Ideas for LA tool?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by urida, May 29, 2013.

  1. Gicod

    I think a fun LA tool would be a Shield Diffuser similar to the vehicular version. A one-way version with a x-sec reuse timer.

    I can't see it being abused too horribly on spawns, as the pain field would make the thrill of a few cheap C-4 kills on fresh re-spawns and AFK'ers a suicide mission and the thrill of doing it would wear off fairly quickly. I could actually see the tactic of the ***** LA being beneficial in breaking the spawn room camp scenarios. Might not be so fun to cluster 8 guys behind a spawn room shield when a fast LA and his C-4 can take out the whole group. I would be happy to give up a little spawn room safety to reduce the circle jerk. Might speed up the pace of things a bit when those dozen guys staying behind in the spawn after the SCU goes down could possibly be taken out. Perhaps increase the pain field damage to reduce the amount of time that you can linger and farm. Spawn rooms/restricted areas should be suicide missions to make them less attractive.

    Its not like a Light Assault can hack terms and roll a sundy, so getting inside the base shields might wreak havoc on deployed sundys and nab some killstreaks, it wouldn't be incredibly overpowering I don't think. Would add an interesting mechanic to the class. Trying to flip a point would accomplish little except announce that "hey I'm in your base, come kill me" so I can't see it being an overly huge factor. Even a group of LA's could only hope to ninja a point for so long before the inability to support each other wore them down.

    I don't know, just seems like it might be fun, but I could be wrong on any and all points.
  2. Joe_da_cro

    i made in another post about the light assault if they got a tool which worked the same as the recon dart in terms of the animation but what it did was deny healing, repairs, rezes. while the effect was taking place. first rank would just block healing. and as you invest you unlock ammo and a new blocking system.
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  3. Hobnail

    Give them Jarate so that I can drop liquid gold on you all from on high.
  4. Wolfwood82

    And be a productive member of society? No wai! I'd rather grumble in my own cave thank you very much.
  5. urida

    So surprisingly this thread actually kinda worked as there are a whole bunch of good suggestions in it. I can't honestly say any of the ones that seem technically practical appeal to me, and contrast lay the ones I like probably can't happen. But I wanted to thank all of you for your input.
  6. jihon83

    A possible idea for a tool might be tied to helping with mines, like detecting them with some sort of ability that can flash an area for them. I think it'd be useful because, more often than not, the first attempts at capping a control point is done by that solitary LA who cut over the mountains, jump on the building, and down onto the balcony, and in those instances, if there's any defense, it's usually a proximity mine, so it'd be nice to know where it is. So it'd be useful in moments, but wouldn't carry the risk of being OP thanks to being "too" useful too often, as I do agree that the jump and drifter jets are pretty slick all on their own, so the LA tool slot doesn't have to be the end-all-be-all.
  7. DFDelta

    Recap of my post in the Revamp thread (see signature).

    Make Jump Jets a tool. Equipping it gives us exactly the LA we have now.
    Add another tool based on ground combat. Equipping it gives you access to assault rifles and a slight shield boost.

    What you can equip in your ability slot depends on the tool equipped.
    JJ gets both jump jet types as it does now, the ground combat gear gets a buffed version of the adrenaline rush (slightly faster then our current AR and reduces fall damage. Current AR gets removed) and something that makes it easier to "run'n'gun" (e.g. slightly less extra bloom while moving)

    That creates the "medium assault" class that some people on this forum expressed wishes for, it gives the guys who play combat only combat medics (yes such people exist) another (and better) choice of class that carries an assault rifle and it might drain some people from the legions of heavies that would like a class that is based on infantry vs infantry combat, but are not enjoying the abilities of a jetpack. (which would drain some of the anti vehicle spamming)

    I like this idea, but it would need some tweaking.
    For starters I'd make the dart disappear if the user dies (dies, not respawns) to prevent suicide bombings.
    The radius should also be rather small, not more then 3 meters on max rank. (or else it becomes way overpowered when usid in a coordinated way)
    Also 1 Dart at a time, firing a second one makes the old one disappear.
  8. HeadshotVictim

    I'd like to get Nightvision goggles.
    Allowing a LA to see through smoke even without having to use the scope (which sways atm and removes movespeed)
    With a tool like this a LA could throw his smoke nades and fire two underbarrel smokes without having draw-back trying to use a shotgun or smg or generally HIPFIRE!
    This is so stupid in the first place... we get hip-fire weapons and smoke nades.
    One doesn't work well with the other.

    But anyway.
    Cloaked units will be cloaked units, Mines get highlighted, everything gets green and Flashnades are 2x as effective as they are now when used against nightvisions.
    (Look at CS1.6 it worked well there...)
    oh and underbarrel flash nades :p

    another idea would be the ability to spray your jetpack fuel into the area to blurr vision, slow your enemies and set CoF to jumping-CoF for everyone effected (yes, the LA as well) and you lose ALL the jetpack fuel.
    The LA will lose a lot of his mobility in order to disorient, slow and unnerve your targets
  9. Compass

    Why no love for the grappling hook? Can be upgraded to extend range.
  10. Headcapper

    Well, to be honest I think that would be pretty OP..

    LA has jetpack.. then add grappling hook? Pull yourself up with a hook, then fly up further? Or being able to go from the wall of an amp station to the roof of the amp station itself by clever use of this mechanic? hmm..

