How do you earn certs if you suck?

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  1. IshanDeston

    Drive around and repair turrets as engineer. You get about 0.5 to 1 cert per turret. Why the differance? Because you get an exp multiplyer the longer you stay in a region. So when you start out repairing the first turret in a big base, you are most likely getting no modifier, but after 10+ minutes you should be somewhere at +15 or +20%. Which of course increases your exp gain. 250 exp is one Certpoint.

    If you manage to find a big defense and focus on repairing turrets, or drive to the hindland and repair save emplacements on a big base, you can easily make 20 certs per hour.

    Option 3, is to follow big defenses and play an Engineer. Play ammunition runner. Zip around the place and wherever you see 5+ people shooting at something, drop them an ammo pack. Repair the MAX units that usually retreat when they are badly damaged and tanks if they retreat as well. But remember to repair from the side. Don't stay behind or infront of the tank to repair it.

    Also an option is to get the Ammunition Cert for the Sunderer and follow the a large Tank column. You can combine that with the driving around option and following the offenses of your faction. When there are 3-4 tanks that are fighting anything, you can easily make a bunch of exp for resupplying them. But its not risk free. Sunderer are a big target and they give alot juicy exp.

    But honestly, all 3 options are sub optimal. You should get twice that amount if you do something fun. If you look for people with VOIP, that organize themselves, you should be able to get kills and assists, as well as healing exp or resupplying exp, with a nice juicy Squad Exp bonus. An Organized squad makes at least twice as much certs as the above mentioned 20 certs per hour.

    It does. At least the stockweapons do only give 1.
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  2. MistaN

    Maybe I'm mistaken? It's 1 cert for the 1st 10 kills?
  3. badname02

    Yeah that's why I did very well as a vanu heavy... Their starter machine gun >> all. Even snipers at medium-long range. Fire burst of 5-6 bullets at the head, no bullet drop = by the time sniper notices 1rst bullet the rest will have hit as well -> profit.
  4. Tooks

    1. Login, recieve passive certs
    2. Log off
    3. Weep for 24 hours
    4. Repeat
  5. Timeraider

    Become an Infiltrator, nothing better to get your K/D above 1 then to headshot AFK people :D
  6. Elbryan

    Play support roles.

    Medic doesn't need to kill the enemy. Revive your teammates and keep them in good health.

    Jump in Sundies and MBTs as engineer. Keep the vehicles in good repairs and supply your teammates with ammo.

    Both roles require very little FPS skill and award you with good amount of exp/certs.
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  7. DCWarHound

    Kill stuff,1cert for every 3kills.

    Try buying a few things that can increase your cert income,join an outfit and a squad and buy ams and ammo upgrade for the sundy.Park it near a good spot and deploy then go medic and help your team push.Medics have the best medium-long range weapons and they can heal/revive teammates.
  8. Terrahero

    Support in big battles are pretty solid, and much less risky then all those people popping their heads over ridges just to get em blown off.
    run around dropping ammo packs, if there are a lot of people there you will get quite a lot of xp from the resupply bonus, which is 10 (before counting boosts) every time. In such a large fight its not hard to imagine that a few ammo packs all over the place (they last a limited amount of time) will see a lot of action from hungry soldiers looking to fill their ammo-hunger.
  9. anaverageguy

    Engineer ammo pack is the way to go. Following the zerg as others suggested as engineer, dropping an ammo pack (+10 exp per resupply!) repairing vehicles / MAXes, shooting your own gun.. it adds up pretty quickly.

    That or medic, but I don't have much experience as one, so..

    Or have someone teach you easy maneuvers? There's more than just standing around or strafing left right while shooting.. If you're NC by any chance, you may have to experiment a bit more with the guns, but they're still very effective.
  10. Monnor

    Focus on supporting, always have a sunderer ready, throw ammo on everyone, repair everything, play medic help your mates up if they fall. Or hack everything inside a base you attack.
  11. Rue

    My tip is to spend some time with another, more intense shooter. During beta, I bemoaned my dreadful twitch & aiming skills. I was recommended Blacklight: Retribution (some say this is terrible; I have no benchmark). That's helped tremendously, because you're essentially dropped in a small box with 31 other people and you are always in combat.

    Irrespective of the game, the principle stands - PS2 is a great game, but it doesn't actually help FPS noobs or incompetents improve that quickly - simply because there's not that much CQB. Does that make sense?

    You've been given plenty of good advice above - I'm just assuming that you want to get better at infantry combat. If it's just certs your after, support roles will see you through very nicely. Personally, I've found the most intense fighting around Esamir's one and only tech plant - try hanging out there, whether on attack or defence.
  12. Tooks

    Playing lots of PS2 does help you improve your survivability because you learn to do less stupid things. When I first joined PS2 i'd die all the time because I was pretty new to online FPS. Now a week later, I still die but not nearly as often because I've learnt to player it a bit safer etc. My aims also improved as I now get more kills than I did last week. That or the enemies i've come across are just worse then I was up against last week.
  13. Rue

    I partially agree. Not standing still in the open. Using cover (such as it is) sensibly. Not respawning endlessly at a base that's being capped. Fire and movement and such. However, for the actually bangy-bangy at close quarters thang, I still maintain that an arena shooter will improve skills faster, because that's what they're about.
  14. Tooks

    Oh im not arguing that fact. I'm sure players who live in arenas have much better aiming than those who dont and its ideally an area to hone your skills. I was just trying to get past the "you'll never get better by just playin this game" pov as thats not true.
  15. poezie

