[Guide] Comprehensive Guide to Light Assault

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Iridar51, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. TheBloodEagle

    Amazed at how detailed you went with this thread. Great job.
  2. belthazor3457

    I would like to note, in regards to the flash grenades, that you can press Q while flashed and spot enemies, whom will still appear to you even if flashed (source, flash grenade review on youtube where that is filmed).
  3. ShumaKun

    Nice guide, I'm also playing on ceres, I will look forward to some 1v1 with you :)
  4. DemoEvolved

    Probably The Best use of a LA is when you are attacking an Airpad tower. You JJ up, bypassing the first floor stairs. Already the enemy is not expecting you.
    Then you take the Yellow energy lift up to the Airpads at the top. When you are at the top of the lift, use your jets and you can land on a ledge above the top floor exits. Noone expects you there.
    From there, you can gank peeps repairing AA or peeking down from the landing pads super easy. It's also easy to jet around the corner if they see you.

    SPA and Reflex 2x are great here.
  5. Regal

    i dont usualy play LA... medic and engi being my main 2 i play mostly,,,,
    But after watching them drifter videos!! OUCH!!! they just cost me 1700 certs!! nearly all i had saved!! so 2 c4 and lvl 5 drifters later im havin LOADS of fun... just awesome.....

    Now i cant decide to stick with my Lynx i already had or to buy a shotgun..... any thoughts? :)
  6. HerpTheDerp

    What's with all the color? Did someone put LSD in my coffee again?

    Anyway, might as well offer my 2 certs about the NC selection.

    AF-19 Mercenary: The default NC carbine is, predictably, a jack of all trades and master of none. What's nice about the Merc is that it has mid-tier damage value unlike TRAC-5 and Solstice. This is especially important for the LA who usually spend most time away from ammo drops and terminals. More damage per bullet = more potential people killed, and the slower rate of fire helps with ammo conservation as well.

    Razor GD-23: An alternative to the Merc for a hefty 1000 certs. The Good: Even faster reload, same 167 damage per bullet, recoil pulls only in one direction and there's less first shot recoil, and noticeably faster projectile(fastest among all NC carbines by far). The bad: slower RoF and thus smallest overall DPS of all NC weapons. The Ugly: that stupid blue light at the back of the gun. If you can stomach 8.3% reduction in DPS and that stupid blue light then honestly this is a straight-up upgrade to the Mercenary.

    GD-7F: The dedicated CQB carbine with Adv. Laser sight. Typical stuff - melts face in CQB/hipfire/jetfire, offset by worse CoF values when ADSing. Also only 143 damage per bullet, which combined with RoF of 845 means you'll chew through ammo faster than a korean kid through rice. Oh and the reload time is just stupidly long, seriously.

    AC-X11: This is supposed to be a long range carbine but it sort of fails. It has slowest projectile of all NC carbines which certainly doesn't help with leading targets at range, noticeably worse hipfire accuracy, slightly worse ADS accuracy on the move, and of course higher recoil(but Adv. Grip will take care of that). While it does have the top-tier damage per bullet, the mag is only 20 rounds with 100 reserve, so you're not getting more bang for your buck compared to the Merc/Razor. How about you just forget this gun exists and get a shotgun with slugs when you want a dedicated mid/long range weapon?

    Gauss Compact S: Like all "select fire" versions of carbines for all factions, this is basically the default carbine(In this case, the Merc) but nerfed. Slightly longer reload, slightly more recoil, slightly lower RoF. If you absolutely must have the grenade launcher, then, well, you don't have a choice. But IMO it's not worth gimping yourself in all firefights just so you can pop a MAX ocassionally, especially since the nade launcher is still buggy.
  7. Iridar51

    Thanks for your contribution, I added some of your quotes to the guide.
    I used colors for fun and to make guide not look like an endless wall of text.
  8. Caracal

    Just stopping by to correct this. You can stick C4 to a ceiling. It required jump packing up till you hit the ceiling, looking at the ceiling, and then placing it.
  9. Iridar51

    I'll correct it rightaway.
  10. Caracal

    thank you, just glad i could contribute, even a little bit
  11. AngryPlayer

    So I've started playing more LA since I managed to get the 700 certs for the 2 c4 on him back during the double xp week. I bought the Lynx when it was on sale and I have the Jaguar. I've been using the Jaguar (have adv. laser sight and 1x reflex) and was wondering if I should bother getting a suppressor and soft point ammo or should I grab a 2x reflex and HS/NV scope for longer engagement/night time fighting?
  12. Lakora

    I'd say grab the HS/NV for those rare occassions where you can't 100% be sure if there's an Inf around. Also silencer can be golden if you get into a good position and always manage to kill them before anyone looks. At least that's my opinion... Got the GD7(NC version of Jaguar/Lynx one or the other) with Adv. Laser and HS/NV and I find it just awesome. :D Now if I could just hip fire properly...
  13. Iridar51

    You should get 2x reflex and use it for engagements at longer range, Jaguar is just as good for that as any default carbine.
    1x reflex is for CQC, and, strictly speaking, you shouldn't use ADS in CQC, especially with advanced laser sight.

    Soft point ammo is a weird animal and gets controversial comments. It's supposed to let your bullets retain their Max Damage componet for additional 5 meters, which is a good thing, however it hinders your abilities at range strongly. So does suppressor.
    It's a playstyle thing, if you're always in the enemie's face, then there's no reason not to get them.
    If you don't mind losing all ability to reliably hit anything past 30 meters, then that's the way to go. Otherwise, you're just as good without them.
  14. AngryPlayer

    Yeah I generally won't shoot at anything past 15-20m anyways.
  15. Ailin

    A video you could add to the thread, just a 1 life killing spree inside of a tower:

    When people compare shotguns to the other guns, they only focus on the things the shotgun can't do compared to them. They fail to consider the things you can do with a shotgun that you can't do with the rifles.
  16. Iridar51

    Nice, some balls you got there in this playstyle. Thanks for your contribution, I'll add the video.
  17. Lakora

    Drifters? But I assume that's the sweeper if so you just helped me decide on what to cert for it first. :D Extended mag here I come!
  18. Ailin

    Thanks for the compliments! And no, no drifters, I use the stock jetpack. I find it helps me pull off a lot of good infiltrations that I may not have been able to do with the drifters, as well as mind games by going over cover when enemies think I'll be coming around and such. However, I have never tried the drifters either, do you recommend them?

    And yes, it is the Sweeper. I love the damn thing to bits, the extended mag is an advantage I'll not soon relinquish after having tasted of its bounty!
  19. Lakora

    Never really used them myself, just wondered since you weren't using it in your vid.
  20. Ailin

    Ah, yeah, I usually do use them, and there's at least one point where I do in the vid (when i kill the two guys on the stairs, then the HA comes from behind me and I fly over him) but I had plenty of options there to weave and duck around, so... In hidnsight, I should have jumped down the tower there at the end before I died, though.