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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by TSR AlexS, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. TheGoodChoice

    What is G66 Error Please Help
  2. smoshof

  3. N00bBabe

    all server down atm
  4. dangina

    still down :(
  5. Barila97

    Problem Event Name:AppHangB1
    Application Name:planetSide2.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp:50ee1635
    Hang Signature:09b3
    Hang Type:2048
    OS Version:6.1.7600.
    Locale ID:9242
    Additional Hang Signature 1:09b3a7a65d8465d72a874a203a9fa0ed
    Additional Hang Signature 2:27fc
    Additional Hang Signature 3:27fc37aa0e7d1fd86c52b204f1785f34
    Additional Hang Signature 4:09b3
    Additional Hang Signature 5:09b3a7a65d8465d72a874a203a9fa0ed
    Additional Hang Signature 6:27fc
    Additional Hang Signature 7:27fc37aa0e7d1fd86c52b204f1785f34
    Can anyone help me with this? i play about 5-10 min and it freezes...plz help ://
  6. Shiban

    Getting G30 EVERY time I exit.
  7. Arcanum

    I get G30 sometimes too, if it's what I'm thinking. Annoying.
  8. gorhath

    i got the g25 error code and i have an intel(r) hd graphics card and was wondering why i cant play the game. thx
  9. cannibalfood

    i havent been getting any code exept for: "unable to download bad stream in'. the files get to 40mb out of 7,277mb and i get a message "unable to download bad stream in.".... ive been checking so much on my end since the day of the 12th and that damn hotfix, tech support had me to the point i was on the phone w/ my isp making sure the ports were all opened... they were and always have been. i have exeptions, rules in my firewall/anti-virus, ive been running as administrator.......
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  10. Jasoncoolkido

    I am having trouble downloading the game heres whats happend:
    First: i downloaded the game through the website and then it just gave an error bad stream.
    second: i tried through steam and then it worked.
    third: the game updated and it keeps on giving the same message.
    fourth:i re-installed the game and it keeps on giving the same message here is a copy:


    Unable to download Bad stream in http://pls.patch.station.sony.com/p...7ec/ab5f8ca58ac077d0404598fae77658bc230?cb=JD
  11. Jasoncoolkido

  12. Sauruman

    So what is this game error G99? I have not been able to play for 2 weeks now.
  13. fatcat1837

    how do i fix G99???
  14. Gælen~Lerœ

    Ummmm.... Mine gets to 76% at the first loading screen and closes, then the page says "G99"
    What is, please?
  15. fatcat1837

    Man you lucky atleast it goes up to 76% lol!!!! but seriously someone has to help us g99 inflicted victims!!! i'm dying to play man!!!!
  16. Anvildude

    G99 here as well. Maybe they're just being prejudiced against everyone who hasn't bought any Station Cash yet?
  17. FlR3

    Can't say that because I have invested over $300.00 in this game and getting G99 code/crash all over again starting with last hotfix. I had it stopped I thought until this last hotfix so I guess I will have to miss another x2 weekend until the next hotfix/patch. Good luck
  18. Ace92

    Game crashes at 48% during initial loading....Gives G99 error still..Are servers down or any other fix from my side to this crash?please help someone ..getting frustated and desperate to play :(!
  19. Dr.skull

    ew glad that I am the only one who is having the g99
  20. Mech0311

    My clan is conducting an operation right now but alas... G99 means I can't play the game. Again.