DX11: Proof of Prior Hackers?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Wolfborne, Apr 27, 2019.

  1. strikearrow

    It's a bug since dx11 was launched - might be fixed with all the hotfixes dbg has been doing.
  2. Rydenan

    I’ve been playing “poorly” since the update because there has been constant extreme latency (despite myself having <35ms ping).
    I feel like that’s a better explanation than this conspiracy that RTST was some sort of cheat.

    And before the update, no one in [00] was ever “god-like”. They are simply a well-organized outfit with skilled players who are, IMO, a welcome challenge to play against.
  3. tommyrocket

    The outfit and program have nothing to do with each other. They use the program's icon as their outfit icon, but likely only because they really, really like using the program. For the crosshair and stat tracking most likely. (same reason anyone ever used it) Wasn't it covered that this "private" version was just a joke? There's a point when you read way too far into something, you know.

    Plus, the developers don't endorse the program. They simply stated it was okay to use and not against and rules, as it provided no clear advantage. Anyone could put a sticker on their screen for a crosshair, or have a monitor that can already do it, so barring use for recursion or playclaw would be foolish. (although that would be entirely battleye's decision)

    As others have mentioned, the new encryption of assets is what's keeping some cheaters away. It won't keep them forever, and I'm sure some already exist, but the least we can do is try to enjoy what time we have where things have some semblance of normal behind all of the bugs.
  4. JibbaJabba


    Dude recursion is a stat tracker, it's not some hax0rs toolbox that gives you magic killing tools. If you ever bothered to install it you would know.

    The fantasies that you're cooking up are just downright hilarious. Seriously man quit it's embarrassing.

    If you want to know if DX11 made a difference to your favorite hackusation target, go grab their HSR and other stats off of Fisu or elsewhere, then wait about a month to see if there is a meaningful deviation.
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  5. Scrundle

    Recursion CAN improve your scores!
    How? Because its stats tell you where you are lacking and armed with that knowledge you can then focus on your weak areas and improve.
    If there's some special private version of it floating around that does legit cheating stuff then that is despicable obviously and needs stopping but the version I and many others use does nothing but provide stat tracking and a simple overlay to show those stats.
    For a while I did use the crosshair overlay but I found myself crutching on it, especially in vehicles, so disabled it but that's a personal choice and DBG have okayed its use.

    DBG, Go ahead and add this stat tracking and displaying functionality into the game itself and then everyone can benefit from this extra knowledge and finally we can all live in peace and harmony as we shoot eachother.
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  6. Wolfborne

    I have used it in the past for the crosshair overlay and the Arnold voice pack. I know what it does.

    More importantly, can YOU explain why those who normally top the charts from 00 are suddenly just average players, especially since the app is broken after DX11? It would seem that something changed. Pretty sure we know what that change was.

    Keep defending them if you like, I know for a fact that some of them use cheats because I have actually seen it in game myself (as explained earlier). But, I understand where they/you/others are coming from. Going to deny, deny, deny to the end.

    Personally, anyone that uses hacks is admitting that they suck and must cheat in order to be competitive.
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  7. ObiVanuKenobi

    Would love some proof. Shadowplay or AMD ReLive aren't hard to use.

    You really think it's impossible? Sounds completely normal. You automatically assumed he's cheating because of 1 shot which could've easily been just luck? I've been sniped mid-air from a turbo flash by a BR 5 from huge distance, i went to check his stats and it was his only kill in like 20 minutes of dying, after that his death streak continued. Jumping to conclusions won't get you far in life.
    Your opinion isn't a fact, you should go look up what the word "fact" means. Also nice proof. I went to fisu and checked some stat charts of their members and didn't notice any sharp drops after dx11.
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  8. TRspy007

    Dude that change is likely server latency spikes due to the bugs, and just being unused to such settings. Daybreak and people track hackers, and the numbers are extremely low, last time i checked less than half a dozen accounts banned a month. And don't tell me some hackers aren't banned, because no one makes it past br 15 by hacking, due to the autoban, the report, and the fact the community just tears suspected hackers apart.
  9. Ulviirala

    Putting a virtual crosshair where none belongs, I would definitely put that as cheating. Probably drops the inhibition threshold to use even more unfair advantages. But what do I care, I have long since refused to play any sort of infantry anymore, I rather sit around for 10 minutes waiting for nanites.