    Besides, I don't think they'll implement this anytime soon anyway. Hell, they can't even make the mini chaingun underslung.

    If it will ever come, you'll need to choose between jetpacks or grapplink hook, not at the same time.
  11. Compass

    It's not like LAs can't drop-pod in to the place over and over. We could theoretically grapple to a Liberator and use it as a pseudo transport, or grapple to a vehicle and RIDE IT LIKE A SAND WORM.
  12. Headcapper

    Hehe, it would be fun to see, yes.. But does air have to worry about LAs too? Would be insane, an LA grappling to a liberator, going up (assuming it has a retraction mechanism) and C4-ing the poor thing (or am I thinking too much about Just Cause now?)

    Or just lifting with a liberator, waiting until it lands and then C4 it..

    It really depends on what kind of grappling mechanism would be created for it actually.. If it's anything like Just Cause, it'll be incredible OP :p (but fun as hell, might make me cert into my LA ^^)
  13. OldMaster80

    The idea to have a grappling hook for LA is totally insane. Who the hell would use a grappling hook when there's a jetpack? It's like if Engineers could use a carpenter hammer even if they have nanite repair tools...

    At any way I don't see why LA should have a tool. They're nor support troopers, they are assault soldiers with less armor than HA and with more mobility. They do not need a tool slot.
  14. Compass

    Well, the grappling hook would be a true tool. You would have to equip it. Switching to another basically causes you to let go, so you'd fall off.
  15. HeadshotVictim

    well, even infiltrators got a tool... strange but true.
    The class usually found 300m away crying they don't get OHK anymore because of Nanoweave 5 and whining about flash radar being OP have a tool, that would be pretty useful attacking a base.(A tool that would render the flash pretty much useless if spammed correctly) (Yes this is 40% trolling, I know that there are infiltrators in bases with SMGs, but how many people actually cert into the recon dart gun?)

    Why is it wrong for LA to want to get a tool as well? (Are you implying that Infiltrators are more teambased than LA?)
    The ability to stand on moving ground vehicles would be cool as well. But a grappling hook? naaaah
  16. Baxtdren

    They said they were considering giving LAs an ammo scavenging tool. I could see that being useful.

    It would equip, look like, and function like the engineer or medic tool. You would use it on a fallen enemy to regain some ammo. Optionally with certs you might be able to prevent that enemy from being rezzed, or gain resources that cost infantry units from dead MAX units. Even without those additional options it would add a little useful utility to the LA without going too far overboard.
  17. Wolfwood82

    TR at the very least would find it mostly useless. I for one would never use it, prefer to just keep moving and setting up for my next victim.

    Aside from that, we have this nifty thing called an ammo belt for the suit slot? Really handy if you find yourself running out of rounds. Also C4 can clear a firing position around an enemy ammo box pretty quick.
  18. Stargazer86

    I'd like some sort of targeting tool, myself. Give ESF's some sort of a single-shot, air-to-ground rocket. When an LA locks onto a tank with their tool, ESF's rockets would do more damage, or perhaps be able to hit it through IR Smoke.

    The problem is that LA's tend to be a flanking class, one that is generally not near your teammates, but a tool is for teamwork. You also have to not infringe on Medic, Engineer, or Infiltrator tools, so nothing to do with healing, repairing, or radar. You also don't want to simply take something they already have and simply turn it into a tool, so that rules out jetpacks or spawn beacons.

    Giving LA some sort of tool that supports spotting could be interesting. Perhaps give them a pair of binoculars that, when used to spot a target, will somehow highlight and paint that target for their team? Perhaps allow their squad/platoon/empire to view the target's outline through walls and obstacles?
  19. Giggler

    How about:

    Portable jump pads, they can drop an origin pad and a destination pad (like portal, with a range limit) which allows squad members to get shot over obstacles. Destroyable like a squad beacon.

    Shield diffuser, sure you can pass through a shield but do you really want to? Would be a suit slot i suppose.

    Mag-Grapple, they can fire and attach to vehicles/aircraft so that you can side gun or hot drop.

    Target painting, reduces lock on time for munitions of squad members.
  20. ChuckDM


    Dude, it would be just like the original cinematic trailer.

    It would be AWESOME.

    LA gets within 40m of lib flying overhead, grapples on top, plants C4, jetpacks off it as he blows the f**ker out of the sky. BEST LIB KILL EVER.

    As someone who tends to spend very, very little time in a vehicle, this would be awesome. Hell, anything that makes vehicles easier to kill is awesome. The way rockets require so many shots to down anything more than a Flash, I am all for anything that makes vehicles more vulnerable.

    And I'm not without compassion on this. I think every vehicle in the game should have an activate-able shield. Like ESF flares but...well just a shield. It should recharge as fast as rocket ROF so, if a driver/pilot pays attention, they're invulnerable to missiles. But if they don't, 2 rockets should kill a heavy tank or lib, and 1 should kill anything else.

    But enough with my dumb ideas. As usual everyone will tell me I'm a n00b and I suck and you're all probably right. I just hate being camped by ESFs, etc. And who the hell wouldn't?

    Someone who spends too much time playing CoD, and now this, and has decided to accept the insanity. That's who.