[Suggestion] How to Balance Close Range BASRs

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Scroffel5, Dec 8, 2019.

  1. Scroffel5

    Here are MY ideas on how to balance these things:

    It doesn't make much sense to reduce the range of which you can OHK, as you are usually pretty close. What makes it much easier to land headshots is definitely the optics. Lets change the optical range from 1x-2x and 6x. That way, hitting the head is harder. Lets also nerf that muzzle velocity. That way, on a moving target, they really gotta lead them. I don't know a good percentage for a nerf, but I am open to suggestions. These suggestions here will make them harder to us. Now, on to some "maybies."

    We could try nerfing the damage and buffing the headshot multiplier, or maybe only within 1-15meters is the OHK headshot range. If these don't work, we could keep the damage and headshot multiplier the same, and boost that rechamber time higher so it is harder for them to get off another shot. We could also pair that with only 4 shots in a mag. If these don't work, we can remove the ability to OHK on headshots and lower that rechamber time to somewhere between 0.5 seconds and 0.75 seconds. These are the ways I am thinking so that we can continue to have them in the game while making them more fair.

    Comment suggestions below.

    P.S. See, I don't ONLY try to buff my own class..
  2. That_One_Kane_Guy

    The number of players skilled enough to use CQB bolt action guns on anything like a consistent basis are low enough to be considered a statistical anomaly. The majority are fodder and less dangerous than a noob with a shotgun.

    You have a fetish for fixing what isn't broken.
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  3. Scroffel5

    Have you been living under a rock? This is what people are complaining about, and for a person who likes to call people out for not using "evidence" or "numbers", you sure aren't using any to prove your own points. People don't like CQC BASRs, and it is understandable as to why. Its not hard to hit the head on the first shot, with a weapon with very little recoil, and when you are in the optimal range to do so. Also, you are biased in regards to this.
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  4. Smallzz

    People don't like CQC BASRs because you'll be staring at a death screen before the infiltrator has rendered from stealth half the time. What we really need is a .5 second delay or even a full second delay between cloaking and being able to fire.

    I honestly think the infiltrator cloak, if properly utilized, is more valuable for defense than the heavy overshield. Having close range 1 shot weapons on the cloaking class is counter-intuitive (hence the reason cloakers don't have shotguns), especially when there is no delay between dropping cloak and firing.
  5. Scroffel5

    The delay also screws with the other weapons, and there is a small delay which gets me repeatedly killed. Your cloak has to fully drop before you can fire. They may be using the decloakonfire thing, which needs to be removed. If the cloak is given a delay, especially one that is half a second or more, I think that you should be able to move faster while in cloak, and adrenaline pump would only help you move even faster. That makes the cloak better for defense.
  6. InexoraVC

    Yeah! Another NERF Thread from the same nerfsuggestor. Of course you don't only try to buff your class but also NERF everything in game that kills you.
    My personal suggestion is to ban you posting $h1t.
    Thanks ! :)
  7. Scroffel5

    This is what people want, this is what people ask for, there is controversy about how to go about it in almost EVERY infiltrator post about them being too good. I don't really die much to these weapons anyways, but when I do, I'll just flank and kill them. Nobigdeal, but maybe if you would actually read the posts, you'd see that this is what people complain about. If you aren't going to add to the conversation, take yourself away from it.
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  8. adamts01

    These guns are the extreme example of the discrepancy between heads hots and body shots. It's less of a fact that they kill so fast, but that most players take a second or more to drop targets.

    Snipers or pump actions wouldn't be viable without their OHK ability. The only solution I see is not punishing body shots so severely. Removing nanoweave and reworking the HA shield are the ways to go.
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  9. That_One_Kane_Guy

    Citations bloody needed for this one, chief.
    You're laboring under the delusion that I'm 'proving a point', I am not. This is simple mockery. If you want your evidence feel free to look up the thread of the last dingus I did this dance with.
    People don't like a lot of things, and the personal preferences of a community chronically incapable of finding its own **** with both hands and a roadmap hardly qualifies as a compelling argument.
    Yes, but it's actually even easier to simplify an action by putting it into one statement, tout it as fact, then use it as a foundation for your entire argument.
    Try me
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  10. Smallzz

    I'm the co lead of my outfit and run squads/platoons on the regular. You want a list of what pisses people off enough that they comment about it in comms? Bolters, mines, A2G farmers. One has counterplay in the form of an implant, the other two do not have any counterplay.
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    Just use resist shield on your heavy before suggesting another nerf of something what rekts you
  12. Skraggz

    There is counter play to all those, you dont deem them reasonable.
  13. SteelMantis

    If this is really what people want go post your idea on Reddit and see if it gets upvoted.

