Ideas for LA tool?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by urida, May 29, 2013.

  1. urida

    I'm a huge fan of LA and do not feel its under powered (or overpowered) in anyway right now. However i would like us to have something to put in the tool slot. I understand its difficult, especially, because it could easily throw off the balance but i was wondering if anyone had any ideas for LA tools.
  2. RogueComet

    Hate to say this, but there are TONS of posts for suggestions people have for the tool slot with Light Assault. =\
  3. urida

    Oh i know its just that in all those posts people keep trying to make the point that LA is underpowered, or that we need a tool slot. I got tired of them and just wanted to make a thread for ideas that would not change the balance. But your probably right, sorry for the waste of a thread everyone.
  4. belthazor3457

    I'd rather give LA extra C4 as their tool ability, or perhaps a cert for carbine ammo that allows shooting through aircraft glass if at close range. Or being able to give up the grenades slot for extra C4.

    I don't mind us being the shock troopers that don't have tools, what I have a problem with is us not having a tool and also not having a benefit offered to us in return for not having a tool. I'd probably prefer two extra C4 bricks and cheaper access to C4 over any tool item that could be offered unless the devs invent something incredibly creative (which I do not predict they will do)
  5. Sam the sheepdog

    So flying isn't a skill?
  6. vaxx

    Is Overshield a skill?
    Is a mana turret a skill?
    Is healing a skill?
    Is stealth a skill?

    For someone who does not play LA you sure as heck have a large interest in this forum.
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  7. Wolfwood82

    Yes these are all skills.

    However, we are talking about tools, not skills. o_O

    Problem with players creating ideas for this stuff is that they tend to get crazy and veer way off track for actual tool ideas. My favorite tool slot idea is instead of a tool, we actually get implants. Adrenaline Pump being one of the first implants, after that we could get implants to support our accuracy while jumping, distance of grenade tosses, speed for switching items, speed for tossing grenades/C4, reserve fuel/ammo for jetpack/weapons.
  8. Sam the sheepdog

    Yes, they're all a skill. Flying is just the most powerful in my opinion. What sort of tool would fit a light assault makes me struggle to figure out what sort of tool would fit them. They already deploy C4 like it's candy.

    Maybe they should lock the forum from you unless you're a BR 40 with 20 hours of light assault. I'm a platoon leader. I like to keep up on all the classes. Man you're like the junkyard dog.
  9. vaxx

    Do you know how many people are shooting down any idea for a tool/ability for LA, that don't play LA? Quite a few. Go look over the forum for the pre-GU09 JJ sound discussions, and revel in the hate.

    You act like since LA has a (slow) jetpack, that that's all we need. You also seem to forget all the abilities and tools other classes get are just as if not more useful than a jetpack. C4 is also open to all classes sans Infil. As far as dropping them like candy, eh, at 200 Inf. sources, I sure don't.
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  10. Sea of Ink

    Implants would be amazing.

    Give me surge from PS1 and I'd be unstoppable.
  11. Sam the sheepdog

    I would beg to differ about other abilities being more useful. Light assaults negate high ground, drop beacons in completely inaccesible places, use ESFs, Libs, and Galaxays as rapid deployment vehicles. Heck the other night I had a Light assault float across an air pad that was the highest ground for 300 meters, covered by 40 friendlies on the approach, throw down 2 c4, kill 6 infantry and 3 maxes, and 2 minutes later, another one did the same damn thing. Guess what happened next? Saying the jetpack isn't useful is like saying Infiltrators should be cloaked all the time.
  12. vaxx

    Please show me where I said the JJ are not useful. :rolleyes:
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  13. Kronic

    Add in more JJ types, allow us toggle between 2 types on the fly (which drains 50% of fuel when activated), buff flash nades and allow us to carry more smoke nades at 0 resources cost (6 is a good number I guess). ARs would be nice but I pretty sure that'll never happen.
  14. Kociboss

    I have an idea.

    How about a jetpack which would give you an ability to fly?

    Oh wait.


    Yes I just felt like being a smart@ss :<
  15. Ghostloadout

    Well, I made a post about this a bit back, and here's what I eventually came up with. Give LA multiple tool types but limit weapon choices.
    Tool #1 ES C4 - Reskinned C4 to look more empire specific, but functions exactly the same as normal C4, with no weapon restrictions. There are 5 certs for this tool. at level 1 it gives one C4 brick / level 2 reduces res cost by 50 / level 3 increases carry count to 2 / level 4 removes res cost / level 5 allows them to be resupplied at ammo boxes. Equipping C4 + This, gives 4 charges instead of 2.