    +1 to joining an outfit, go for one that can form a platoon with ease (bigger one that is), you will find a role there plus, and this is a big plus, in an outfit formed platoon the leader is usually an experienced beta player that knows his way around the map and has the squad leaders that can also feed him info on the map and come up with suggestions to where to fight and where to bail, don't look for easy fights but also getting into fights where you can be farmed should be avoided, picking the right fight is a great way to get certs in PS2 and having people to play/coordinate with and in a group where you can find a role dependent on your skill/FPS (yes FPS too as this is PS2 and at 10 frames you cant hit shait most of the times- tip here: get HA, spray no scoped in cqc, with luck you might get a kill at any fps or change the .ini file to mostly 0 values to get more of those delicious frames, game will look like a bad 80s B movie tho :p).
    So get yourself into an outfit, coordinate, pick a support class if you cant aim or HA for its spraying prowess and just enjoy the game, forget about certs, XP, BR and all that BS, if you never look at the cert counter you'll never fell like missing out on them :).
    my 2 cents.
  16. IshanDeston

    For what it is worth, i don't suggest medic. Yes, you get 75 exp per rezz and 15ish exp per heal tick, but you have to be in the line of fire. Not frontline, but right behind it. You can piss a lot of people off if you keep rezzing them when its not save. Also, unless we talk a big defense, you are better off as Engineer. In a smaller group that goes around to cap, and make sure the zerg isn't cut off by defending smaller outposts and the like, you barely get exp as Medic. (from your Medic duties)

    There is the occassional dead, but in general you make your exp from killing stuff in that situation.

    I don't suggest picking up Medic when you have a problem defending yourself. You'll be ending up face first in the dirt alot. Worse yet... people end up face first in the dirt because they think you have them covered. And you really can't do anything unless people are hurt. It gets better when you invest into other stuff, but in general you are there to heal, besides a Squad really only needs 2 Medics. Any more and you start to harm your own exp gain. Engineers on the other hand.. there is always some damage to be found. And in theory you can supply each other.

    You don't get exp as Medic if someone died through Friendly Fire or rather Friendly damage. If someone jumps from a roof and is badly hurt, you don't get exp for healing them. If they die, you don't get exp for rezzing them.
  17. SirBurning

    Filthy boosters should be IP banned forever...
    Lame, if anybody whould ever say ,no we are doing this faction. I'd report and shoot you both. As many times as needed...
    That you even suggest this is disgusting..
  18. Akrasjel

    You can also kill stuff in a MBT that can give a bit of certs too
  19. Rothnang

    Play as a medic and just rez people, drive a Sunderer, play as an Engineer and focus on repairing...

    Keep in mind though, certs will not get your KDR up. A highly certed class or vehicle is nice to have, but it doesn't really help you if you're not already playing at the margins where 5% more health or 7.5% less barrel climb would have made a difference.

    The biggest piece of advice I can give is to simply practice getting better at shooters. If you really want to get better maybe upload a video of you playing. With some luck you're just making some easily avoidable mistakes that people can point out to you. I've encountered this several times while trying to teach someone something that all it took was pointing out that one little detail they were doing wrong and they instantly improved by leaps and bounds, while suffering huge frustration before simply because they never had anyone watch them do it out of embarrassment and didn't catch a critical error.
  20. Disrespecting

    I'm going to try to help you as much as i can, This is from one sucky player to another, because i consider myself to be horrible at shooters, the last shooter i played properly was goldeneye on the Nintendo 64, and I mostly play MMO's needless to say My aim is horrid.

    I was dying about 3 times for every kill i got, and heres how i got out of it.

    1# - First of all, vehicles, they are so important - If you can't win in gun to gun combat, try tanks for example, each faction has 2, also for 1 cert, you can lower the acquisition time on both of them!
    You'll primarily be picking of infantry, and fighting other tanks - Don't rush into a hotzone where battle is raging, but stay AROUND it, picking off the strays, prioritize heavy's and tanks, and avoid ESF's ( Air attacks ) over time your aiming in a tank will improve as It's much easier hitting other tanks and AOEing infantry then it is fighting gun to gun.

    2# - Play medics and engineers, medics get quite a lot of XP healing, but where the real gold is is Engineers, stay near the front lines but always stay behind cover, supply the zerg you're with with ammo - Everytime someone uses your ammo thingy you'll get 10 XP, in a zerg this adds up extremely quickly and will double your cert gain if done well, not to mention you can take podshots from a far distance as much as you want - As you can never run out of ammo!

    3# - This is probably the most important - Browse the forums and join an Outfit
    Where i suck in battle with the zerg or solo, together with my outfit I've done some great things, I learned what guns to use, and often am able to get 5-6 kills per death, which to me is amazing as i suck - They let me drive Sunderers which give me XP when people use it when It's deployed ( Deploying is a Cert you need to get, 50 certs to be precise ) though It's very little, if your sunderer becomes a hotspot, again it adds up.

    4# - Never play for certs, It'll make the game less fun, play it as you would any other shooter and enjoy it, If you are not enjoying it and playing solely for certs, It's better to find another game, this one is not for you! :<

    For all of us who are terrible at shooters, trust me, there are ways to play and be effective! Just don't give up yet, try your hardest and find what you like best, and over time here and there you will get into more infantry fights naturally when your vehicles blow up or your squad calls you out, and you'll become more comfortable aiming, don't stress out! Staying calm is one of the most vital things you need to do to aim properly, the nerves will leave you eventually.

    I really hope this helped!
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