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Discussion in 'Friday Night Ops' started by Luperza, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. ScrapyardBob

    When is the next "content" session going to be? Some of are anxious to see how things have progressed since FNO#17, especially the promised "tunnels", relocation of some of the spawn houses, and details on the warp gate rotations.
  2. Calahagus

    Those are all coming out in the January 30th patch, no need for FNO to show you. :p
  3. drfrozenfire

    Still haven't gotten an answer on whether or not FNO can take place on Helios anytime soon
  4. Luperza Community Manager

    I've responded multiple times about this. :)

    We do casts on all servers. It depends on the event and the outfit we are casting with. We have a ton of outfits in the backlog from all servers - EU, US, AU. We don't discriminate. It's first come first serve in the queue.

    If you want your outfit our event spotlighted, send me a PM titled "FNO: <outfit name or event name>".
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  5. T-1000


    Two things about friday night ops:
    1) When there is contest for winner of most conquered space, the entire territory must be reset to neutral first. Not like Vanu had >70% control in Amerish before then obviously declared as victorious. In PS1 the people could join neutral faction too so that was been even more fun.
    2) The event anouncement was almost in the morning (GMT) and most EU people just just logged off in Miller server. The better time shoud be picked on local time zone of each server. That would be much better...
  6. Luperza Community Manager

    You're talking about the PlanetSide 2 Ultimate Empire Showdown? That is run by our PR/Marketing/Community team not us. :) Friday Night Ops is run by Jimmy and me. :)

    Thank you for the feedback though!
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  7. Wobberjockey

    Suggestion. for the UES 2.0, club whoever is doing it into unconsciousness and take over.

    the end product will be much improved
  8. ({x})Kyoji

    They also messed up the results on Waterson. VS won the 3rd round and the TR were given the win. VS won all the events and TR won due to popularity which poses the question as to why even bother having the events. =P

    Sounds like the right hand needs to talk with the left.
  9. Saemi74

    Can´t believe that the official planetside page declares the TR as winners of UES!!! I watched the cast and they just won the last event (barely) and just won some rant poll. The VS won 2 events and all I mean ALL the player battle events which of course should weigh the most. Does that Bald Arrogant TR ***** work at your PR department??

    Hope you will set the record straight in next FNO, Luperza for us VS.

    Best regards
  10. Saemi74

    Just to show how pissed Im about this blunder to give TR the win on UES, I just went over the statistics (which we all know never lie). I take who won in the main battle in LA and how many of the 14 servers each side won (for you TR goons, that´s a total of 15) and each win gives 1 point.

    Event 1

    Main battle : VS

    VS : 8
    TR : 1
    NC : 4
    1 was a three way tie and no points for that

    Event 2

    Main battle : VS

    VS : 9
    TR : 2
    NC : 3

    Event 3

    Main battle : TR

    VS : 8
    TR : 4
    NC : 2

    And now for the complicated part that Sony doesn´t seem to be able to grasp: Results

    Out of a possible 45 points the team totals are :

    VS : 27
    TR : 8
    NC : 9

    So please please please can you tell us how TR won the event since the only thing they actually did ok in was a popularity contest that wasn´t even connected to the main event in the buildup to the event??

    It would also be very interesting to get access to the points total of the teams that were playing in the main event, would like to see a comparison between Levelcap and BaldMonkeyMan.
  11. Gavyne

    Thanks for another good show tonight. If you folks are looking to cut the FNO to 4-6pm, might I suggest pushing it back so it goes 5-7pm instead. If you'll notice the trend on how many viewers you get, you get the most viewers after 6pm pst. This is possibly because west coast don't usually get home until 5-6pm, and sometimes people eat and such before they hop on. Shortening it to 4-6pm you'll lose a lot of viewership for this live show.

    It's just what I've been noticing for the past 2 months since I started watching FNO. Been watching it every Friday. For the first hour between 4-5pm pst you have the least amount of viewers. So if you want to maximize your viewership, try 5-7pm pst instead. Just trying to help out :)
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  12. WolfJHavoc

    Hey, tonight's cast was actually the first one for me that I watched some of really. I only intended to take a peek, but got caught up in all the fun. It was really enjoyable! I especially liked Maggie's cheering for the little guys who would get spotlighted by the cam. Was a blast!

    As for feedback, I was wondering if there could be any chats with the person or team that centers on the control aspects of the game. I ask because I've been playing with a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro for flight, and for some reason my controls feel very slippery. I dunno if this is a game issue exactly that lots of people have, or if it's just my own failing at sensitivity settings and such. I know a lot of people say to use mouse and keyboard, but I am a very stubborn old school space flight and flight sim enthusiast, who can't seem to grasp the controls with that setup. In addition to that, I'd ask if the there's any way to change the mouse settings in controls for axis I guess. Like, a way to set the mouse movements to yaw in flight is specifically what I'm asking about.

    Either way, thanks a ton for this, and you can bet you've got a new viewer around!
  13. Caeleron

    It seems like during the Outfit coverage there is always a discrepancy between where the spotlight outfit is fighting versus how long it takes to get the observer there.
  14. Luperza Community Manager

    We usually keep up with the outfit, but sometimes there are other cool things going on so the camera will divert away for a bit. :)
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  15. Maco.D

  16. Luperza Community Manager

  17. Dawnshift

    I'd like to bump this idea, fanart, cool videos and funny screenshots.
    Anything that inspires and makes you want to create something while not playing.

    Maybe announce the "offical fan pack" that includes sounds, images, concept art, logos and maybe even the title tracks (stuff people can use in videos, on webpages and so on). * wink wink *
  18. Luperza Community Manager

    We have a fan art/video section on Command Center. Send your videos, art, etc to
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  19. Delain81

    Hey, i got some awesome feedback as well!
    Get the fps solved!:rolleyes:
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  20. Tungsten

    The community update post got my attention until i realized that it said nothing new. But there was something about engaging with the community so ill make one jaded post here and then sink back into the depths of the forums.

    If you want to engage with your playerbase consolidate into one place. I suggest PSU. You dont even have to stop tweeting and redditing just copy and paste all statements relevant to the game [relevant!] over there. And then open up these events where people can get facetime with staff to PSU/ those who dont bother with social media and just want to talk about the game instead of what car someone is going to buy unrelated things. That way SOE gets to remain hip with the Myface sites and fans get a useful forum.

    I mean FNO uses Twitter to ask questions, is posted on the official forums and feedback is supposedly taken at wikia. Do you SEE the redundancy?

    Welp i await being ignored or having this quietly deleted because its "not on topic", even though there is is no place to be on topic, etc. Already starting to regret writing it out.. whoop there's the reply button.

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