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Discussion in 'Friday Night Ops' started by Luperza, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. Rossinna-Sama

    This may sound a little unusual, but could we get some coverage of the AUS server? I know due to your ping it might be a bit hard, but it should be made known that SOE actually does have an AUS server in place - most people I've spoken to have no idea that it even exists.
  2. Twigifire

    This will attract a lot more Aussie gamers. Usually there are little or few Australian servers in any FPS game but Planetside 2 has made one and promoting it will probably do better than promoting an US or EU server.

    Most of the Aussie gamers I think have heard of planetside, but were put off from exceptional lag and time difference. If they see that planetside 2 has an AUS server, they may literally die of shock that someone made a server for them :D
  3. Dhart

    Two Continents...

    I'm new to FSP... K/D is about .125, BR 10 since Launch. I imagine in 6 mos any newb to FSB would be .001 K/D.

    I suggest/recommend now or as an expansion a continent where BR is resricted to lower levels that will give new players a fighting chance to compete and learn. It won't stop others from creating alts... but it should be a place or 'continent' that would be devoid of most of the 'extras' that make skilled players... almost unbeatable. Figure out the breaking point...and draw a line... those over are restricted to X (and the new area) and beginners to Y only are allowed in Amerish or Indar...

    Today folks are complaining about 'New Player Experience'... yes, I was one of those; but in a few months it'll be BR 100 vs newbs and that'll be even worse. IF Devs want to continually bring in new blood to the game and FPS... you need to provide "room" for that growth. I'm not talking just more resources, but a place where new players can flourish before joining the hard-core folks.

    Idylicly... a future expansion would be a new continent at which point... Amerish would be the newb area to BR 35 and Indar would be 35-70, and the new area would be 70+... or something like. New players could go 1-70...but higher level folks would be restricted to the 35+ zones.
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  4. Zbogus1

    Just started downloading the game. Hope everything is well. Seems like a very well designed game.
  5. Sarmane

    That sounds like a great idea, it would only have to be a simple continent that caps at a certain battle rank seeing as how everyone will have equal cert points at the latest time before they are restricted from coming back to this initial continent. I think it would do great for a learning ground, although it may have draining effects on other continents and may not always have a large population as people are moving out but not back in. I think it is a worthy task to nurture people into figuring out the game while not getting blasted/frustrated/scared away by outfits, fully p-imped out vehicles or zerg armies with BR50 and higher. Have a think about it SOE. :D

    EDIT: There's many approaches in how it could be handled.

    Not a large continent, just a smallish continent.
    A sprinkle of the core bases.
    maybe a unique environment.
    Incentive to try out the different aspects of ground pounding, driving, flying and capturing.

    Or theres alway VR. Although I think it would be more conducive for new players just to have a "nurturing room" to learn/screw around in. Players dont even have to stay in this continent, they could even leave at BR 1 if they didnt mind skipping the initial continents potential to gear up new players.
  6. Dhart

    The game will need an area for the 'learning curve' to let folks learn how to fly, how to drive tanks/sunders/etc..., that they won't be easy meat to 100% of their fellow players.

    I'm not advocating or suggesting this will in any way mitigate one's ability to survive otherwise; but I wish I had had a chance to 'learn' before being thrust into combat.

    IF, the the flip side, we urge folks to avoid all vehicles and flight that they are not intimate with... then we're stuck being dependent on a few vets to make/break the game. It's not worth the risk.
  7. Dhart

    When free transfers are happy to put some time in on AUS servers. Until then... I'm not remotely close to fully developing any class/toon to desire an alt elsewhere.
  8. Sentnl

    Get some coverage of the AU server. Ps2's number one leader board player is on there!
  9. PanzerGoddess

    .........i think that segment needs to be about how much time you have to play ps2
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  10. Gary

    Watched it for the first time tonight! It was a great sure. Might i suggest making sure the MICs of the people you interview and play with are clear. seemed to be a lot of static and background noise :(
  11. Gavyne

    I too watched it for the first time tonight (I'm a brand new player to the planetside franchise). I loved it, great humor and very informative at the same time. I liked it when you guys showed what things do, it was a good idea asking the Total Recoil guys what they prefer to use. It really helps new players to get an idea on how to equip themselves, or what to spend their certs on. And the MAX CRASH and Sundy Derby were hilarious, I've never seen anything like that in any MMO's or FPS games.

