game broken and unplayable

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by dreyone, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. 1nco

    Yup I agree, this thing is a pile a steamy coils right now, cloaking takes like 10 seconds, landmines go off after like 15 seconds after someone ran over it, what is this lagged out garbage??? Remind me wtf I am paying for, every update something gets worse. And its not my rig either lol. 100mb fiber optic, i7 hexacore, 32 gigs of ram, 1080ti, nvme 1tb 3500 write, 1tb normal ssd.
    PLEAS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD fix my favorite game soon or I am done with this steaming pile of issues for good. I give it like 30 days and if its not done Daybreak never sees another dime outta me.
    I am a computer tech and have been for 25 years so yeah, totally not the issue. Game is (*^&*&^%(& broken flat out.

    your computer is overheating
  3. CaptCran

    Yesterday I started a thread saying, "See you Jun 1st! I'll give you guys a month to get the game back up and running. Need a break anyway." And it got deleted. I think I cut someone deep:rolleyes:
  4. Naskoni

    Probably because they are ******** their pants so hard now that expecting this to be fixed in any way even in a month is way too optimistic :)
  5. FLHuk

    We have obviously reached a point where we're so angry we have to reanimate threads from 2017 about DX9 performance.

    I'll get my pitch fork and torch.
  6. OneShadowWarrior

    Your rig had nothing to do with this. I have ran into similar issues all from the update and I run a very high end rig with all the bells and whistles and yup, it causes my system to run hotter, also crashes to desktop and game freezes. The DX9 to DX11 transition has not been smooth and they have a lot of fixes necessary with the server with so many players. I go on other games with much higher graphics demands and do video art that is more intense and my system runs buttery smooth, but not with Planetside in it’s current condition. It runs fine in small fights, less than 12 players, but once the fights get large the server latency goes through the roof.
  7. CaptCran

    Sounds like they need to use the money from membership to buy newer, faster, stronger servers. Maybe dip into the petty cash. Hold a bake sale.
  8. TRspy007

    not so sure about that
  9. lukenukeum

    servers, and the optimized custom code to run them for a custom game engine like ps2, cost LOADS and LOADS of money and/or expertise.

    I dont think it will ever be fixed, dbg barely breaks even with their meager income stream.

    Its a problem for future coders, capital and tech to handle, because currently it seems nobody is up to the task. Ever notice why all games have a 64 player cap max? mostly under 16p, something to do with Ip server backend coding doesnt work with multiple players (even tho it should it sounds really simple)

    I just dont think sony hired a good backend coder for this stuff, dbg obviously hasnt worked on it AT ALL. i remember seeing a photo of the lead coder back in 2012, he looked like a literal code monkey boy, and way overworked, they pumped a lot of this games backend code out in less than a few months iirc.

    TLDR; sony did a **** patchwork job to get the game up and going, dbg didnt improve upon the jumbled mess of code, cant blame em for their budget and coding expertise.

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