    Close range sniping is my favorite kind of sniping but it isn't that easy to do, if it were more people would be doing it. I just wish we had some more rifles for close range fighting.
  14. TRspy007

    That was a completely noobish remark. While [pump] shotguns do have a OHK ability at extremely close ranges, sniper rifles maintain their OHK ability no matter the range. Not only that, they only need 2 body shots to kill someone at most ranges. Hence the reason about 70% of the servers' population mains infil.

    Snipers also have critical chain implant (or the daimyo) which makes it even easier to get follow up shots. Not very skilled play...

    Not quite sure why you would like body shots punished less severely, most people go for headshots anyways, and 20% less per shot isn't really the end of the world. The HA shield also isn't anything OP, and removing it would really strip the whole purpose of the class, which is to lead pushes. It makes total sens that they get shields if they're going to be on the front lines, and +450 health for a class that's meant to take the brunt of enemy fire isn't the end of the world either. Also, if I'm not mistaken, HA with overshields still die to one sniper headshot, so they're far from being OP.
  15. TRspy007

    People who see nothing wrong with the infil class are either infils themselves or simply haven't been playing the game recently. There shouldn't be more than one or two parasitic infils per fight, instead of the surplus we have right now. Something is wrong and needs fixing.
  16. Campagne

    You say that's a "noobish" response yet you don't know that all bolt-actions have maximum OHSK ranges against non-infiltrators? It's objectively false to say sniper rifles maintain their OHK ability no matter the range. Secondly it's a very well known fact that the majority of players are engineers, and if we just assume they're all vehicle-mains the vast majority of players are heavies, then infiltrators.

    The Critical Chain implant requires headshot kills to activate. The Daimyo isn't really very skilled play...

    I think the real issue players have is that it's very frustrating to die instantly, rather than the base weapons or the class itself. But regardless a bolt-action only using bodyshots is a pretty trash weapon. Even the default (for TR & VS) semi-autos perform significantly better against the chest despite the greater number of shots to kill.
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  17. LordKrelas

    Does that transfer to MAXes, Engineers, Light-Assaults, or Medics?
    As you only "need" 1 Engineer for ammo, or driving a vehicle.
    Maybe 2 Medics.
    A single MAX, usually.
    After all, we want to have en enforced 90% Heavy-Assault, 3% Light-Assault, 3% Medic, 2% Infiltrator, 2% MAX at all times.
    Heaven forbid, a Class made for Infiltration & long-range harassment, isn't face-tanking shots, or firing point-blank.
    *Instead they attack at a distance, making the enemy actually care about movement, their surroundings, taking out isolated targets*
    *Why not just spawn as an HA, and run at the enemy, with a Shield, and full-auto LMG*

    This is sarcasm, in case it wasn't clear.
    A full force of Infiltrator doesn't live.
    It's bad enough, they don't get much to do, past trying to kill people.
    They aren't durable enough to be up-front, past ambushes, their hack-options are very tiny, they only carry land-mines for explosives, past a crossbow, They don't have supplies for allies, They only do recon - which other classes can do with a crossbow.
    Their best tools, are anti-infantry; The HA is anti-everything tank.
    The LA, is capable of light-anti-vehicle.
    The Engineer, is a support class with a range of options.
    The Medic, is capable of supporting the entire area, and packs a decent AR.
    The MAX is a 450 Over-priced Gun-Turret, but it basically provides a more focused-Role HA.

    What else is the Infil meant to do, that it should be discouraged from the class being seen past Rare encounters?
    As Snipers, you're apparently seeing them, more than you'd like, but the 44 Heavy Assaults are fine, unlike the 5 Infils.
    Though I bet, if 5 MAXes spawned, they'd be praise, even if all they did pot-shot.
  18. TRspy007

    O? I thought it was complete non-sense and stupidity.