    Back in my day, actually I did that not too long ago in Just Cause 3 (singleplayer), I taped some strings to my monitor, because the game doesn't give you anything worth **** and the aim isn't even center screen. Can't remember if it was for the tanks or the helis. I think people did that in Counter-Strike when they removed the crosshair from the AWP, it's anti-cheat software proof as well ;b

    Although some Mosquito pilot whined at me for using an aimbot after downing his 1/3rd HP ***, flashing and roaring at about 30 metres relative altitute, chasing a Valk into over a small, heavily zerg-sieged base with a Ranger (flak aoe). I guess they'll remove that hacker turret as gunner slot option now :(

    I've seen flying tanks but that might well be just us Magriders ambitiously boosting up a slope or a DBG bug, and a lot of heavily lagging ESF (only after their attack approach and while fleeing *wink wink*) too.
  10. Towie

    Maybe you are right but the problem is - many monitors these days have the ability to display a crosshair. As this is a hardware function of the monitor, it can't be detected or defeated.

    Based on this alone, I would personally allow a better crosshair in PS2 - to try and level the playing field.

    Game writers will have to get to grips with the fact that external hardware is getting more sophisticated - programmable keyboards and mice can make a difference and it's only a matter of time before stuff comes out with autohotkey-like functionality (it might even be around already).
  11. FLHuk

    Asus - Sonic Radar.....

    It amazes me that so called gamers companies are turning out things that break the immersion a writer wanted to create.
  12. DIGGSAN0

    Sonic Radar is a tool for disabled people who can't hear...it is very very pathetic to use it while being healthy...

    Like a Wheelchair for People who can walk (have no disability)

    People who use Sonic Radar want to emerse themselve because they could not when playing the game without that Aid.
  13. Wolfborne

    Getting back to the OP...

    People that were previously VERY good under DX9 and using Recursion app (non public version?), especially members of 00, are now suddenly average with DX11 and no Recursion app. Hmmm...

    I wonder what could be the missing link there? :rolleyes:
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  14. 3Stan2112

    Of course the rumors are false. It's big brain boyz like the denizens of Forumside that perpetuate this garbage.
  15. 3Stan2112

    RTST doesn't alter any game files. It takes info directly from the API. You can run RTST on your PC, without PS2 installed, and track someone else's session.

    Since RTST's overlay is currently broken due to the switch to DX11, I'm using PlayClaw v5 solely for my little green dot. Is THAT cheating too? It's just a dot in the middle of the screen I can toggle on and off at will.
  16. KALU

    This thread is GOLD keep going ima get some more popcorn.
  17. ObiVanuKenobi

    Names? Once again 0 proof.
  18. Skraggz

    What are you talking about? Anecdotal experience is evidence on the forums sir.
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  19. Skraggz

    "It's just a dot" uh huh.... why must you have it when the game provides crosshairs....? Totally not an advantage? Btw I know what rtst does, as I said I run it, and yes crosshairs give an advantage even if it's an arguable amount.
  20. MonnyMoony

    I'm finding the same OP.

    I seem to be able to surprise enemies that seem to have no idea I was coming, whereas before they'd always be pointing in my direction.

    I seem to be able to get the drop on people a lot easier now as well. Whereas before if they counter attacked, i'd invariably die in a couple of hits, i'm now more than holding my own and even dropping enemies I would have expected to die to a week or so ago (like I win shield heavies).

    Something has definitely changed - and for the better.

    I suspect a fair proportion of players run subtle hacks like ESP, sonic radar etc. Just knowing where your enemies are gives you a huge advantage in this game. From the outside it's be almost impossible to tell such players from genuinely good players.
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