[Guide] Comprehensive Guide to Light Assault

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  1. Iridar51

    The guide is moved again!
    You can find an up to date version of the guide at:

    I had to move the guide to the separate website because I was reaching a 20.000 symbols and 5 videos limit in each post, and it was very inconvenient to edit.
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  12. Krona

    Well written guide, would link people to it in the future.

    Would like to note that your description of the Solstice Burst is incorrect. The burst variant lacks full auto, having burst/single shot as its only fire modes. Only the Solstice SF allows you to switch between all 3 modes. This is as of beta patch right before launch. It's reasonable to expect the TRAC-5 S and the Gauss Compact S to be the same. Unless you personally tried the TRAC-5 S.

    I'll let your know If I see anything else.
  13. trippletea

    Very nice comprehensive LA guild, request for sticky if possible. Though i've not seen anyone request sticky in the forums yet. Anywho, just as a small note, now that i've read your underbarrel section though I think it may've been the glitch. Don't know if Underbarrel nade launcher does damage to maxes or not. And i've been trying to save up certs for my C4. But don't know whether I want to get that first or just cert up the rest of my jetpack the rest of the way. I'm already at lvl 3 jet pack. If anything i'll get the first block of C4 and maybe cert more into jet pack till the last rank then get the other block of C4 :). Just my 2 cents. Thx again for the guide. I'm sure it'll be helpful to some who find the class to be a lil daunting as how squishy we are lol. But we're a Hit and run class.:eek:
  14. japro

    Small correction, the NC Gauss Compact Burst carbine has a 2 shot burst and it replaces the full auto fire ("additional" makes it sound like it has auto and burst fire modes)
  15. Achmed20

    pretty impressice guide you did there.
    but some points duplicated. 7.1.2 for example can be foudn 2 times (with the same content)
  16. Vronti

    Excellently written guide there, I can back up your points from my experiences as a VS LA. Can also back up the jetting right after getting knifed point. I've done that a few times (and got very angry tells from the knifers), apparently they knife right as you jet and it doesn't get hit confirmation -- very frustrating for them. Anyhow, bookmarked the guide for future reference, great compendium of quotes from the various threads, I remember most of them from looking through those threads myself.

    @Trippletea Do yourself a favor my friend and get the extra C4. The difference between killing a prowler and just hurting it is a huge one. If you only damage it then have to get out of there, the tank commander can just hop out and repair -- then you don't even get any xp. Level 3 jetpacks is what I ran with for a very long time (level 5 now saving for the last level), and it will get you everywhere you really need, especially in regards to placing C4.
  17. Wrel Developer

    That is an outstanding and (you made good on your word) comprehensive guide.

    Also, thanks for featuring a couple of my Drifter videos (the Review and Accuracy Testing ones.)

    You're an asset to this community, great work.
  18. Iridar51

    Thanks for al the feedback. Sadly, I can't yet fix typos and errors, because I can edit messages only within 30 minutes of posting.
    I'm looking for a way to bypass this rule, but haven't had success yet.

    Looks like Guide was made sticky, thanks to RadarX.

    Information duplication is intended. Idea was, that if a player has a specific point that interests him, he'll browse this guide and read only the part that he cares about.
  19. Paqu

    Very nice guide indeed and deserves its stickyness. :)
    I can only imagine how long it must have taken for you to sum up all this info and put it all together.
  20. Mcponington

    I'm not sure if this has been mentioned as I have not read all the replies.

    Flak armor does save you from being killed by a single proximity mine. It is pretty game changing when rushing a point as the majority of players turn around when they hear the explosion thinking you will be a dead body. I usually only play LA in biolab/building assault and don't rate using other upgrades instead of it. It really does depend how mine happy your server is though. My highest rank of Flak armor is 4 on my engineer and a single proximity mine will take away all my shield and a couple of bars of life. It's pretty cool when you can walk over a mine kill the defender, cap a point while your shield recharges and then walk over the other mine they placed and still survive.