    ..... which is why most infil mains have like a 7 KDR.... You're right a class that has extreme long range kill potential and can also cloak -indefinitely in some cases- can't cloak, run and hide, or cloak and redeploy right? Yes, an infil going head-on against a heavy will probably die (and still, I've seen/done some pretty bizarre 1HTK shots up close), but the point is that they're not participating in the fight. They're in the spawn, the hills or somewhere away from the fight, just trolling.

    ...the whole point of the game? Besides, they can hack, stalk gens and points, do recon for friendlies (which most never do). They do more than a MAX. [/quote]

    I can shoot the 44 heavy assaults in the faces, MAXs are pathetic and basically useless without support, they die just as fast as regular infantry. The infils however (which nowadays make up most of the "fight(s)"), are usually sniping from insane ranges/spots, and can easily escape after landing a few shots on them. They are a huge pain, staying back and forcing guys to respawn to stop the backcap, trolling you while you're actually engaging normal classes, camping terminals (O the skill).

    The only way to really deal with these parasites is nuke an area or go chase them down until they redeploy/your friends cap the other base preventing a backcap.

    Although those idiot infils love this, it's really boring and pathetic. A huge waste of time.
  19. SteelMantis

    That's as believable as 70% of the server playing Infiltrator. Making up numbers doesn't help your argument.
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  20. LordKrelas

    An Infil main with 7KD.
    *And we have tankers with a 150KD, if we for contextless bits that mean little.*
    Hell, lets go with Heavy-Assaults with 19: they live in a zerg, and re-deploy before getting nailed.

    Infils, that cloak near-infinitely: Don't have Sniper rifles.
    The ones that do have Sniper rifles: Can't survive return-fire, and use the cloak to be able to ever fire twice.
    Why do you think the Infiltrator is as far away as possible? The further the distance, the harder the shot is to land.
    However, at that range, the enemy with Full-auto weaponry, isn't as likely to land a return-shot, nor sheer out DPS them.

    If you see a MAX, do you go face-first into it as a Medic, without even C-4?
    That infil on a hill, is shooting the enemy.
    It is deploying sensors, it is making the enemy need cover, limiting their movement.
    That Heavy-Assault just randomly running around aimlessly - is less useful.
    The enemy can't just vaporize that risk, without exposing themselves to the allies in the base, or reducing their presence.
    They could however, if it was an Heavy-Assault, as that HA is useless when not directly in their face.

    I don't know what Infil allies you have, but I assume you team-killed or insulted a grand deal of them enough, that they decided to not spam Sensor-Darts everywhere for once.
    As well; They can hack what? Terminals, people yell at them for? That people detonate with explosives?
    Stalk gens? You mean, praying people aren't bright? As an HA or MAX can do that. An infil relies on ambush at that range.

    Do Recon? You mean with the Sensor Darts? They try to.
    Likely not near someone calling for their deaths 24\7 though.

    You can shoot the 44 HA's in the face.
    Yes, they are that simple to deal with, they aren't anyway impactful or disruptive to any plans.
    MAXes require Engineers: That makes them exposed, and properly supported are powerful weapons.
    However, they aren't push-overs.
    That Infil, making you get out of the base, removes you as a threat to his allies, and makes you leave that safety.
    That infil can also kill the Medic or similar, without it being a Death-Trade.

    IE, that Infiltrator is doing better than any Heavy-Assault. It actually removed an enemy from play.
    Every single Light-Assault wishes they get that kind of result, when come in guns-blazing.
    And since they are killed faster, the result isn't as long-lasting.

    It's more of a waste of time, to run in straight-lines, against a Heavy-assault that can aim.
    It's also suicide to not be at long-range, when wielding a bolt-action: as unless they can't aim, that LMG will slaughter.
    The Infiltrator's combat-related role, is literally anti-infantry.
    Either by removing of the target(s) or disruption of enemy infantry;
    If you are hunting them down, you aren't assaulting allies in a defense or offensive position.
    Unlike LA's, they can't just nuke your Spawn-point with explosives - But they can strip down infantry.

    I think you might need to adjust to some tactics.
    As straight-line Grinder-pits, aren't all that is Effective combat.
    Or you might as well, throw every Engineer & Medic under the bus, for not being HA's.
    Infiltrators try to engage in combat, and try to use their very specific tools.
    One of which is a Bolt-action, that only works if you don't get gunned down by being inside LMG range.
    While SMGs, require some talent, to not be as productive as an HA that can't turn on their shield - nor aim properly.
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