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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by dreyone, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. dreyone

    crashing left and right, triggering system-wide kernel panic forcing entire machine to be rebooted, 10-30 second delay between pressing a key and the action actually happening while there is nothing wrong with my internet connection, etc.

    Ive played the game since 2014 on the exact same hardware and with a high speed broadband internet connection. Never before has the game been so thoroughly broken and unplayable.

    Earlier today I tried to log in and the game IMMEDIATELY crashed as soon as I spawned in the warpgate. I tried to ctrl + alt + delete and i couldnt get back to the desktop. It hung the entire system. I had to hard-reboot reboot the entire system which also caused many background processes to be terminated in an unsafe way and could have potentially damaged my filesystem!

    Then, after I log back in (and spawn in the middle of a chinese/korean cancer fest with players on my team actively teamkilling me and giving away my position to the enemy team over teamspeak, no less), the game is so glitchy its completely unplayable!

    I press the cloak button in an infil and i have to wait 30 seconds for the cloak to activate! I fire a round at someone and I have to wait 5 seconds for the round to fire, and half the time it travels THROUGH THEIR BODY without doing any damage!

    WTF is this?

    This game is so broken now its not even funny. If this doesnt get fixed im just not even gonna log in anymore. **** this ****
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  2. FateJH

    That's making it play out like an issue with your CPU or your memory, especially that last sentence about the delay between button presses and responses. I know back in 2013 when I tried to use a very low-specs dual-core processor, the game was struggling just to perform all the basics within the given time and that was bogging everything in the game down. If activities that are not related to networking such as local bullet impacts, the delay between switching between ADS and hipfire, etc., are taking a long time, it's a sign that your computer is struggling to deal with all of the demands of the game.

    Anyway, for the former, and your graphics card including, make certain the appropriate minimum requirements are met. For the latter, please use a utility to check your RAM. You may even want to do an independent RAM check on your graphics card.
  3. dreyone

    Yes my Intel core i7 4930k 6-core processor, the same processor that I've been playing this game with since 2014, is struggling to handle the game running with lower graphics quality than it did back in 2014.

    I'm also fairly sure that my graphics card, a GTX-780 that I've been running literally every game installed on my PC on maxed settings with 60 fps (including Planetside 2) for ~5 years is not the problem.

    I also highly doubt that the 16 GB of ram that I have installed and have been playing this game with since 2014 are somehow no longer sufficient to run the game unless the developers made a massive bug that causes the game to leak enough memory to eat up all 16 of those gigs

    My ping time was 10-30ms the entire time.

    The game is broken. Period
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  4. dreyone

    I reckon server's are probably just buckling under the load of all the korean and chinese cancer zergers. r.i.p planetside 2. way to go daybreak
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  5. FateJH

    I'm not asking you whether your equipment is outdated; I'm asking whether your equipment is operating correctly. This is especially geared towards the RAM since those can have problems that won't always be obvious and don't have to be "completely stop working" kind of problems. RAM approaching failure conditions can look software issues. Losing one stick isn't necessarily going to be an issue until your computer tries to use that one.

    If you don't want to attempt troubleshooting and the potential to improve your game functionality at all, I'll leave you to your squalor.
  6. PlanetBound

    Sounds like your computer and not the game. No offense intended but thousands of people are playing every day without your issues.
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  7. Tankalishious

    Im with the others here, this sounds like a computer problem. Server issues hit EVERYONE, and if it was the case, twitter/facebook/reddit/forums would be flooded with threads akd posts.
  8. dreyone

    yup whenever daybreak break the game (daybroke it, heh) you get their apologist fanboys all immediately jumping in the thread and blaming the player. Yup, its your computers fault, its your fault daybreak daybroke the game. It doesnt matter if it worked for for 3 years running the same hardware and same software. It doesnt matter if the issues just happen to coincide with game updates. Its definitely 100% your fault and daybreak are relieves of all responsibility! Yay!
  9. Tankalishious

    NO experiencing the problem you have. If it was a server/carrier issue, everyone would be hit by the same problem!

    I mean, holy crap dude! Apparently its not your fault others beat you in the air game. And apparently its got nothing to do with your computer or carrier that the game has a 30sec lagtime, WHEN NO ONE ELSE. has these problems.

