game broken and unplayable

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by dreyone, Apr 29, 2017.

  1. FLHuk

    I look forward to your results.

    For myself the two ISPs difference was night and day. Both test the same but performance is dire.

    Much the same as playing TF1 in the states on my brand new 56k modem and within ten mins going back to my 33k to return to a stable 500 ping..... Stats are never the full story! :D
  2. dreyone

    I have checked all my hardware and software. Every single game and every single copy of software installed on my computer runs absolutely flawlessly and has been for years. There is no malware on my machine of any form. THE ONLY GAME I HAVE PROBLEMS WITH IS PLANETSIDE 2.

    I take VERY good care of my rig. I'm also not just some computer illiterate end user, I'm an IT professional and a software developer. I know what I'm doing. There is NOTHING wrong with my computer or my internet connection. IT IS THE GAME. I really wish you people would stop blaming my computer for it when there is nothing wrong with my computer or my internet connection. I am not about to reformat my entire system because someone who obviously knows less about computers than I do suggested that I do that on an internet forum. This is just ridiculous and getting tiresome to have to repeat myself over and over again.

    I was checking my ping to the server with the tab key while all of this was occurring and also running an independent ping in a terminal window to Google as a baseline. Both were consistently low, staying at around 10ms to 30ms the entire time. There was zero packet loss and no ping times ever even got close to triple digit values. It's not my connection.

    Yeah this is every time I try to log in now. It gradually got worse and worse over the years with all the new updates. I was able to tolerate it to some degree up to this point, but now its literally just crashing left and right and glitching like crazy. Totally unplayable now
  3. entity009

    I know from experience that an overheating cpu can cause problems like this. Have you tried blowing out your heatsinc with some canned air? PS2 heats my cpu more than ANY other game i run. It is possible that other games may still manage without overheating but PS2 is a bastard.
  4. dreyone

    I have temperature sensors installed and all of them show nominal values for the CPU, hard drive, GPU, etc. I even have an alarm set up to warn me if they start overheating. Never even got close to rated temperature
  5. FLHuk

    Well, as you've verified a second machine in the same location is doing the same thing then yes. DB are ******* you over!
  6. FieldMarshall

    I know everything else installed on your PC "runs absolutely flawlessly" but how can you be sure its not your 2014 hardware acting up.
    Wouldnt more than just you have this problem if it was an issue on DBGs side?
  7. FLHuk

    Cuz he said he's tested it and as he's now posted his professional credentials we can be sure he's backed this up with a second machine!
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  8. breeje

    it's a overheating CPU, most likely dust inside of your PC in the CPU cooler/ventilator
    clean the inside of you're PC and things will run better
    if it's not dust, it still is a overheating problem of your CPU but you need to look further in to it
  9. dreyone

    No its not and I wish you fake experts would stop trying to lecture me about my own computer which I built with my own two hands and am intimately familiar with. I have already pointed out that I have temp sensors installed and that all temperatures were nominal. Please stop trying to diagnose my problem when you clearly have no idea what you're talking about. The problem is the game, not my system
  10. dreyone

    Not about to spend thousands of dollars on another rig capable of running this game just to compare it to my current one. There's no reason for me to suspect anything is wrong with my rig when I'm still running graphically intensive titles like the Crysis Series, GTA IV with a plethora of high definition mods, high fidelity graphics and textures etc. Everything is working flawlessly.

    Seriously do you guys have any idea how absurd you sound trying to lecture me about whats wrong with my own computer when you dont know anything about my hardware and I do? I literally built this computer with my own two hands. It works fine. All hardware is fine. Nothing is overheating. There is no dust. There is no malware installed on the machine. All of my programs, all of my games work without ANY errors, without ANY crashing. They JUST WORK. Why is it that after these updates Planetside 2 continuously grows worse and worse in terms of gameplay and performance, and then I have all you guys jumping in here shilling for daybreak and telling me that its my computers fault. That I have to replace my hardware every 3 years because it magically stops working for _insert made-up reason here_

    Seriously does daybreak pay you guys to blame their customers for their own incompetence? or do you guys just do this for free
  11. FateJH

    This is going to sound strange but have you tried a full re-install yet? I remember a bit of complaint a while back about the game acting bogged down after accumulated updates for some people and doing a re-install corrected whatever the issue was.

