C4 is too expensive

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Perk-i, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Zernok

    Bought the c4, can have max 2 by spending 700 certs into it. Does the same damage as in the end of the beta, not worth the 700 certs imo which saddens me.
  2. NinjaPirate

    I was replying to an earlier statement about MAX'es, hence my reference to them.
    Two C4's will kill any vehicle from the Rear armor Except Sunderers, Full health Sundies will survive, and how many Rockets To the rear armor of a tank does it take?...Two, the same, the difference is the Rockets can fly hundreds of meters while the C4 has a range of about....10...at best. Also the Rockets are free.

    As for your other points, despite being a little off topic,
    -The LA weapons are outclassed by Medic and HA rifles in pretty much every way.
    -Yes you have mobility, that is the point of trading Engineering, Medical tools or shields for the Jetpack.
    -Squad beacons are only available to the Squad leader, One man, also moot point considering it has nothing to do with C4.
    -Aircraft bailing, again, trading for the Jetpack, and also quite an insignificant perk to have.
    -Any weapon with grenade launcher attached to it will kill people, doesn't matter what you wear on your back.

    Again, this thread is about C4 cost, please keep it at that. :)
    I think i provided enough justification for the cost reduction, taking into account its actual effectiveness and use within the class and its balance.
  3. Marzipanzer

    Yes, you're absolutely correct. Being able to bypass obstacles and fight unpredictably isn't remarkable at all!
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  4. FA_Q2

    Cert price is fine though I think that other clases sould be much higher than the LA in cert cost BUT 100 inf resource is over the top. Inf resorce cost should be reduced.
  5. Playful Pony

    Did strike me as really high at first, but now I'm not worried about it anymore. I've earned far more than 200 certs already. Spent it on other more interesting stuff, but I've earned it! Doesn't take that long, I'm glad there are some expensive unlocks available to strive for so that everyone doesn't get all the stuff right away! Also encourages more specialization, an early player would have to sacrifice other upgrades if he wishes to use the C4. That's a good thing. I sacrificed C4 for some other upgrades, and i'm still having fun. It's not a must-have, even though I sometimes wish I had gone for it instead. My fault! Not the games.

    It kills MAXes in 1 hit and MBTs in 2... I think thats MORE than reasonable X3.
  6. Sikab

    If you think about that HA gets the Anti-Vehicle toy for free... That 200Cert for only 1 C4 (which is not enough to even scratch a heavy vehicle) is a LOT.
  7. HvcTerr

    Not directly, but the indirect way is still plenty strong. Depending on how things stack, you can pay $$$ for 115% cert generation, and everything you buy in the store with $$$-into-Stationcash is something you don't need to spend certs on.
  8. Krona

    I can deal with the certs for it being expensive as all hell, but seriously 100 resources PER? Maybe I'm just cranky because I don't have a giant stockpile of it anymore, but DAMN.
  9. SiosDashcR

    Someone brought up that the C4 is ALL the Light Assault have - And that's far from true.

    The Light Assault - In its essence is meant for mobility. However you justify that trade off for a more supportive tool, is however you want to.

    However, it is NOT meant for C4-ing alone. C4s are fine as they are - if you know how to use them, you wouldn't be spamming them off all time - thus Infantry cost wouldn't be as big of a deal as you may think they are.
  10. NinjaPirate

    How players use their C4, and how Frequently they use it is somewhat irrelevant, its a playstyle choice, however we are talking about their Certification cost in relation to their actual effectiveness and position within the class, not so much their Resource cost, even if it is a tad on the high side.

    And as a side note, I've been playing since the tech test and using C4 frequently ever since they were introduced to the game, so I'm not just rambling based on assumptions, i have experience with it.
  11. Tawkis

    Wait a minute... we have grenade launchers??

  12. NinjaPirate

    He's talking about Underbarrel grenade launchers, they're a certification on weapons, we had them in beta, i know they removed them from Most guns now, but some still have them.
  13. Witchkrapht

    I fancy myself a "tank hunter" which means I go through C4 like nobodies business. I think the Cert Cost is somewhat high...not so much for the first unlock but for the second one. As for the Resource cost....doesn't affect me a bit....because I regain Infantry Resources extremely fast.
  14. RogueComet

    We REALLY need to have the cert price reduced for LA's C4. (I have no problem with 100 resources, it is worth every penny of them.)

    Infiltrator gets the Recon Device, they can cert prox mines.
    Combat Medic gets the Medical Applicator, they can cert C4.
    Engineer gets the Nano-Armor Kit, they can cert Prox Mines, Tank Mines, and C4.
    Heavy Assault gets their rocket launchers, they can cert C4.

    ALL those classes START with an extra tool when compared to LA. LA runs around with a weapon and a pistol without C4. THAT IS IT. I'm sorry but this is totally unbalanced class-wise. To balance this fact that Light Assault starts with so much less than other classes, they really need to reduce the cert cost for C4 for Light Assault. It is simply, the fact that they start with many less toys than the other classes, it should definitely be less for them to cert C4.

    My suggestion:
    First Brick: 100 (or 150 certs)
    Second Brick: 200 (or 300 certs)

    Please do make this change, without it the LA is gimped with how many different toys they can get and use compared to other classes. We just want equity and class balance!
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  15. Aresius

    Wait, were they ever even remotely useful? Last time I used one of them they did a laughable damage, they were only good for finishing off a sunderer you C4'd.
  16. lysono

    LA are not made to be strongest in a solo situation unlike other classes. They work best in groups and the jetpacks are more then enough to equal that out. Every other class has to let thier gaurd down and switch to thier "skill" to use it. LA can come in destroy the enemy and leave in means that no one esle can.

    Can't tell you how many times i wish i had a gernade or some c4 when running around, but by no means does it make me a "****" or "useless".
  17. TheArchetype

    I posted the same thread in the general discussion before seeing this one. This really has got to be toned down. A lot. It was around 20 and 50 during the beta, and that made a lot of sense. They jacked up all prices at the end of the beta, but probably didn't get negative feedback because all the testers had unlocked these guns when the prices were low. This is not cool.
  18. TheArchetype

    You have to understand that most people (like me) have priorities in life and have to attend to their work. There is no way I can get that many certs in one night being a casual, and not the greatest shot (granted), gamer. If you have it and no one else does, the balance shift to your favor. Grinders, Payers, and Casuals were supposed to have a balance. This obviously does not seem to be SOE's agenda anymore.
  19. Witchkrapht

    First off....we START with an extra tool too. It's called JETPACKS!

    Secondly, I'll agree with 100 (1st C4) and 300 (2nd C4)....500 for the 2nd brick is too damn high. Resource cost is fine though...so we agree there :p
  20. noobishtactic

    You can easily get 25-50 certs in 1 hour, its not so hard to get it. The high price for stuff does just one thing, it forces you to specialize.

    You cant have everything at the start, just accept it.
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