Heavies very overpowered.

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Malael, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Hashi

    You had the drop on him with a shotgun? and he was able to initiate his shield all the while aim at you and kill you? God, if you can't even kill someone in close quarters even with a shotgun, just leave.
  2. Rune Scorpio

    The drop being he was trying to shoot my tank with rockets. So he had to swap weapons. His shield was already active and absorbed 3 shots alone.
  3. Hashi

    How close was he ? shotguns are horrid at range unless you have slugs and honestly, it's all a matter of skill at that point. I find that Heavies are just as easy to kill as any other class. I mean, if you're medic you're supposed to heal while in a firefight so you can stay alive longer, as a heavy you are supposed to turn on the shield so you can take more damage, as an infiltrator you should go invisible and relocate, and finally as a light assault you should jump jet away. They all have ways of different combat and you have to deal with them all differently. Just learn to kill them in other ways (shotguns are horrible for anything other than a biolab)
  4. Rune Scorpio

    OH I know. I can outline people sometimes at 10 feet and not hit them. It was at 10 feet, but the thing was I had hit markers every time. Either way, if you go up against with other guns they still come out on top for an even fight. They can afford to miss shots since they have a higher ammo capacity. They have an extra shield. They also have the noob tube to pick things off at range.
    If the shield gave a huge flak/explosive resist I would be happy, since it falls into the anti armor role that class is supposed to be in. That it lets them shrug off a load of lead is a little off. It essentially transforms the rear supporting class into a do it all since it can rotate from the rear and be in the front line of an assault with its invulnerability shield.
  5. Hashi

    don't get me wrong, I completely understand your frustration, and at times, I also think that they're a little too good. The way I see it though, they have almost no other bonuses than killing things though. The engineer can rack up points and has access to unlimited ammo (including mines and betties!), the medic is awesome with the medic tool and passive healing, the light assault is great at jumping points and getting a tactical advantage above the enemy, and the infiltrator can HACK enemy turrets and terminals. All the HA can do is kill stuff and if you took K/D out of the game... what would be its use? Killing stuff. You've got to think of this game as something above your generic shooter. You don't end a round and look at how you did that one game and reflect on your K/D. You wage war against other factions in a never ending battle where if you die, you better spawn back because you may be that one guy who saves your faction from a continent lock. Trust me, I know it seems unbalanced, but I think it is. You're still free to your opinion though.
  6. Rune Scorpio

    Its use is to negate armor and jets with rockets. Not just "kill stuff". Every class has a role to fill, all of which are capable of killing things. The heavy assault was meant to counter the abundance of armor that this game allows for. Support gunner roles typically sit in the rear and lay down a barrage of bullets covering the infantry advance and use rockets to counter armor. Why does it also have a shield to kick the door with? Essentially it means that you see large army advances of %70 HA with others mixed in for position taking and ammo/heals. Feels cheap for game design and kinda lame.
  7. Frosty The Pyro

    honestly i find HA easier to kill than other clases when all else is equal, my rifle as a engie or medic is much more acurate than their lmg, at least past the first shot (first shot is acurate for everyone), so baring poor fortune once acuracy is considered I kill them faster than they kill me in a strait up gunfight even with oversheilds. often similar in the reverse (of course I am using the stock NC LMG on my HA, which I have been told is the worst LMG due to poor acuracy)
  8. Shockwave44

    You intentionally forgot to mention going up against a max. You think an infiltrator is going to run into a room where they know a max is waiting? No, its not his job, its either another max or a heavy. Without the shield, the heavy wouldn't even make it in the door. Not all classes are supposed to be equal when 1v1, get over it. Infiltrators aren't supposed to go up against a max, engineers are not supposed to go up against a heavy, it does happen but don't be surprised if you lose. The only reason you are here is because you lost one battle with a heavy. Either get smarter, better or run away, those are your only options.
  9. Rune Scorpio

    I play medic/engie and intentionally charge max suits. That's why I carry a shotgun. 1 clip to a max at point blank is a dead max. Most max players are too slow to swing a punch so I mostly win those little encounters. But yes the heavy is great for max suits. They have a handy rocket launcher for just such an occasion. Like I have been saying they are meant to counter armor. Having a second shield that affects every single fight especially gunfights still seems like an odd choice for any class.
  10. TheBloodEagle

    Let's take HA out of the game. After that, I'm sure we will all find out what other class is OP then take them out too. Continue the process until there's only one super balanced class.

    Sorry I had to resort to sarcasm but come on.
  11. Shockwave44

    It's not just any class. That's why they call them heavies, otherwise they would just be light assault with no jet pack.

    Since you say it, then it must be true. I'm sorry is there a manual somewhere that says this, I didn't see it.

    Let me get this straight, you're not afraid of a max but you are afraid of the HA?

    I think I figured it out. You think just because you can charge max suits and get away with it, you should be able to charge heavies as well. You want to bend the game in your favor because you believe you should be able to kill a HA. Sorry, it doesn't work that way. You really hate the fact that you can't take on every class, don't you. The medic is not a one-man-army, if anything, that's the HA's job. So my question is, instead of complaining to remove a vital piece of equipment, why aren't you just playing HA?
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  12. Hashi

    I normally don't see that though. I see tons of engineers and medics some heavies and the odd infiltrator here and there

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