Ideas for LA tool?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by urida, May 29, 2013.

  1. XOLiD

    Hologram decoys sound amazing.
  2. Van Dax

    how about a boombox?
  3. DhavK

    In my opinion, I would like to see a kind of ZOE vs Max (or charge) ability to the light assault but only for sprinting more faster, so the adrenaline pump cert should be removed
  4. Jellyman_E

  5. Profileiche

    the Light Assault Tool is known as Jetpack! It fills the tool slot. If LAs would get a tool it would mean that they have two.
  6. Jellyman_E

    I think the jetpack is meant to be more of an ability rather than a tool.
  7. Profileiche

    One single tool that would fit the LA is a Grappling Hook.
  8. OldMaster80

    Personally I don't see why do LA need to have tools asn they're not intended to be support troopers. The concept is basically a light infantry soldier with less defense than HA but higher mobility and that's exactly how it works: LA have adrenaline pump and jetpack providing them the best mobility and flaking ability in the game. ;)
    The only "bad" thing I see about Light Assault is that some strange reason devs decided people have to take no damage while dropping from Galaxies. Imho people should ALWAYS take damage when dropping from aircraft: fallin from the sky with rifles and grenades should be a job for LA ONLY.

    Why the hell shoud you use grappling hook when you have a jetpack?! :D
  9. Kronic

  10. Wolfwood82

    HA's have a tool. It's that big giant tube that fires rockets, used to assist them in their role as vehicle suppression infantry.

    A single shot grenade launcher sounds like the best idea to me so far. However changes I would make to it include:

    1. It uses whatever grenades you normally throw as ammunition. You would have to use grenade bandolier and spend the resources on the grenades in order to support the weapon.
    2. It allows you to switch firing modes going from 3 second fuse to detonate on impact using the B button.
    3. If 1 isn't doable or seems too strict, then allow it to function much like the UBGL except it draws from the same ammo pool as the UBGL. Suit upgrade to expand "propelled grenades" ammo by 1 much like the HA rocket launcher. This suit upgrade would not expand the UBSG ammo, that should just be expanded by the normal ammo belt.
  11. Mythicrose12

    Single shot grenade launcher would be fun. If the HA is meant to deal with vehicles with it's "tool", why not have the LA deal with infantry with it's "tool."

    On a side note, I was replaying Star Craft. What if instead of a one shot grenade launcher, we could selt Vulture mines? Bury 2-3 mines that uproot and chase down nearby infantry. They can be shot. Won't happen, but I'd laugh my ******* *** off to see people panic to them. Take that you cloaked infiltrators!
  12. ScottishRoss

    I'm not sure that Light Assault should become a "Demolitions Expert". The use of C4 by Light Assault is ludicrous to me, as it is. I think Light Assault should be the people who jump over the towers, and be the first ones at the control node/generators/etc, with enough firepower tol hold their own for a bit. They shouldn't be "Man Bombers".
  13. Wolfwood82

    Problem is heading to these locations is a very quick way to get killed. Most cap points are indoors and the few that are outdoors have little to no cover in elevated areas around them. LA play better by ignoring these objectives and focusing on anti-infantry combat. I agree that the exaggerated need/use of C4 isn't our strong suit by a long shot. It actually detracts from our power a great deal by convincing us that we can take on an AV aspect as well as AI.

    A lot of our lack of power can be solved by giving us AI mines. Since this is not likely going to happen, a single shot grenade launcher might be our best choice for a tool that is effective against infantry. Other grenades could be devised, such as plasma/napalm grenades which cause a DoT effect in an area, serving as an area denial weapon.
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  14. Judgeratt

    It seems that some people just aren't getting it, so I'll spell it out.

    Everyone gets these slots: Primary Weapon, Secondary Weapon, Tool, Utility, Ability, Grenade, Suit.

    There's one exception - Light Assault doesn't have a Tool slot. Jump Jets and Drifter Jets go in the Ability slot and C-4 (or Medical/Restoration Kits) go in the Utility slot. This thread is about what might be appropriate to put in LA's unused Tool slot.
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  15. Crewell

    I have my light assault fairly certed out. 2 C4, Flash and Smoke Grenade, max JJ, and all but last rank of nanoweave. I don't think they need a new tool. That being said, I think the decoy hologram is a neat idea I wouldn't mind seeing added. It's probably one of the best LA suggestions I've seen.

    My suggestion to make them work is have them be a 1-2 cert item. Each cert rank allows a LA to carry a holodisk (for lack of better name). The LA can drop these disks to make a generic trooper hologram appear where the disk is set. The disk can be dropped from the air if needed.
  16. ChuckDM

    Yeah, and I've read about half of them. My personal favorite was a Grappling Hook that would allow LA to pull friendlies up towards them.

