each factions vehicel's, atm many of them are identical and there are tons of friendly fire going on.
    • Better base layouts for easier defence
    • Harder for capturing a base you would need 3-4 people to capture a point. This is a team game not a solo game like other FPS
    • Faction based weapons on all vehicels, kobolt could be standard others need to be changed to be more distinct for each faction
    • Laser sights with diffrent colour depending on faction.
    • MBT's should only be spawned from the Gateshield
  12. RoaRawR

    make the fight feel like I fight for more than a tiny bonus that barly notice able =(
  13. Cloudwasher

    The one thing I would change would be to remove rocket pods from the fighters. The most potent anti-ground weapon shouldnt be on the designated anti-air vehicle.
  14. PoopMaster

    Raise the vehicle resource cost a lot. At least for air.
  15. Llaf

    Remove all fire and forget lock on weapons. Add active lock on weapons which require you to keep your lock on square on the target for the duration the missile is in the air. Would make dogfighting a lot more fun and getting a lock on warning a lot less scary in anything else, tank, plane, whatever.
  16. Brutus

    Balance Air V Ground.