    It also helps that the show is hosted by a cool guy who can speak to the doods, and a hot gamer chick who actually is smart and knows what she's talking about. In other words, these gamer shows often don't work because they don't have good hosts. This show's got it made, I'll be tuning in every Friday for sure.

    My suggestion: To always treat your viewers as if many are new players. I noticed there were people popping in asking what the video stream was about, what server you were on, and what game it was. It will help to remember to repeat what server you're on, what the show is about, and what you guys are so every so often throughout the show. Also many new players still don't know how the capture system works, so when you are just standing there waiting for the caps, it'll be good to explain the capture system to new players. The more you make it newbie friendly, the more they'll come back to watch, and more likely they'l play the game and go out and tell their friends about it.
  12. Luperza Community Manager

    Aww! You peeps are awesome! Glad you're enjoying the show! We'll continue to improve it and thanks for the suggestions. We'll try to always repeat things that we've noted several times, but I think we just need to get our chat mods to do that for us. :) That way the whole show isn't us just repeating ourselves for easy questions like what server we are on (we do answer that a lot hehe).
  13. Cyridius

    Would be nice to have more coverage of the NC. And on EU servers aswell! Lag issues certainly understandable though, I doubt your internet is THAT godlike.
    Enjoying it!
  14. Prithrach

    How can you stop people from Team Killing all the time? Sunderer APCs are prime targets with tank mines. This will get out of Hand Very fast. Very easy to create accounts Just to Team Kill other factions on the same server.
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  15. Gavyne

    Great show tonight, if I could make a suggestion, try to schedule an Outfit vs Outfit so we can all watch how large organized Outfits fight each other over something. I think that would be pretty epic. I've only been watching since last episode so it may have been done before. But would love to see it personally as that would highlight the awesomeness of this game.

    Right now you guys rolling with an Outfit is cool, but they roll over everybody on the show due to how organized they are. It'd spice things up if you guys could get 2 Outfit from the same server to duke it out over say, a 3rd faction owned base to see who could get it first. That'd be something to see.

    Again had a good time watching the show tonight while playing ingame on the other screen. Kudos.
  16. Jarmerfohn

    2 requests/suggestions.

    Can you make it possible to change the in-game locator triangle colors? I am red/green colorblind and the difference between and squadmates indicator and the enemy locator is essentially indistinguishable. If I could have control over all the locator colors that would be excellent.

    This will also cut down significantly on friendly fire.... at least from me that is.


    My 2nd suggestion is a bit more complex. Could you make it possible to have three shooting positions instead of just 'from-the-hip' and scope/rails? I suggest adding a shouldered position for when you have a scope equipped but dont want to zoom all the way in on a guy thats 10feet from you. I have a 7 button mouse and ill bet most people have something along those lines so its not as if we're running out of real estate, and Ive never seen this in any other game so you guys could be the first.
  17. TheBoss@BossRigs

    Good Morning,

    Did anyone feel the earthquake? Boss Rigs were all here playing with resident streamer and Dev @Maggie last night when we felt the earthquake.

    Okay so x AGONY [AGNY] are going to be coordinating their attack
    s with Maggie while fighting for the VS on Connelly. We are inviting EVERYONE to join either of us tonight and you can findout more on and/ ANGY is one of the top outfits on Connelly and we ARE recruiting. We are mostly local to San Diego, California where SOE is based but that is just a coincidence. Hit us up and see you on the battlefield!
  18. Bodybagz

  19. DJVehemence

    QFT Nokko
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  20. TheBoss@BossRigs

    Hey Guys, / AGONY outfit, the leading Outfit and Gaming Community on Connelly is going to be hosting a Friday Night Gaming Event that will coordinating with the SOE Dev ran Friday Night Ops. We will be doing a lot of cool stuff like give-a-ways, contests, and awesome tactical stuff. Chris, Xloz, Charlie, DJ, ChingHao, or one of our other leaders will be on here. Please chime in on this one Luperza, as you are the unofficial leader of the Vanu Zerg on Connelly. Thanks guys! PS if you are in SoCal, we might be opening up the HQ so you guys can check out our brand new $25,000 Gaming Studio so stay tuned for more info.


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