    Since a full installation is time consuming, there are two quick options I can also recall. SInce they're both simple solutions, you've probably already attempted them, but I will remind that they are available:
    • from the Launchpad, use the wrench icon, and then "Validate Game Assets"
    • back up and then delete/move your UserOptions.ini file and then let the game build a new one upon the next start
    I think a third suggestion is in order, in light of recent changes: make certain BattlEye isn't raising any concerns about anything upon start-up. It should be helpful to elevate BattlEye's logging level but I don't know how that can be done or if it's necessary here. I'll look into it for you.
    Free enthusiastic troubleshooting.
  12. FLHuk

    You're an IT professional and software developer. Use your network of professionals and friends.

    Borrow, beg a laptop that only has to run it, not run it well.... Prove it's the game or the connection then move forwards.
  13. breeje

    Yes a fake expert, it looks to me you're a real expert yourself
    Asking for help on a game forum
    I can't diognostic your PC from here, I can only tell you one of the most likely problems that I see on other computers and are close to your problem
    You unthankfully peace of ****
    This is the thanks I get for trying to help a assholle
    I hope your PC catsh fire
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  14. dreyone

    Wow man you're right, I should totally ask my network of colleagues to magically gain access to Daybreak's source code and fix all the debilitating bugs they introduced into the game with their sloppy, reckless "shoot first ask questions second" development cycle.

    For the like 12th time in a row this is not about my pc it is about the game. There appears to be a correlation between a user's poor reading comprehension skills and forum toxicity levels
  15. FLHuk

    Your diversion is not very good.

    Enjoy what ever game you play next :)
  16. FateJH

    As you indicated, neither you nor we can change the game from where we sit. The only measure of control we have at the moment is your PC and it's tuning, indirectly through you for us. There is nothing wrong with error-checking and then attempting to establish accommodation for your computer that suits this game's rather obtuse demands if you want to play.
    It's either doing something proactive or having unfulfilled expectations.
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  17. pnkdth

    I run this game on a potato gaming laptop.

    Your issues might be one of the most annoying Win10 feature which will eat all your CPU and lag you out. Which sound exactly what you're experience. For me it happened when returning from a break and I was like "Oh well, guess I can't run the game anymore" but when searching around I found this wasn't a unique issue.

    I noted:
    • Windows randomly downloading patches(this has screwed me over a number of times) and kicks your CPU which is already working hard to run PS2. Why windows can't figure out that it might not be the time to download and install updates when a fullscreen app is running I'll never know. Easily fixed by changing active times or simply doing a quick win update before sessions.
    • Windows had some really strange processes in the background. Can't recall the name now but it is something which cache and stores a lot of temp files to, theoretically, make the machine run faster. Clearing it out helped me when I experienced similar stuff as you + I googled around to see other work arounds as your issue might not be the same I faced.
    Like yourself I also didn't have any issues running other games.
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  18. stalkish

    Did you turn off that stupid obnoxious service that checks if your system is compatible with its next update or some **** like that?
    If i can remember the name ill let you know.
    I disabled that when trying to get my work computer to run faster, it worked, especially boosted startup times massively.

    EDIT: Superfetch
    ^ was causing me all sorts of problems at work.
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  19. LordKrelas

    Seems incredibly dead set on blaming DGB.
    Someone states a possibility, and you magically appear with "No it can't be, as I __" which was missing information.
    Now you are apparently certified as all hell, yet are on this forum, not stating details until someone has wasted their time to state a possible situation, and solution... which You could've already identified as not the problem, saving everyone time.

    But hell, you're a qualified tech, you obviously know the best method of identifying a problem;
    State the bare minimum, and only give more information once someone gives a solution to a problem, you've already confirmed isn't it.
    So anyone here, spends as much time as possible simply getting the list of what it isn't.
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  20. pnkdth

    That's the one. Kill it with fire.
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