    To balance this, perhaps it drains all the friendlies shields when you hit them with it so they have to wait a second in cover before they continue?

    Still, this would make for some amazing combinations, and allow LA to fill a much more teamwork-oriented role than they normally do. LA and Infil are 80% lone wolfs (HA, Medic, and Engi are the only three roles people really play in a traditional squad-sticking-together role.) This could help negate some of that. In fact, Grap Hook would pair best with Infiltrators because you could jet to a superior sniping nest that Infil can't actually reach, then grap them up.

    Alternatively, a Spawn Beacon Booster is something that'd be nice. Basically spawn beacons placed by LA allow 50% more rapid use and cooldown faster. Of course if we do that I demand a Spawn Beacon Cloak for Infiltrators that dramatically lengthens the cooldown but hides the trail of light.

    Still the grappling hook is an idea that supports teamwork and creativeness. I would really prefer than.
  17. HerpTheDerp

    I liked the idea of auto-spot binoculars best.

    It's so silly to try and flank enemies ~by sneaking on normally inaccessible terrain and then ENEMY HEAVY SPOTTED! ENEMY MEDIC SPOTTED! ENEMY HEAVY SPOTTED! WATCH YOUR BACK, INFILTRATOR IN THE AREA!

    Alternatively, take away Infiltrator's motion sensor darts(why do they get 2 tools anyway) and give them to LA.
  18. Wolfwood82

    They really only have 1, they don't need a tool to use their hack ability which functions as a secondary class ability.
  19. CuteBeaver

    "Alternatively, take away Infiltrator's motion sensor darts(why do they get 2 tools anyway) and give them to LA."

    **slap slap slap slap**

    I am keeping my darts. Here is a thought If you want radar pull a damn flash like everyone else :O. People are so dim! How could he be that dense! I mean seriously? If anyone can identify with LA's its the broken infiltrator players who have also had to wait like FOREVER to get fixed. We have a timeline... even if it keeps getting extended.

    Honestly though how about you ask for USEFUL tools.

    SKILLS =Jetpack // Shield // Heal AOE // Turret & Ammo Pack // infiltrator cloak - Hacking
    TOOLS = None // Rocket Launcher // Med gun - Revives // Repair Tool // Recon Dart

    LA's have no tools! This is bad, this is infact terrible. You have to use C4 which is a UTILITY that COSTS RESOURCES to be effective. This places you in a disadvantage when trying to pull MAX units or restocking other things like grenades and tank mines on other classes. Also the hatred for the Light Assaults is almost as bad as the infiltrators its disgusting. Infact it might actually be worse because people still die to LA's alot and think they are "fine" when infact they lack in team play.

    Regardless THINK of a suggestion that doesn't already exist and doesn't require taking away the "infiltration portion of an infiltrator". If you take away our ability to hack whats the damn point of having cloak in the first place? We could use it to kill people sure but that is not the intent of the cloak by the developers. Cloak exists so we can get inside a base and mess with the terminals and cause chaos. I feel like my IQ has dropped like 10 points already in this thread.

    Getting back on topic.

    Support your roadmap thread. Spam the crap out of it, Ask for things, ***** and complain there because threads like these are not going to get anything done. Hell I have come up with at least 3 ideas already for LA's and I don't even play a Light Assault. I challenge anyone annoyed by my comments here to put their grey matter to work and help solve the LA problem instead of making things worse for people who are trying to support you.

    /end rant.
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  20. simon11russell

    I really hate this idea and a few similar ones about us providing mobile jump pads for our allies or anything that would allow other classes to get too LA only places. Its a poor way to try and leaver in some "teamwork" to the class. I use quotes because with teamwork there is an expectation to get something in return for what you do for the team. I think it would actually lead to the enslavement of LA's as the taxi service for the rest of your platoon.

    Currently rooftops are a haven where LA's fight each other to stop them from dropping C4 on your sundie and allies and to gain a positional advantage over the enemy to do the same to them. We need to have surprise and positional advantages because we are fewer in number and weaker fighters than the guys on the ground having only a carbine and no chance of a heal or a rez if it all goes wrong. Now if any class could be brought up to the roofs with a quick grappling hook to the face, then LA's no longer being able to find an advantageous position to engage the stronger classes from would become fairly useless except as a way to get those stronger classes to the rooftops.

    I can just Imagine 2 opposing LA's pulling Heavy's and medics onto a roof, they could both be jetting around and having a great fight but are unable to because that would mean fighting the bigger classes on equal terms, but worse than that it would mean stopping the flow of heavy troops to back them up in the fight on the roof allowing the enemy to take the roof and the positional advantage.

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