How do you earn certs if you suck?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Weylin, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Weylin

    I am so awful at this game. Full day of playing and what do I have to show for it? 40 certs.

    What am I supposed to do? I can't really get better, there's been no sign of combat performance improving over several weeks, still the same old 0.4 KDR, terrible aim, always up against players who can pull off several headshots in a row...

    I was thinking of certing into the ESF and dumbfires since that is the only vehicle I can seem to last any amount of time in.
    Right now I just focus entirely on reviving and healing, that's about all I can manage :p
  2. Yeo-Yin

    You also can use engineer, go to safe area (base took and far from the battle) and repair everything (towers mainly). First thing, you'll get exp + when the battle will move to this base your faction will have a clean and fully usable base.

    You also can zerg : stay with other, even in the sunderer and wait.
    An other way : u and an other engineer put re-ammo pack on the ground then each of you take the pistol, shoot once at the roof, reload, shoot once re-ammo etc.Each time you (and he) will get 10exp, or more if you are in an area which belongs to your faction (and you should be there to do that lol).

    An other way, a bit less "legal" is to have a friend in an other faction on the same server. Then, you manage to take him in one of your base (explain to your faction what you are doing otherwise your friend will be kill) and then say to him to make a generator unstable. Just after, you stabilize the generator, then he make it unstable and so on. Each "revert" will give 100 exp.

    My english is poor cause i am french, no troll on that please.
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  3. KaMiKaZePiG

    If you have friends, manning a Liberator is pretty a pretty fool proof way to rake in some good certs. ;)
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  4. h4stur

    Join a platoon that follows the zerg and heal & revive your team mates as a combat medic. An anti air MAX is also an easy way to rack up certs. Or a repairing, ammo supplying engineer, in combination with a Sunderer, while defending a base, is a great way to mob up certs. With all three options you can easily make 4k exp per hour.
  5. Deathrus

    make friends with a max heal and give ammo. Put a sunderer in the right spot during a battle and go engineer with a max friend.

    Learnt o play better. I usually get 100 certs an hour I also uses boosts though Alpha and members.
  6. FPSgamer

    Join TR, pray and spray = certs

    High ROF = more bullets down range, more xp for assists.
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  7. Lord Gentlecrab

    2 words. Station Cash.
  8. d1spatch

    I would recommend getting the upgrade for the sunderer that allows you to deploy it as a spawn point. You get 2-3xp every time someone spawns, and if you put it in a good spot (which is part of the fun finding good spots to attack) then a lot of people will spawn on it.

    Once you do that, either go engineer or medic and repair your sunderer, max units, and give out ammo, or go medic and heal/revive people around the sunderer.
  9. DeadlyShoe

    Yes, try engineer, feed ammo and repairs to maxes in large fights. You can look for liberators etc. looking for gunners at warpgates ofc. If you join an outfit you can find a support role even if infantry combat isn't your thing.

    If you are clever you can also find some good placement spots for MANA turrets. High areas on railings are usually pretty good.
  10. ExarRazor

    play as a medic during any tech plant assault

    you'l eb RACKING up the exp from revives
  11. Morro

  12. Raka Maru

    I can fall into this category right now because of my bad FPS as well as the fact that I was never a twitch gamer. PS1 was still very fascinating to me, as I could do damage with strategy and support. PS2 is growing up to be like its older brother and although far from being refined, has the potential for greatness.

    I was able to find my place in the support role (see videos in sig). Until they make the infiltraitor more robust, I'm doing well enough as an engineer.
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  13. Cevera

    Being a Liberator gunner is probably a good way.
    My gunner gets 60-80 certs/h usually (without boosts)

    And it doesnt really take much skill. Even easier with nightvision :)
  14. Sturmhardt

    Buy rocket pods ;)

    No seriously, support roles are cool for that, ride with the zerg and support your empire :)
  15. MistaN

    A pretty quick way to get some 'fast' certs is to get 10 kills with each weapons. 10 kills gives you a Bronze Medal for that weapon and you get 10 certs along with it. The more weapons you try, the faster you get those 10 certs.
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  16. Sparks

    Well if you're not so good at the FPS aspect you'll earn certs at a much slower rate but here's a few hints:

    • Hang back from the fight a bit and heal/revive as a medic.
    • Hang back from the fight a bit drop ammo boxes and repair maxes as an engineer.
    • Get the AMS cert for the sunderer and deploy it near an active fight.
    • If you can afford to you can buy a membership that increases the xp and passive cert gain
    • Also gunning for a liberator with a proper loadout (Dalton/Zephyr) can make you rake in xp fast when the situation is there for it.
    • Make sure you are inside a hex when a cap is about to go through, if you're there when the base flips you get 1100xp just for showing up in the hex at the last minute so watch the map actively and see if you can get there in time for the xp.
    • Man AA turrets (don't believe the hype that they suck, Zurvan especially allows you to farm planes like no tomorrow even more fun when it's enemy owned and you go as infil to hack it and use it against them)
    Overall getting kills will always be the fastest way of earning certs tho.
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  17. Thorlord

    That won't make him any better at the game. It would let him play with different toys though.

    What he needs to do is join an outfit that has the time and patience to play with him and show him how to get better at the game.
  18. Zodical

    What helped me in battlefield to get better, was watching the videos of some good youtubers. I can recommand you the channel of rivalxfactor and Lvlcap. They are both really good players and they're bringing out videos and tutorials for planetside 2, too. They always drop some good tipps and tricks. By the way rivalxfactor produced the official planetside 2 tutorials. Enjoy and get better :)
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  19. NorthPlum

    It might be slow, but you can help your team cap the points, and I think you get 4 certs straight off the bat after a cap.
  20. Hetzau

    I thought the first medal only gave you 1 cert
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