    Do we see a denial pattern here? I think so
  10. FLHuk

    2009 AMD 955BE, working fine.

    Yes, VERY low settings but works.....

    Sorry, plus one to check your kit!
  11. dreyone

    lol look at tank go with his illiterate tirades. this dude is so 12 its painful
  12. FLHuk

    An interesting way to sort your issue out but personal attacks aside....

    What logical fault finding steps have you taken to narrow down the possible problem areas?

    • A second PC/Laptop running the game through your router? Same issue / Not same issue.
    • Same issue - Focus on router side
    • Not same issue - Focus on PC side
    From there you can move either towards your culprit of choice or towards the more likely area of fault.

    I'm the same as you. I've played on the same kit since December 2012 and I've seen some dire periods of game play. Always sorted out but NEVER as bad as you seem to have.

    I have however been through a few different UK ISPs in that time and the results are staggeringly different and effect gameplay massively.

    Recently BT (yuk) do give me 30sec drop outs when a month back Sky (yuk) did not! (Going through this with BT who seem to think it's the Seagulls that sit on the roof of the house three streets over smoking B&H on a Tuesday)

    My game used to insta-crash to desktop (like, from one display frame to another). If it wasn't for my friend who I was on Skype with, I would have probably questioned whether I was indeed playing, or just imagined doing so.

    However, that was like 2-3 years ago, and I've never ever experienced a game crash since those times. And I don't know any for whom it did. It's likely your machine or system that's broken.
  14. Icehole1999

    I'm experiencing the same things. I have bonded dsl with 19 mb/s speeds, less than 20 ms ping. Playing on PS4.

    Lag stutter on the weekend when the servers are high pop is unreal. It really does make the game hard to play. I can be moving fine one minute, then I'll see it: Players start running across the sky. Vehicles start sliding all over. Controller input goes out the window. I lost more 1v1s yesterday than I can count.

    Then the game comes out of it and it's fine. For a while. Then all stuttery again. When it gets bad I find a turret to gun.
  15. DDShadow

    chances are it sounds like it could be cpu fan or video card fan issues, i'd see if they are even moving, i had a cpu fan go on me and it had very similar issues, slowness / locking up / crashing, its even worst when you smoke or have carpet around the pc, unless you maintain your system every couple months . i'd say that is the main culprit. or it could be a virus
  16. FLHuk

    Can I ask, during these periods of insanity what's the ping? Stable low or all over the shop?

    For me on my PC your example is very similar to my new found ISPs interpretation of a large stable DSL line!

    I can normally recreate this "stunning" experience by entering large fights. A month ago on a different ISP with similar specs it was fine....

    Wish I could get something similar to my 1998>2001 Sinlge ISDN line as it was iron stable!
  17. Icehole1999


    I haven't checked during a fight. Today's Sunday so theoretically we should see big engagements. I'll do a speed test on my laptop when it starts happening. What I have noticed is this:

    Weekdays I'm fine. I can drop into 24-48 vs 24-48 battles with no problem and also esf around to outlying areas and take them. I've only seen one time there was a 48-96 fight during the week and I didn't have any issues.

    Friday night to Sunday night can go either way. Double point weekend tho forget it. Which sucks, because that's when I really want to be on but have the worst experience.

    Which leads me to believe it's server population.
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  18. Daigons

    Honestly it sounds like your system. Since you don't seem to give a hoot with trying to figure out what's wrong with your system, just wipe your system and start fresh with new drivers. Just hope it's not a bad or under powered power supply.
  19. DeadlyOmen

    I bet this person is a joy to listen to in game.
  20. Zavatun

    It sound as though your computer and graphics card are decent enough. The only times the game has ever glitched for me, which isn't often, is when there's been a local glitch with the internet and speeds drop right down or it cuts out completely, usually due to weather conditions around here. I'm on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand, which is a long way from any major cities, with a big mountain chain between me and them. I'm using an ASUS ROG G750JS laptop which has a GTX870M graphics card, and 99% of the time the game runs smoothly with no lag at all. If your computer is ok, its got to be down to your local internet speed when you're having the problems. Hope you can get it sorted somehow.

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