How do you earn certs if you suck?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Weylin, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. DCWarHound

    There is almost no difference from someone paying real money to buy a weapon and someone boosting certs to get that weapon,if you couldn't buy weapons and game changing things then it would be another story.
  2. Eric Smith

    I just did this tonight, actually. Fixed up all the turrets and generators at two Amp Stations. Over the course of the 2 hours I averaged 7000 XP/Hour, or 28 Certs per Hour. The nice thing about this is that I can do it brainlessly so I can watch TV while I'm whittling away at it - except for the two times I came across a sniper (the first I killed, the second killed me, have no idea why they were there because both Amp Stations were well behind our lines. Probably were just there to drop the Gens for the XP you get - about 250 XP per Gen you drop, 5 Gens plus the SCU yields you about 1500 XP at an empty Amp Station).
  3. IshanDeston

    Add in hacking each terminal and turret, and the occasional Engineer :)
  4. Eric Smith

    Ahh, yeah, forgot about hacking the terminals. Still, the XP isn't really that much for the amount of running around you have to do. The Turret Repair on an Amp Station yields a much higher return on time wasted.
  5. Katzura

    you don't need kills to earn certs, just make sure to capture points, heal/repair and don't lead the charge :D and the most important, have fun!
  6. Onizuka-GTO

    how to stop sucking? Don't suck then, BLOW!!!



    Seriousness, i fall into this category, i just role as a Driver, Engineer and Medic.

    I just drive/fly about in a Sunderer and Liberator, when i have to get out, i run about repairing stuff.

    When fighting gets tight, i run out and heal people.

    It's pretty simple and this means i can spend as little certs as possible on my infantry weapons and every last one on my lovely vehicles. :)

    It works and while there are still problems regarding sharing XP gain between the kills your passenger/crew makes, Engineer and Medics really helps to pull me though.

    You should really consider getting a AMS spawning sunderer, this will help out your baseline gain and all you have to do is sit in it during the heaviest of fighting and reap the XP! :D
  7. AlesTwo

    Top easiest ways of getting XP:
    1. Hammer the Q button: every spotted and then killed enemy grants you 10 XP
    2. Play an Engineer and stay out of fights: repairing grants 5 XP/s, dropping ammunition grants 10 XP/reload
    3. Play a Medic and avoid gunfire: healing grants 10xp/s and reviving grants 80 XP/player
    4. Get inside a MAX armed with 2 anti-air flaks, then fire at everything red at the sky (not the sun!!). Even if you don't kill much, you still get a lot of assists and everyone will love you for scaring away those pesky aircrafts.
    5. Get a Liberator, find a good pilot then mount the lower guns with the anti-infantry weapon. All you need to do is to aim them in the general direction of red stuff and fire away, the huge splash damage will give you at least a lot of assists.
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  8. Hetzau

    Far as I know. And then it increases as you get further medals I believe.
  9. JonboyX

    I take it you've tried joining an outfit as a support player?
    They'll love you. You get some xp out of keeping them alive.
    Buy Sundy. Buy Engi + Medic stuff to make you faster at healing/repairing.

    Plus; buy some grenades.
  10. Losty

    Well if your character is called Deathrus too, you are actually getting 22 certs/hour.
  11. Cavadus

    Don't listen to this. Cert gain from AA is abysmal since ESFs can just afterburn and escape. And the bursters totally blow nuts. You're way better off going HA and picking up the G2A missile launcher. 2-3 rockets will take down an ESF and it's fire-and-forget but even then ESFs will just pop chaff and/or afterburn once they see lock-on so if you're operating alone you won't get many kills.

    All in all AA is the worst way to earn CP.

    I'd recommend going medic and just reviving people. Don't spec into healing because the faster you heal the less XP you'll get but you'll earn like 80+ XP per revive. You'll never have to fire a shot.

    When I want to farm XP I just roll combat medic and revive. Probably the only thing that earns XP more quickly is farming with rockets on an ESF but I'm a ground pounder.
  12. zijin_cheng

    I sucked pretty bad, my KD was 0.2. The best way to get certs without fighting is to redeploy. Look for enemy places being attacked by your faction, and spawn there. When the place is captured, you'll get 250/500/1000xp depending on the place. Then redeploy some other place being captured. I got 30 certs in 10 minutes just doing that. Its kinda cheap, I only did that because there's no way to refund something you accidentally bought.
  13. maxkeiser

    Play as medic or engineer. You don't even need to kill people. Engineers can make loads of points just repairing turrets - a VITAL activity as with turrets a base is much easier to defend.