    Tool #2 Heavy Timed Explosive - Extremely powerful timed explosive that, after 5 seconds detonates in a powerful explosion, if the LA is killed before the detonation, the explosive disarms itself and deconstructs. Restricts main weapon to SMGs only. There are also 5 certs for this tool. Level 1 unlocks the weapon at 2x C4 power / Level 2 Increases blast radius to 1.5x C4 / Level 3 Increases power to 4x C4 / Level 4 increases blast radius to 2x C4 / Level 5 Allows to resupplied at ammo boxes. Carry 1 charge. As an added bonus, there are 4 extra suit slot attachments on the tool slot.

    Increasing potency of Adrenaline pump to 5 levels and changing to passive cert.
    level 1 5% sprint speed, 3% walk speed, 10% jump height / Level 5 25% sprint speed 15% walk speed, 50% jump height.

    New suit slot - External Fuel Canisters At max level increases jet fuel capacity by 65% 10 sec flight time on max JJs. Increases regen speed by 35%. 10 second regen for max JJ.

    Adding extra levels to LA specific grenades.
    Flashbangs - 5 levels, Level 1 unlocks 1 grenade
    Smokes - 5 levels, Level 1 unlocks 1 grenade / Level 2 Removes res cost / Level 3 adds 1 more grenade / Level 4 Impact detonation and adds ability to break lock-ons / Level 5 Allows resupply at ammo packs.

    Splitting suit mods into different categories. This would go for all classes.
    Defense - Advanced Shield Capacitor, Flak Armor, Nanoweave Armor.
    Utility - Grenade Bandolier, Ammunition Belt, External Fuel Canisters.
    You could equip both a utility and a defensive suit mod at once.

    Passive - Vulture Scavenger Scanner
    Passive ability that shows where ammo packs are on the map regardless of empire (currently it only shows your empire).
    6 Levels
    level 1 shows nearby ammo packs in 50m (Stock)
    level 2 shows ammo packs in 100m
    level 3 shows ammo packs in 150m
    level 4 shows ammo packs in 200m
    level 5 shows ammo packs in 250m
    level 6 When next next an ammo pack, instantly restores all reserve ammo, including viable explosives. Allowing for hit and run raids on enemy ammo packs for quick resupply.

    Passive Tool - 20mm smoke launcher that is permanently attached to all LA primary weapons starts with 3 grenades that are launched using the UBGL slot interface, but when offhand smoke grenades are equipped, massively increases reload speed and increases carried ammo by 4 depending on the level, while also allowing G to be used as the launcher key, grenade bandolier increases carried grenades by 4. Max smokes carried is 11. Does not effect the use of rail attachments and has the same effect of standard smokes.

    Sorry for text wall, but most of these are general upgrades.
  16. YoWombat

    I don't think they need anything that helps with combat, what they need is something that provides utility and helps them bring something unique to the team.

    A few folks have suggested something like binoculars or a rangefinder, and I think that's a good idea, as it reinforces the scout-like nature of the LA. Perhaps tagging someone with the binocs would last longer than with Q, or be more visible or something?

    Or going with the mobility theme- How about some kind of placeable force-field/caltrops which slows enemy movement speed when they move near/through it?

    Or an alarm which can be placed to ward an area, and when tripped makes a warning sound and tags nearby enemies?
  17. repairtool6

    Uhm...Heavies and Lights dont have tools for a reason. They are assulters, they are not support. They will probably never get tools, and this is just perfectly fine.

    Just my opinion.
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  18. HeadHuntr


    The Light Assault.
    Being mobile, is possibly the best class when it comes to flanking. But they are easily killed and picked on...

    Holograms! Yes, holograms! This will not only confuse the enemy, but will also make the light effective in the art of deception; and hopefully, a more desirable class to play with.

    How it works:
    There are 4 levels, 5 if the initial purchase is included. Initial purchase give the LA a gun similar to the dart gun of the infiltrator. When fired, will create a walking holographic model of the Player, that lasts only for 3-5 seconds (random). If the "replica" falls of a ledge it will act just as how a normal player falls. but the standard (non-upgraded version) has only one ammo.

    1st upgrade gives an additional ammo. 2nd upgrade Extends the duration of the hologram from 3-5, to 6-8 seconds. 3rd upgrade makes the hologram "fire" but not actually firing, or damaging anyone. Last upgrade makes the hologram fly, jump and turn in any direction instead of just walking straight.

    Inspired from:
    Crysis 2 Holographic decoy attatchment.
  19. Vortok

    HA have a tool. It's called the rocket launcher. Can look at the loadout screen and see what each class has as their ability and what they have for their tool slot.
  20. repairtool6

    Never considered the rocket launcher for a "Tool", just a weapon, but your right