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  1. Tommyp2006

    Not continuiously, after the initial effect plays nothing shows up, at least on the sundy I deployed tonight.
  2. d_carey Developer

    We delayed the publish until early next week.
  3. d_carey Developer

    That's a bug; I'll look into it. Thanks.
  4. AdmiralArcher

    Thank you so much Mr. Carey, i havent been able to get any answers from anyone on twitter today and i didnt see this until 11:00 pm PST

    i had a few questions about directives, and 1 question (its a yes/no) about the MCG

    will directives be retroactive?
    will i have to earn new ribbons?
    new repair and heal points and ribbons?
    new kills?
    or will it read my account info and fill in what is already there?

    someone mentioned that directive points will be used for something?

    will the heavy weapons have an auraxium variant? will there be more heavy weapons as a result of this?
    higby mentioned that once you get flamethrowers working it opens up more stuff, could we start talking about new heavy weapons ideas? maybe something that is part of the directives tree?

    now for my MCG questions

    will we be seeing an MCG model update? perhaps underslung?
  5. AdmiralArcher

    i dont think its a bug, it only shows the initial burst, but then it looks stock until you shoot it, then the shield flashes
  6. d_carey Developer

    Class weapon rewards are definitely possible, not sure if we've discussed them specifically.

    As far as a sneak peak at new Dirs - we want the next batch to be about squad mentorship. We want to reward the vets who help out newer players.
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  7. AdmiralArcher

    instead of a scout rifle, maybe make a new inbetween rifle?
  8. d_carey Developer

    Yes, they will count everything except kills and automatically update.

    Dir points are currently just prestige tracking but we're keeping the door open to use them later. Don't want to say too much because it is still in a design trial phase.

    Yes, there are some heavy weapon rewards. All Auraxium weapons are 'new' technically, but share stats with existing weapons. Flamethrowers are still a ways off, due to code limitations.
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  9. d_carey Developer

    Maybe not a bug, but bad implementation. It should indicate constantly that there's a shield.
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  10. AdmiralArcher

    awesome, i cant wait to see all of these new goodies

    can we have the option of choosing what progression things we see on the death screen?

    with these new directives, i kinda want a way to see what i am farthest along with, much like the medal and ribbon system works for the guns. is this something you might consider?
  11. AgentRed

    So in the future is there going to be some type of leadership tree?
  12. Lightwolf

    Love to see this here.

    How will you implement a directive that encourages us to take care of new players? (think I read that here)
  13. Anti-Skub

    I'd really appreciate any kind of reward that doesn't glow in the dark. I know this might come as a surprise to you guys but some of us want to show off without becoming a neon "shoot me" sign.

    I really don't want to sound ungrateful, I love the directive system, anything that makes me feel like I'm working towards something rather than just playing for the sake of it is great...but those Auraxium armours :-/ No offence but they look awful.

    Even if they were just a glowing trim rather than a solid block of the texture it'd be an improvement (I'd prefer they didn't glow at all but someone there seems to think stuff needs to glow in this game) , at the moment having all of your armour be the regular texture and then sticking these bright blue, glowing shoulder pads on top looks like a glitch more than they've accidentally gotten the wrong texture.
  14. Anti-Skub

    What are your plans for the recruit a friend reward weapons as well as the platinum variants? As a completionist I'm slightly concerned that the Exceptional directive isn't going to be completable for certain people, and by that I mean non-Americans where half of those guns aren't available.
  15. drhead

    Will we really have to get an Auraxium Medal on MAX punch for the MAX directive tree? When I realized that we'd have to do this (since the last tier has 5 objectives and you need to complete all of them for that tier), I looked it up on the Dasanfall stats site and found that there are a grand total of two people across all factions who have an Auraxium medal on MAX punch, which is rather tiny in comparison to the over 600 people across all factions with an Auraxium medal for their faction-specific knives. Now I know these directives are supposed to take time to complete (and that every single one of the 1,160 MAX punch kills I would get would be immensely satisfying), but isn't this slightly absurd?

    Also, what would you think of having an objective for completing every objective in the previous tier? For example, if I got a Copper medal on six shotguns (just low enough to where I can complete this without getting the gold or black variant of the Baron, but could use them in place of another shotgun if I wanted to), make that reward me with an objective completion on the Silver tier, which is an equivalent reward to me getting a Silver medal on any one of my shotguns. This would really help the aforementioned MAX punch problem by making it so that I only need 160 kills with it (which is a demanding enough task for anyone). It also wouldn't hurt the aspect of making people try out new things, since it would have them either choose 5 to stick to for 1160 kills, or to try out everything for 160 kills and choose the 4 that they like the most. And trust me, by the time you've killed 160 people, you generally know whether the weapon is actually good or bad for you and you have bonded with it enough to make an unbiased judgement on that.
  16. STR1D3R109

    Still answering questions? Id love to see a direcive reward for supply things (Such as a gold ammo box, or gold ammo signs on the side of the sundy) had any plan on that for directives in the future?
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  17. Prudentia

    "Special" weapons kills don't count for regular weapons i assume?
    so my Gold Eridani auraxium doesn't count for SMG directives?
    *sadskywhale* do i really have to buy the normal Eridani and get Auraxium with that too?
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  18. 1NieMamPomyslu1

    On the roadman entry it says that there will be rewards for directive points apart from rewards for completing directive tree
    As far as I tested, they don't exist/ I can't see them
    Will they be added or is this idea abandoned?
    Also, due to lack of time and skill I was unable to complete whole directive tree (I don't really think there is anyone who did), but are implemented "prestige role" trees?
  19. Solaries

    MAXes are incorrectly listed under the "Infantry" category of directives.

    The only things they have in common with infantry are the ability to ride in Sunderers, Harrassers, and Galaxies, and use equipment terminals. MAXes are, in every way that matters, vehicles. They cost resources, vastly increase your damage potential, vastly increase your durability, cannot cap points, cannot place beacons, cannot use utilities, and cannot use many implants.
  20. Ninave

    As the last tier of infantry class directive gives you armor, could the second-to-last give you a class specific title? I currently run with none, but if the medic class could get something like "M.D." or similar I might run it.

    I think decal rewards are a bad option as most of us wish to run with our outfit decals now that we have them. :)
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