game broken and unplayable

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by dreyone, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. Sir Sovereign

    If you play a game that's regular updated and modernized as the years pass on the same hardware you started with, and as it wears out over time, then of course you're going to have issues. The game is fine. Your rig is not.
  2. dreyone

    My rig is fine. The game is not. This is getting redundant.

    Also lol @ "updated and modernized." You mean how they actually REDUCED the graphics quality and render range on stuff so that high settings today look like medium settings back in 2014? I have this sneaking suspicious you have no clue what you're talking about.
  3. Vamperial

    Was going to post this in another thread but didn't want to derail that one.

    If your issues were a common occurrence than no one would be able to play the game. Can I assume you are at least in agreement with that? Why do I not experience ANY of the issues you describe? Not one! And you continue to press that it's the games fault rather than even try to setup a control test or anything else that an experienced person with troubleshooting would do.

    I've reported you now because you cannot stop blindly attacking Daybreak for no other reason that you can't understand that the issues in this thread are yours and yours alone. Spamming anti-daybreak posts because you're butt-devastated your PC can't handle PS2 is laughable at this point. I have no doubt you are something of a programmer because I've worked with your ilk before. So focused on "it's not my issue" you can't see what's in front of your face. Just because you program Java for a living doesn't make you the end all be all of IT Pros and you seem lack any ability to troubleshoot outside your own code.

    I'm not saying that some of the issues happening today are not valid technical issues but it looks like they have been dealt with. Yet you spam diatribe across multiple posts within the same few minutes without contributing what-so-ever to those posts. That is literally the definition of a forum troll.
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  4. dreyone

    Cool beans dude.

    Also LOL @ "these issues are yours and yours alone" meanwhile theres countless other threads about the same issue being posted by other users lmao

    Also I don't code in Java. Most of my recent projects have been in Python
  5. Vazinero

    I have nothing against the Asians, but they NEED to get off of Connery. Get them their own server Daybreak. There are certainly enough of them.
  6. dreyone

  7. AllRoundGoodGuy

    name 6
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  8. dreyone

  9. AllRoundGoodGuy

    tbh, I was quoting from my favorite British comedy "Yes prime minister"

    But yeah, I would really be interested to see how many actual crashing threads you can find.

    I don't see how the "Current state of the game" relates though...
  10. dreyone

    It relates as this is one of the core issues i've repeatedly brought up as to why I am no longer playing, in addition to the severe lag, crashing and chinese infestation of connery
  11. Vamperial

    Ignores people trying to help. Spams diatribe to others seeking help trying to scare them off. Repeatedly states he no longer plays yet posts on forums. Tries to find posts about issues fixed hours later as proof that his issues are real when said issues have nothing to do with his. Continues to spam diatribe. Troll confirmed.
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  12. dreyone

    Where is your proof that these issues were "fixed hours later?" What is the problem with me not playing the game (mostly because I literally can't due it being literally broken) but posting on the forums? Are players who have played this game since 2014 not allowed to post on the forums complaining about the game being broken because they can't play it?
  13. AllRoundGoodGuy

    If you are no longer playing, what are you doing on these forums?
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  14. dreyone

    Complaining about the fact that the game is so broken that I can't play, and echoing the myriad complaints of other users about the dismal state of the game in general in a futile effort at alerting the developers of their blunders that have literally halved the playerbase in the last few months
  15. Daigons

    For those who can't figure out the problem is between their keyboard and their chair, they made a console version. You are destined for it so just leave.
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  16. pnkdth

    Please just uninstall. I'm done being polite. No one cares if you leave. Please just go away.
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  17. dreyone

    Wow so there must be a correlation between poor reading comprehension and being a toxic ****** on the forum. There is definitely a pattern here.

    I haven't played in days because this game is so broken, and the combined incompetence/apathy of the dev team and the neverending toxicity from shills like you is why I've lost the desire (and ability) to play this game.

    You can pat yourself on the back for helping alienate yet another player you can add to your list. Be proud that you're contributing directly to the rapidly declining player base of this game.
  18. FLHuk

    If only you could be forced to read this thread with a neutrals eyes.

    I'd pay to see your face :)
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  19. ScarletTruth

    "It's your hardware" gg thanks. It's the ******* update, because it obviously wasn't happening before. But O k a y.
  20. Campagne

    Check the dates, this thread is actually two years old.

    Different issue, not related to the DX11 problems.

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