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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RadarX, Jul 30, 2014.

  1. d_carey Developer

    Yep you're right, that's the design. I talked to the guys and we're going to add a visual asset to the sundy to indicate the shield.
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  2. Scr1nRusher

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  3. d_carey Developer

    Interesting - not sure on the cost there. I'll look into it.
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  4. AdmiralArcher

    awesome, i was really impressed with the animation, it looks pretty almost harzard to say that the vanguard shield should get the same looks really cool
  5. TheBlazing

    Has a better visual implementation of directives ever been discussed? Right now there are just a bunch of drop-down menus and the hierarchy of directives (especially when Prestige dirs will come out) is not going to be very clear. The current iteration, to be honest, seems a bit confusing, there are only three categories and inside those everything is kind of thrown together.

    Also, are there any plans to create original models for the Auraxium weapons instead of just using a default gun with an auraxium skin applied to it? And is there any chance for VS auraxium weapons to be less pink? I know this sounds like a silly question, but the very pinkish look of VS auraxiums seems to have nothing to do with the sci-fi militaristic tone of the game.
  6. Anti-Skub

    Can you at least make the promotional items available to all players instead of just the US?
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  7. d_carey Developer

    Yes, that's on the books. We have a stop gap where Malorn is going to post that data to help out, but eventually we want it in-game on tool tips.
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  8. d_carey Developer

    No, we want them to be chase items and I don't want them to lose any luster because people can just hop in VR and get them. I think leaving the 'I earned this weapon' feeling is important.
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  9. d_carey Developer

    We could have gone this way you are suggesting, but the tiered system we picked had some performance benefits that made it the clear favorite on the back end. It may sound weird, but constantly listening for achievements can be a perf hog when it's multiplied by hundreds/thousands of players. The teiring alleviates that.

    We do have plans for the points, just nothing solid enough to share yet.
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  10. Scr1nRusher

    On a Directives related note.

    Where will the directives be on the Patchnotes?

    Will they be listed on the patchnotes before or after the Resource Revamp?
  11. d_carey Developer

    I like these ideas. I asked Malorn to swing by and comment as well.

    Keep in mind, each type of objective requires new code support, so we're going to start with the biggest bang for our buck and create objectives we can leverage for multiple things.
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  12. d_carey Developer

    TBD on the layout.

    Most likely we'll be putting out a separate post on Dirs since we have so much info to share.
  13. Popper100

    My only concern with Directives is that they are too extreme in their requirements, particularly the weapons. Doing a little light number crunching an average player, playing a 4 hour session, getting 100 kills per session would require 58 sessions to complete an auraxium tier weapon group. This is that player playing the same class for 58 consecutive logins and assuming successful play conditions for all 58 logins. Which means that this average player will not see his first big payout for two months. While playing exactly one class in the majority of cases. Is this the targeted time frame for average, non-auraxium collecting players to earn their rewards according to the dev team?
  14. Scr1nRusher

    that would make sense, The directives in of themselves are big enough for a separate posting.
  15. d_carey Developer

    I don't think we'll be able to please everyone, but for the most part the reaction I've seen has been really good to the visuals.
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  16. d_carey Developer

    Malorn can speak to the target times, but this is meant to be a elite reward. I do not expect to see lots of players with Auraxium weapons.
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  17. d_carey Developer

    For consistency with the rest of the game, I think it makes more sense to leave them under infantry.
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  18. d_carey Developer

    We cut that aspect for now but have the back end support in to track the points, so we can still add them in later without any loss of data. Nothing concrete enough to share at this point.
  19. HadesR

    Any chance of giving people the option of either a glowing or a matt version ? ( Maybe down the line )

    A pick either or deal .. Could be exactly the same textures just dulled down .. Everyone's happy ... Well maybe :p
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  20. AdmiralArcher

    id have it work like headlights and lumifiber does on vehicles