Ideas for LA tool?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by urida, May 29, 2013.

  1. Baconite

    This is probably a bad idea, but:

    Give LA ammo packs. (You want the fast maneuverable guy to get you ammo fast).

    Give engineers deployable shields to replace ammo packs. Engineers are still extremely valuable with repair and turrets alone. Now LA can go do their thing and it'll be nice to have them around for ammo.
  2. Ceskaz

    They took back ammo pack to LA during beta for a reason
  3. Drewseph

    Why not a radar jammer or something? That would help with what Light Assault is meant for, flanking, as you're harder to spot if the enemy can't have access to radar. Could be deployed like a mine/C4, just dropped, and be the about twice the size of a TR Claymore. It would work at the same radius as the Infiltrator's darts, and be upgraded the same way. Carrying capacity of one or MAYBE two. Could be destroyed, and/or after a while disappear on it's own.

    Could also help with teammates moving forward, enemies couldn't just spam Q around the corners and easily pop around cover to kill anyone who dares move up.

    And please, if you're trying to be an advocate to help LA get a team helping tool, don't suggest something absolutely ********, like giving them an ammo pack. Do you want people to fly up high and spam an endless amount of UB grenades?
  4. Zorro

    The best possible tool would be a net-gun. It would help the light assault, it would provide a team utility, and it would be quite cool.
  5. MikeyD

    What about a anti-radar dart, similar to the infiltrators radar dart but counters proxy radar whether by vehicle or infil. Where the Infil increased battlefield awareness whilst the LA decreases it.The benefits and theme are all there.

    On a similar note.Q should be available to cert into to make it silent, maybe also increase the range. That way you can communicate tactical information with non squad platoon allies as well as not broadcasting your location by screaming into the mouthpiece :)Think of it as wireless communication, you could possibly have a hacking counter for this, as well. This is available on both LA as well as infil, the LA does get the best vantage points, no matter how close you are to the engagement.

    Wouldnt be nice to know that there are 3 maxes in that room you are about to assault, knowing that the LA in the squad can see purely because he has the better angle, but alas is rightfully keeping his mouth shut so he doesnt draw fire from everyone else. The LA has a higher level of tactical awareness purely because of its mobility, it seems a shame to not be able to share this with your allies.
  6. JaceArveduin

    How about a tripwire? Unless I'm mistaken, buildings are our worst enemy, but if we were able to put a tripwire across a doorway, it'd be a way to disorient an enemy. While I rather like the idea of the proximity alarm and the maglock, I think the tripwire would likely be the choice that would be less "powerful", while still being useful.

    It would also give us some use in team situations, and re-affirm our anti-infantry role. I'm not sure exactly what the effect would be, since this game doesn't actually have tripping, but it could be something like reduced maneuverability and accuracy for a couple of seconds.