G Error codes

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by TSR AlexS, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. nerdyguy2011

    Nope I have it too. If you have a ATI Radeon HD 4200 (HP) then it won't work. They are trying to fix that.
  2. LordCharlamane

    12 hours later and I'm still waiting for technical support.
  3. MunsterVan

    I got a G29 after being disconnected from Briggs.:eek:
  4. TheOneDragon

    I've concluded that the US either on the server end or your ISP is refusing connections to the login server. The login server probably sees your reply but your ISP blocks it from telling you that. So I've ponied up a few extra dollars and got a subscript to Battleping (Battleping.exe) and now I can connect to the game without worry or hassle (still annoying having to pay for a tunneler).

    Battleping has also fixed other connection issues with others games which included:
    Counter Strike Source
    Team Fortress II
    Torchlight II
    (and much much more)

    So instead of crying to the moon and sobbing those tears to create the next big flood that will wipe mankind off the face of the earth, stop blaming SOE for all your G37 problems. They are only responsible for delivering you the game and a server for you to play that game upon. It is up to you as the client to know weither or not your ISP allows said connections that let you play, this is NOT SOE's responsibility. So if you can't connect, try Battleping, it has a free 15 minute time lapse trial (per connection) which should be enough to let you know if thats the issue or not, if it doesnt fix it, just uninstall it.

    The biggest problem the US suffers from is its government has no "balls" to regulate the infastructure or ISP's providing the internet. Though Japan has much greater draconian rules in regards to what you do on the internet, their infastructure is amazing. The government regulates the infastructure and the ISP pay rent on using the lines to provide service to the customer. I've seen it so many times in the US where a highspeed internet provider can't get the FCC to install new and faster infastructure because the "1900s Phone Company that refuses to go beyond dial up" holds such a huge monopoly of customers in any given area and swears that the new service trying to come in will kill all of mankind (which unforunately, alot of americans would believe - just saying. If you think I'm wrong on this matter just look up in US History of when "War of the Worlds" was broadcast over radio and people honestly thought aliens were coming to kill everyone! LOL!)

    Anyway, off to go eat some CoCo's Curry. Ohiyou!
  5. Elitechaoslord

    i keep on getting Getting the g37 error, It happdend right after patching the the game. but what's weird is that i was able to play before the patch.
  6. Acropoli

  7. ueponx

    how to see error....i login and play for 10-15 min and exit the game...
  8. ueponx

  9. Skizerz

    The G37 error is starting to piss me off, I get it like 4 times in a row then log in and the game runs perfectly fine for hours.
  10. KookieMonsta

    any news on this..
  11. Grezkev

    Been getting G37 codes ever since I logged off about 2 hours ago...
  12. Tweakz

    G25 Error.

    All drivers up to date on:
    AMD Athlon T1090 X6
    2x Asus ATI 6850 HD
    8GB GSkill Ripjaws
    Win7 Ult x64
    Asus Formular IV

    If the game works i get max. 25 fps on low or medium settings. But i got the fps problems since beta state. But the G25 Error is new! :)
  13. JonboyX

    I've just had a 29 error code...

    It's your side by the way.
  14. raidzero

    Game Error G29
    We're sorry, there was a problem with the last action, can you please try again later?


    What is this??
  15. Mistikal

    I thought smeldy said in his twitter post that the G error codes were going to include or be replaced with the actual error text rather than the code itself.
  16. TheRunDown

    Since PS2 opens a webpage with the G error, why not hyperlink this post with the Error code so people can look up their problem?
  17. Colapepper

    Any way to still open the client with G25? I feel my cpu could run it even though i get the code..
  18. robertmiglieri

    I keep getting the G37 error code so what do i do -> it would barely even let me post this -> kept logging me out
  19. robertmiglieri

    Tried logging in and out but did not work -> i only joined two days ago so could my account have been rolled back completely?
  20. robertmiglieri

    Man technical support pissing me off -> wants all my computer information -> game worked fine yesterday before they shut down servers at around 2