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  1. popodom

    Can we chose what scopes/sights we put on the araxium weapons?, because i know a lot of people are not going to like the 3.4x scopes on the AR's, especially on the T1-A unity. Or just replace the 3.4x with a 2x or 1x sight.
  2. ZeroErrorz

    question do vehicle will get directive weapon too ?
  3. M1kst3r1

    TL DR: Could we get much more challenging directives?

    I'd like there to be painfully challenging yet rewarding directives that require you to change your play style. I want to be forced outside of my comfort zone and do something that requires some planning and skill. What I don't mean with "challenging" is 10 000 kills with a pistol. That's grinding and requires less skill and more patience.

    Here are a few directives I would want to complete multiple times. I've tried to set them up so that they need the least amount of new "stuff".

    Sneaky bastard
    Infiltrate a major facility behind enemy lines to deny ground and air support
    - hack all operational terminals and turrets in a major facility outside your lattice link reach
    - destroy multiple ground and air vehicles with turrets, let's say like 5 to 10

    Demolition man
    Wipe out multiple sunderers attacking your base without dying
    - destroy X sundies within a set time period with consumable explosives
    - stay alive the whole time (no kamikaze)

    BOOM headshot
    Get X headshot killstreak with a SMG / carbine / assault rifle / LMG
    - lets make it something Ricky Diculous like 20 or 30
    - set the optional time period so that you need to act instead of camp (~5 minutes)

    Robbed blind
    Enter the battlefield with just your starter class loadout without any gear
    - unequip all weapon attacments, suit slots, deployables, implants, ...
    - get a killstreak of X

    Torment enemy forces as a stalker cloaked infiltrator to deny advancement of their forces
    - flip a point of a lost base multiple times
    - kill X amount of confused enemies
    - torment them in /yell chat (optional, but encouraged)

    Party crasher
    Make your way to a fight between two enemy factions to cause chaos
    - hack multiple turrets / terminals
    - destroy multiple vehicles
    - get X kills of both factions

    Get X killstreak with your knife

    Last stand
    Defend a major facility against overwhelming odds
    - hold a major facility point for X period of time
    - enemy population over 70% in region
    - SCU down

    Yes, sir!
    Lead low battlerank players into battle
    - Invite X below BR10 players to squad (It would be nice to see what BR friendlies are in-game)
    - have all of them spawn at least once from your galaxy or sundie
    - defend a base and then capture a base (or vice versa)

    Armor / Air colon
    Use numbers in armor or air to destroy the enemy
    - join a squad of only armor / air
    - destroy multiple enemy armor / air

    Honorable conduct
    Have compassion for a fallen low rank enemy by sending them a /tell
    - I know this might be the hardest one of them all, but I sure would give it a try

    I can do all that stuff right know, but all I ask in return is a mention somewhere that I've completed the directive and there for am a legendary Planetside 2 hero. :)
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  4. JesusVoxel

    Any chance to make the black camo a bit easier to achieve for 99% of your playerbase. Even getting all directives maxed with every class would be easier than auraxium weapons that you can't get from anywhere (platinum versions or toy guns).

    And if you are playing VS the black camo is just a slap in your face.

    Better reward for the exceptional directive tree would be unique Nanite Systems Platinum Armor, unique title, and for example unique death screen to show your enemies who killed you.
  5. NinjaTurtle

    I would also like more complicated/difficult to get directives.

    At the moment all the directives are just a case of playing the game normally and you will just happen to get them. They offer nothing to make you go out of your way to do something challenging?
  6. Itzhaki

    Adding to that - While getting the weapon directives rewards you with a new gun, which adds more content for me, some of my outfitmembers don't auraxium hunt that much.
    However, they are perfect medics, fantastic pilots, great drivers or gunners. I'm a bit unhappy from the fact that all they would get is Lumifiber or a Shiny new armor - While it is cool and "show-off", all it does ia a giant "shoot me" sign, no new content for them like I would get from a new gun (I should be getting 3 more guns I think as soon as Dirs hit live).

    Mr Carey - How are you planning to reward Class and Vehicle directives in a way that actually adds new content for the players?
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  7. Xebov

    I have 3 Questions regarding the Directives:

    1.) Will Weapons with less then 1160 kills but an Auraxium Medal carry over correctly? Some players recieved some Auraxiums in the early time of the game when vehicle kills counted towards Auraxium Medals, leaving them with less then 1160 player kilsl but an Auraxium.

    2.) Since we need Auraxium on weapons for the directives, are there any plans of reintroducing the feature that vehicle kills count towards medals? For weapons like AP or AA it makes much more sense to kill vehicles for the medal then killing players, since they are designed to kill vehicles. Especially the bail out on Aircrafts makes Auraxiums on some weapons hard.

