G Error codes

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by TSR AlexS, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. HellasVagabond

    G30 happens all the time.....Welcome to the BETA 2......
  2. adamanimie

    i got it too an I exceed the requirements, its probably a patch issue of the its packed wrong again. its beta what can you do...
  3. Blaze0303

    I still get the g25 error with my 7950....this is bull.
  4. TSR-Jesse S Customer Service

    Go into your \PlanetSide 2\ folder and delete the following files:


    Once these files are deleted, close the Planetside 2 window/folder and go back to the Launchpad > Advanced Tools/Settings menu. Click on the Validate Game Assets menu option and then press the green Validate button to have the Launchpad check your game files, and download any missing or corrupt files.

    Let me know if that works out.
  5. haysede

    Tried deleting and validating filess, still no dice.
  6. Marinealver

    Really need a instruction manual in the form of a read-me file.
  7. NagaFen

    Why won't the G9 error stop? Sometimes I could just long in and play without any problem but most of the time I suffered the G9 error. What's wrong with the game? I have been trying to uninstall and reinstall of the game so many times. Can you fix it?
  8. Marmelade

    Getting g25 error.
    It is no drivers or video card, no changes to pc in past 3 days, played from the end of beta till yesterday night and can't play today .
    Core i5 3570k
    Geforce 9600 gt
    kingston HyperX XMP T1 8gb 2400 mhz (4x2)
  9. Asa37

    This G25 error is really annoying, even when you meet the standards it gives you bull

    AMD Phenomem(tm) ll X4 830 Processor 2.80 Ghz
  10. Asa37

    nvm i have 3000 cards, b.s. worth wasting my time to download sony!
  11. NostalgiaForInfinity

    What is error 99? Been getting it the last 10 mins, cannot start the game.
  12. DarthBalorum

    Same here, game starts loading and then crashes, a web page appears that says:

    Game Error G99
    We're sorry, there was a problem with the last action, can you please try again later?

    Anyone knows what Error G99 is? Google or forum yields no results.
  13. Harblz

    Same, G99 error here :(
  14. framperton

    Yep, got a G99 right after the patch.
  15. DarthBalorum

    It loaded for me now, it was from the server. All servers are down.

    L.E.: They are starting to come back on now. US servers are up.
  16. Jordan478

    I dont experience any g errors, what happened is ever since the recent update when i first load up planetside 2 15% into the loading screen it freezes and never completes, any advice?
  17. Theoneatom

  18. Deavonere

    I'm stuck at G99 after patch. What is going on ?
  19. Somalimaa

    Fresh, first install completed just minutes ago. G99 and immediate CTD after launch.
  20. othodos

    i think all server is down. Advanced tool -> Servers -> all down. Same problem g99.