[Guide] Esamir Snowman spawn map.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by sladuog, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. sladuog

    This is an incomplete map of snowman spawn locations on Esamir. Partial credit goes to Reddit user jackjt8 for a bigger map and some previously unknown spawn locations.

    Have fun killing snowmen!
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  2. libbmaster

    And they were worried that people would be camping these spots...

    There has to be one for every player on the server...
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  3. blampoet

    how do you call the camper that waits for the camper? (with a sniper rifle and a 12x scope :) )
  4. DJPenguin

    Does he have a legend for his map? Are the different icons supposed to mean respawn times, rarity, etc

    Welp, just found 3 in less than a minute. good stuff.
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  5. sladuog

    Legend: any mark is a snowman spawn location. A circle with a 2 next to it is an area where there are two snowmen spawns very close to one another, usually on opposite sides of a rock or something.

    While there are a lot of spawn locations, I think only one is active per hex at any time, and there's a 10-minute or so respawn timer for a snowman in a hex.

    Any spawn can be a gold snowman, and there's only one on the whole continent at a time. Normal snowmen despawn after a while (not sure how long). Not sure if gold snowmen despawn.

    The probability of finding a gold snowman in any hex is 1/n where n is the number of hexes (incl warpgates) on Esamir.

    Edit: 1/59, if I counted Esamir hexes correctly. They're not in the little hexes behind warpgates.
  6. Goretzu

    I've spent about 2 hours and found............ 1! :D
  7. BoomBoom4You

    I found 1 on accident, then when I actually started looking I never found any ;[
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  8. sladuog

    Some more locations for your blowing pleasure. Credit for these locations goes to MrJengles on NC Mattherson.
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  9. Bankrotas

    Found one and only in first 5 minutes of searching and that one was golden, with TR overpop, got 8k xp.
  10. Tommyp2006

    I would like to thank you for this map, found my first gold snowman today, it was in the first place I checked, right outside the warpgate at Stillwater.

    Also, what's the difference between the triangles and circles?
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  11. deggy

    Congratulations :D

    I've got 6 regular ones so far.
  12. Akeita

    Why did you do this... I want people to run over each pther with flash to find snowmen and now you just....
  13. Bankrotas

    With this you can make an outfit competition actually, which is more fun. Everyone get the map and charges off in certain vehicle and in the end loser wins last golden one!
  14. MaxDamage

    Wow. Way more than I thought.
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  15. Akeita

    Anyone know what's the average spawn time ? Might as well just cheat...
  16. Zakuak

    LOL this is fun. I had a blast hunting some down yesterday and getting shot at / shootin at other players
  17. Justicia

    Credit given to jackjt8 should actually be give to 3AtomicSheep, who made that map on our forums.
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  18. RHINO_Mk.II

    Thank you very much for this thread; found my golden ticket snowman after about 3 hours, which I suspect was very lucky on my part.
    Would have taken a pic of it first, but I didn't want someone to steal it while I was printscreening.

    Have updated the map with 3 new locations near the NC warpgate (new locations are red squares, the first of which is in the screenshot above)

    P.S. Music makes snowman hunting less monotonous. I recommend Mark Petrie
    http://grooveshark.com/#!/playlist/Epic Mark Petrie/81016067
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  19. PSWedge

    Found a roadside one that wasn't on the map but I forgot where now (literally crashed into it with my Mag before seeing it). Got six in an hour using the map, with my last one being gold!
  20. Rohxer

    Still a lot of spawns that I've found that are not marked on the above map, but it's a good starting point for people who need help.

    I've found 21, each different spots than previous spawns with only one exception. So from my experience "camping" a spawn hasn't worked out so well. I've had much better luck just looking in new areas, despite persistent visits back to original spawn spots. I think there's just so many possible spawn locations that camping one or two is pointless. Simply wandering, though paying special attention to previously discovered spots (and the map above) will probably work best.

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