    3.) Will we see Directives that go past Auraxiums? Some players have up to 65k+ kills on single weapons but they still need to Aurax different weapons for a reward, yet they would easily have the kills for them.
  8. Arch

    It seems almost all the directives are based on X number of kills with list of weapons. My question is are we going to see auraxium medals/directives for the support players who aren't killing machines but none the less contribute to their factions victory. For instance a medic who has revived 11600 (10 x the number of kills for an Auraxium) could get an Auraxium medic tool. Or an engineer who has repaired say 25,000,000 amount of damage (based on 10000 x 2500 damage worked out on the hp of vehicles)

    Its great to have things to work towards, but dont make it just about killing stuff, remember its the suport players who are there to keep you in the fight :)
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  9. Gammit

    That was my question, and the response:

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  10. Deadreach

    Well, Bummer, But thanks for the answer
  11. Dnuts175

    The directive system as a whole looks awesome and I am very excited for its implementation.

    My only concern so far is the acquisition of the solid black camo through the "exceptional" directive line. My gripes with this directive line is not with its difficulty but rather the availability of the items. The directive is currently locked behind a pay wall that players cannot pay to get past.

    My recommendation for the exceptional directive...
    Add all the gold weapons available in the marketplace to this directive line. Rest assured, players WILL buy your $20 weapons to complete this directive (myself included).

    I would also suggest an alternative method to acquiring the solid black camo...
    Directive points! Lots of directive points!

    The solid black camo is going to be a highly coveted and sought after item. It should stay that way and I am not suggesting that the team should make it any less difficult to acquire. I am only suggesting that the requirements be dropped from impossible to extremely difficult.

    We're up for the challenge SOE, but you have to give us a shot at it first.

    Also...this totally stinks for European players.
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  12. GaBeRock

    Don't worry. Special weapons (ex. Snowball gun, heartstring, gold smgs) go towards a directive tree that rewards you with black camo.
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  13. Stormsinger

    Apologies if this has already been asked / answered, can't do much research on my lunch hour.

    I play support very frequently - This includes providing repairs, ammo, flash-scout radar, AMS sunderer, galaxy taxi Service...

    Are there any directives / rewards for support play that doesn't involve scoring kills? Something engineer / medic specific would be wonderful.

    A quick idea for engies - Sticky ammo packs that use the same mechanic as C4, let me slap my ammo pack on the side of my sundy, or on the seat of my flash and drive around providing ammo. (You can already kind of do this, but ammo slides off of things quite easily.)

    How about a carbine / assault rifle with a specialized Underbarrel attachment. Engineer options could be things such as a small ammo-filled grenade that delivers 1-2 reloads to everyone in the blast radius at range, nice for extreme-fire circumstances where you can't get to ammo-dry teammates in cover.

    For the assault rifle, how about a ranged healing grenade / shield recharge, or perhaps a small radius res grenade, with a max target limit? (3 meters, 1-2 targets at most, long reload)

    Something non kill oriented for support players would be awesome. =)

    EDIT: Underbarrel repair 'nade launcher , or underbarrel disarm-nade launcher... for those untargettable mines beneath deployed sundies / tanks.
  14. Prudentia

    I have Tech camo, i don't need black camo...
  15. Jaedrik

    Hey! Thanks for hosting this, @d_carey , any chance we're to get one of these on controversial topics in the future? ;)
  16. Turntechgodhead

    Is there any plans to add smaller but easier directive rewards? The auraxium weapons are cool and all, but for the less skilled players getting smaller things for easier directives would be nice.
  17. Grimcreeper414

    hey, im a huge fan of planetside but can you pleas say more information when the game is getting out on ps4 i know in 2014 but more exactly thanks for reading this
  18. ThePropain

    Any chance of an Auraxium Medical Applicator?
    I'm a dedicated Medic with countless revives under my belt, I would like to show that somehow.
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  19. Malorn

    Directives have the capability to be account-wide currently, we just don't have any defined that way. For consistency our approach has been that directive SCORE is account-wide, but individual directives are all character-based.

    I can definitely see a directive set though that might go into its own category "Account" that has you do things like get BR 10 on 2 different empires, then 3 different empires, or fully complete all three ES MBT or ESF trees. Those type of directives might make for good Auraxium NS weapons.
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  20. Elron

    Would you consider giving heavy classes of all factions underslung heavy weapons as directive rewards? It would be impossible tu use them from cover, but I guess it would be easy to give them some advantages to balance that. Also - TR would then get an underslung MCG - something we've been begging for since beta.