[Guide] Comprehensive Guide to Light Assault

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  1. Flukeman62

    sorry i thought i read it somewhere that it was the other way round my bad.
  2. Kcalehc

    Point 7.1.3 About attachments, you say "As far as I know, UB GL doesn't damage vehicles."

    The UBGL does indeed damage vehicles; however only a very, very small amount. I'd estimate somewhere in the region of 1% to a stock sunderer. I have also killed a Flash with one (it may have been previously damaged) and had a hit register on a Lightning (didn't see the damage done though).
  3. Compass

    Grenade launchers do approximately 5% to a Sunderer.

    6 grenade launcher shells, even with the range nerf, is enough to take out a tank to the rear, putting their damage at

    In other words, each grenade launcher round does perhaps 625 direct impact damage.

    This means a tank can be killed from the side or top with 12 grenade launcher rounds, or 14 from the front, assuming no armor.
  4. Iridar51

    Thanks, I'll add your quote to the guide.
  5. Orbit

    Thanks for writing this guide, I'm a light assault noob and found this extremely enlightening. Shared :)
  6. Iridar51

    Thanks. Keep in mind that this guide is severely outdated (like several Game Updates behind) and some of the things highlited here are simply not the case anymore.

    That said, I've no plans to update this thing any time soon, as I rarely play PS2 nowadays.
    Too many tanks and aircraft for my taste.
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  7. blzbug

    As an LA, I enjoy tanks. Gives me a juicy C4 target :) The problem is the SW corner of Indar is really schitty for infantry resources. I'm sure this is not news for VS who were stuck here before. For income, I typically have +50 aero +50 mech and +20 infantry. I can't keep C4 or mines in stock. Sux.
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  8. Iridar51

    It's fine as long it's, say, one tank per 5 to 10 infantry. I stopped playing on Indar alltogether because it feels like there's 1 tank per 1 infantry.
    I wish there were more zones like biolabs. Or even a whole continent with only flashes and sunderers allowed.
  9. ladiesop

    Hi, the info about Soft Point ammo is proven incorrect now: it does not decrease your minimum damage, the only thing it does (negative) is lower your projectile velocity. Because of this, the damage drop-off gives a bit more damage a bit after that, so in mid range they may actually do more damage than regular ammo.

    This was stated by a developer and roughly tested here: http://forums.station.sony.com/ps2/...soft-point-ammo-and-high-velocity-ammo.99110/
  10. Iridar51

    Thanks, I'll correct the guide.
  11. Natasia

    Why didnt you write about SMG? Dou you think its not an Option?
  12. Iridar51

    I don't want to do any large updates to the guide, got better things to do.
  13. SpecOps Delta

    What a wonderful guide! Thank you very much for your effort!
  14. MassHysteria

    Ya thanks for this. Glad I saw this.
  15. Iridar51

    An announcement

    The guide is horribly out of date, many facts and statements are simply not the case anymore.
    I do not plan on updating this guide, because I do not play PS2 anymore.

    I think, some prominent community members should pull (pool?) their resources together and make a new comprehensive guide.
    Anyone can copy any part of "my" guide as they see fit, I have nothing against it. Besides, most of this guide are quotes and videos made by other players anyway.
    This guide can and should be un-sticky-ed and be allowed to be consumed by infinite depths of the abyss, once the new guide is ready to take its place.

    Ask SOE staff (community relations?) for sticky and editing rights.
    Be well, Iridar51 signing off.
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  16. ladiesop

    Shame to see you go, but thanks for the contributions. Your guide certainly helped me in the earlier days of this game.
  17. NCVeteran

    Probably should of warned people it was this long :3
  18. ArticEagle

    btw, nice guide. However, the TRAC-5 Burst isn't exactly like a bursting normal TRAC-5. The TRAC-5 burst actually has better sustained fire accuracy and 3rd shot accuracy than the TRAC-5 by a little bit AND you can equip HVA on the TRAC-5 Burst, which, as you already know, cannot be equipped on the normal TRAC-5. That's basically all that is different with the TRAC-5 vs TRAC-5 Burst
  19. ArticEagle

    Aim accuracy, that is.
  20. ladiesop

    Things have changed since the guide was written.
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