    Specialise as a repairing engineer and you'll be the most popular person in your outfit/squad!
  14. Solafide

    First of all, KD means nothing, don't worry about that wil get better, the learning curve is steep, but short...Try medic, engineer...and my best advice is:
    Spawn vehicles, tanks..if you die, and you will, wait till respawn is up and do it again, you will gain certs and exp, and that will take you past the point you need to be, you'll do fine..keep going..Good luck...
  15. Solafide

    great advice..take your first certs and upgrade your repair tool, great exp..and drop ammo packs when people are shooting..
  16. Superdano

    I didn't know people had such a hard time killing people in this game:( I wouldn't fly around much, unless you want to be an a2a noob with lock on rockets. I think you would be better buying the sunderer cert, and always deploy a sunderer for your squad mates. Also, cert into the ammo giving cert to gain more xp. You get points everytime someone spawns at your sunderer, and it will help you and your team in the long run. Try to avoid 1v1 encounters by joining a squad or platoon, and support with medic or engineer.
  17. Deathrus

  18. Azurewind

    Don't say you can't get better. Just a few days ago I felt the same way. I'm decent at FPSes, but I would consistently get my *** handed to me.

    If it's your KDR that you're concerned about (and you really shouldn't be in this game), the more you play, the more you'll start to be situationally aware enough to subconsciously step back and make better choices. You'll start finding ways to stay alive by being familiar with the base layouts and the terrain.

    With the type of game it is, it's very easy to keep banging your head against the wall doing the same thing over and over again for 20-30 minutes, without realizing that you haven't actually gotten 1 kill or any meaningful experience gains.

    Don't fall into that. If you die 3-4 times in a row without effect, have the presence of mind to switch it up, look at the map, see what's going on. Healing and reviving is a great fallback focus if you know where to put yourself in a large battle, so you're perfectly on track with that.

    As for improving your ability to kill (if you're interested, but again, shouldn't necessarily be a top priority). Personally I feel like the most important key to improving your sheer combat performance in this particular game is not your twitch skill. You could be the most precisely aimed player, but that plays a marginal part, especially in massive base battles.

    Without throwing any arbitrary percentages out, I'd say the biggest factor in getting multiple kills is easily your positioning and your ability to find deceptive ways to get behind or even WITHIN their ranks.

    There's a bunch of ways to get this done, most come from forcing yourself to break the mold and really explore the map. For instance, if you're defending a Tech Plant where everything is surrounded by ground, head up to the roof (where the turrets are) and check out the ledges below. There are TONS of small, almost tiny ledges and footholds that you can safely drop from one to the next.

    If you explore enough, you'll find tons of small alcoves and places up there where you can get an almost perfect firing line on the entire enemy zerg sitting outside those two small doorways. If you're light assault, you can even drop down to ground level safely within their ranks and start tearing people apart.

    On that last note, don't be afraid to wade straight into a massive pack of enemies from behind, should the opportunity present itself. When you do it for the first time, you'll be shocked to the tune of yourself saying "How am I not dead yet?". With 50-60 people sometimes camping the chokepoints, nobody expects one random Light Assault to be milling about inside the ranks. Even if they do see you, they'll inevitably have to fire on their 50+ other friendly troops buzzing around obliviously just to hit you. Open up on everyone, toss a grenade and spree it up until you die.

    If you can manage getting that far behind them, try to be even more productive and go after their Sunderer. Throw some C4 (once you have the certs that is) on that badboy and let 'er rip. Be annoying, be adaptive, but be decisive.

    Some of the best things can happen when you force yourself to try and get into crazy positions.

    Most of all though, GET INTO AN OUTFIT. Seriously, it helps not only to add organization and practicality to your gameplay, but also to have real people to discuss weapons/loadouts and reccomended strategies. I don't know how I would figure out where to spend my certs if it weren't for bouncing ideas off of several other outfit mates.

    Wow this ended up long. I hope at least some of that helped!
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  19. ATwit

    My beef with this game is that certain classes earn certs faster than other classes due to how the certs are earned. Medic and engie are great for a little bit of certs earned over time whereas the HA class is great for the certs earned through kills. If you're fortunate to get into a vehicle, then the #2 position in a liberator is great as well. You'll notice that no one will recommend that you go as LA or Infiltrator to earn those certs. Too many people are playing for certs rather than developing strategies based on the game objectives.
  20. Naburimannu

    Random thing I learned last night: an infiltrator unhacking turrets gains XP faster than an engineer repairing them.
    Wasn't enough to save the amp station, unfortunately.

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