[PSA] Dev confirmation NC weapons were changed... Can we know what it was?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Natir, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. RadarX Community Relations

    I'm sorry I could have done a better job of clarifying that. We did have a few things that changed which weren't listed (Infiltrators on IRNV scopes for example) which we obviously should have listed.

    My statement was not in reference to NC weaponry and as far as I know there were no changes made to anything specifically NC.
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  2. PandoraAce

  3. WrrLor

    While I agree that would probably happen, if things are changed we should know what and how they were changed.

    If they were changed and then changed back to the original pre-GU2 specs, then who cares I guess.

    I'd still like to know what happened, morons will spam thousands of threads here regardless.

  4. WrrLor

    Thanks for the statement.

    I'll be damned, they sure felt "different" for a bit.
  5. Antivide

    So.... any plans on buffing NC? Higby mentioned on Twitter that an infantry balance pass was due in March. I'm assuming NC is the target for these changes? I hope? Can I get a small hint to a 'yes' or 'no'?
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  6. Crashsplash

    My thoughts too. From a TR prespective it certainly did feel different. I felt I was dying almost instantly from a shooter at long range while on the fully maxed out nanoweave.

    Having said that it has felt better the past couple of days, so either I was imagining things or it was a side-effect of the FPS, LAG and game problems that there had been.
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  7. Talizzar

    Accept that Higby in the Official Forums...er twitter, Reddit, said there were some planned changes an unplanned changes and that the changes failed to get into the change log. Where is the discipline of the Devs, the leadership of the Lead dev to ensure that this type of garbage does not happen anymore.

    I am getting the feeling they have made enough cash and really don't care anymore. If they did, they would quit releasing patches that continue to break more than they fix and POST ALL THE CHANGES!
  8. WrrLor

    If they made no changes, it had to be something funky due to a combination of all the issues that were happening, as you say.

  9. Gavyne

    All NC infantry needs is get a bit of a flinching reduction. I don't care if you put it into certs, call it extra body armor that reduces flinching. I'll max that cert out right away.

    Reducing flinching will boost NC in leaps and bounds, without actually changing the guns or nerfing anybody else.
  10. Natir

    So, then what was changed? Please, RadarX, give us some insight into the enlightened ways SOE does patches like this? What was changed to infantry weapons?
  11. Wobberjockey

    do you plan on editing the patch notes to reflect those changes? (if you have not doe so already)
  12. RadarX Community Relations

    Ok to be crystal clear, there were no changes made to NC weaponry. There were a small handful of unlisted changes which went in (folks have already caught and posted them) that do not affect infantry weapons in any way.
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  13. Arbite

    Ok, but then... What were the changes?

    Just kidding.
  14. WrrLor

    Thanks again RadarX.
  15. Arkha3

    Folks don't seem to understand, when you're part of a fairly large development team, it's nearly impossible to document every single piece of change that happens(which can be very time consuming). Don't forget, when you change values from one little item, it can end up unintentionally changing another without the developer realizing it.
    It's just how it goes with programming. Nobody is perfect.
  16. Natir

    So to be clear, absolutely nothing was changed to infantry combat, recoil compensation or anything of the sort? Game update 2 and hotfixes included.
  17. Syylara

    A perfect example of how things get screwed up.

    Dev says: Infantry balance pass

    Player hears: NC getting buffed
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  18. xbodyshot

    That is of course very possible, but that requires you to give them benefit of the doubt while ignoring the fact that developers think of the "ninja-change" as just another tool in their tool chest (albeit one that occasionally backfires, remember it's only a lie if you get caught).

    As Vanu I noticed this change immediately! NC had significantly higher killing power at range when both people were shooting each other, now you can argue if that is fair or not, but it sure as hell was obvious.

    Which means 1 of 2 things either:
    1) SOE viewed it as a small tweak, something that could "slip through the cracks" and forget to be mentioned, which means they don't really understand their own game design and how changes will affect it...

    2) SOE viewed this as a controversial change/test and decided to try to ninja it in...

    Choose one
  19. Cyridius

    Balancing NC weapons in one easy step:

    Remove flinch

    Problem solved.
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  20. ButterNutts

    only NC weapon i noticed a difference in is the AC-x11 which is my fav weapon, it shoots alittle slower since its only a 20 round mag and the sound it makes when firing is different also, alittle easier to control, its one of the better weapons to get if you wanted to buy something new for ur LA/Engie an will only set u back 250 certs, though the medics 20 round Reaper DMR is a ****** beast with its incredible accuracy an high dmg, love that thing

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