"Deconstruct button moved from vehicle information"

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  1. siiix

    YES IT DOES :) and i'm proudly stand by it ... sad that the world now is filled with people with no sense of humor... we supposed to respect other people feelings to the point of ridiculous

    so YES i'm proud that i'm not one of those whiners and crybabies.... if i ever will be , PLEASE just shoot me, i could not take the embarrassment becoming a wuss with no sense of humor
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  2. EvilPhd

    You can still eject.
    You can still crash.
    You just need to be a bit more creative in trolling cheap *** point n click ez mode AA.

    Challenge accepted.:cool:
  3. Ashnal

    Talk about offensive assumptions.
    No, I play this game for fun, not competition. In fact we mess around all the time. Being a decent human being doesn't mean you have to be Mr. Super Serious like you seem to think. Being respectful and having fun CAN happen at the same time you know.
    And it IS griefing, which is any action you take to piss off another player which does NOT benefit you in any way. Teamkilling falls under this, and so does deconstructing.
    And by the way, I'm 24.
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  4. RobotNinja

    Instead of applying the stupid rule which SOE loves so much, just give decon a 30 second timer.

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  5. XParagonX

    You bring up a nice point in defending deconstructing.
    When 99% of its use is too deny people exp, it don't matter. O you didn't use it for that purpose? So what your the 1 out of 20 that did not.
  6. Tibodeau

    Haha, I got a pretty good laugh out of your post. Like I said, unless it's blown up instantly which I have no problem with (making assumptions on your part wtf???) they have always had time to deconstruct. And yes ffs you can cert mineguard which everyone should have and at the same time you open yourself up to the LA C4'ers.... It's a 2way street and there is nothing wrong with any of the options for killing out there but you can rest assured that all the ******* who decon'd before aren't able to now and I feast on their tears!!
  7. Zenith

    Actually, by deconstructing you are being a wuss. Sorry to burst your bubble on that one.
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  8. Entaro

    I don't understand people that associate deconstruction denying with skill... it takes no skill to click a button, it is just a troll mechanic. The pilot who just got owned and shot to death shouldn't get the last laugh... you failed bro.
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  9. ScrapyardBob

    Get in ESF, fly ESF (or Galaxy) full of troops behind enemy lines, deconstruct vehicles to hide your presence from the enemy.

    Deconstruction would have been fine if:
    - It had a 10 second timer, like the re-deploy timer
    - Taking any damage would reset the timer
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  10. Lexicon

    Oh noes, a trolling mechanism taken out of the game.

    QQ harder, siiix. The irony of calling people a 'wuss' for wanting the ultimate coward move to stay in the game. L2P

    See i still dont understand the issue. the enemy will either 1: see your vehicle coming, or B: know your there because, well, your either killing them, taking the point, or hacking things. Seeing an ESF, or gal out in a desert doesnt tell them anything. if you bail from your ESF,( presumably an LA), then yourESF gets destroyed anyways. If your making a gal drop, then good luck not getting noticed on arrival, and your probably better off returning the gal for multiple drops. No AMS usually means no base.

    Per your second point: I agree 100%. thats what ive wanted for a while now, which is why im glad that the devs are going to re-implement the decon button once they come up with a good method thats fair. For now, Im glad they got rid of it until the fair fix, because IMO the potential benefits far outweigh the problems that its been causing.
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  12. Darkard

    I don't know why they did not use the already in place "In battle" mechanic that is used to turn Nanite Auto-repair on or off and apply that to the Deconstruct button.

    If an ESF hasn't taken damage in the last 30 seconds then you can Decon. If you haven't managed to hit your target even once in 30 seconds then he has far superior flying skill than you or he got away.
    This still allows you to Decon a useless vehicle you used for one purpose or another but you cant Decon it to deny someone XP while they are actively shooting the damm thing anymore.
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  13. Oheck

    Well naturally ******** like this feature. As you stated you enjoy pissing people off. I'm sure you are not the sort the developers are looking to support. Glad they changed it, and I'm glad folks like you are angry about it. Guess it is fun pissing off the right people.
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  14. RobotNinja

    Yes, but once again SOE has no concept of fixing anything. SOE developers have only two settings, FUBAR and remove it from the game completely, i.e. Defense XP bonus which instead of fixing they just removed from the game completely making defending bases against equal sized enemy forces or greater just completely pointless.

    A ridiculously simple and utterly obvious fix to the whole people decon'ing to deny xp thing would be to just add a 30 second timer to decon. Now, you have no way to decon aside from spawning a new vehicle if you have the resources which means if you have to get out of your vehicle it's just going to sit somewhere and be free xp for the enemy.

    So, they've gone from removing one lame tactic to replacing it with giving players easy xp to farm from idle vehicles. And hell, I'll take some free xp as much as the next guy but it's still lame.
  15. bodmans

    great that they took it, though i wouldve prefered a larger timer,(and that timer resets when damage is taken)
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  16. SolLeks

    I have had enemy aircraft decon wile I am still shooting at it on more than one occasion.
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  17. Ashnal

    They didn't remove defense XP bonus from the game though. It got changed into a 15% bonus for any action you take while defending. Don't spread misinformation.
  18. RobotNinja

    Yeah, they removed the base defend XP and replaced it with a crappy action bonus. ZOMG...that totally makes defending bases worth it. That must be why this game is so centric on defending versus attack, attack, attack, attack, attack, attack, attack, attack, attack, capture a continent then leave because there's no point in staying, move to next continent, attack, attack, attack, attack, attack...
  19. Crysander

    Im not wasting my time to read all four pages which I don't normally do, but I just wanted to drop a quick PSA in case it hasn't been noted in said four pages.

    The function will be back.
    It will most likely have a damage reset time function.
    Implementation takes longer than just removing it for the short term.
    Via higbys twitter feed.
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  20. gavinbrindstar

    If I leave my tank unattended to go on foot into a tech plant, and an enemy blows up my unoccupied tank, how is that skill? The people in favor of removing deconstruct entirely say that deconstruct isn't skillful, but how is blowing up an unoccupied, undefended tank skill? I think a 15 second timer, reset on taking damage, is the best option.
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