C4 is too expensive

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Perk-i, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. MarlboroMan-E

    Me too, man, me too. The only way I was able to marathon was cause of the pending Thanksgiving weekend. All I'm saying is that it didn't take all that long ... one good marathon for a hardcore player or a week for folks with jobs...I want it faster too, but it's not impossible.
  2. FieserMoep

    Well, I have adjusted to play without C4, it was never my "main" weapon because I prefer Gunplay but I mostly used it against small Infantry zergs that defend key positions though the grenades work fine too ATM.

    But I agree, the C4 should be far more cheaper. The whole "goal" of the LA is to get into the heat of the fight or infiltrate and that means a ******** of danger. You should be rewarded for that risk and this reward can only be taken with the right tools at your disposal, and C4 is one of these essential tools that might even define a whole class just as the Launchers, LMGs and Shield does with the HA.

    The HA has the resilience, the versatility, the range and the punch. Just make the LA comparable. We have the mobility instead of the resilience, and for the range we have close range power. But we realy lack the versatility and with it the corresponding punch.
  3. RogueComet

    Excuse me but you are very unknowledgable calling that a TOOL.
    Infiltrator get a CLOAK that balances jetpack.
    Engineer gets a TURRET.
    Heavy gets a SHIELD.

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  4. Schisist

    HA = Rifle, Pistol. Special: Shield. Bonus: Rocket Launcher

    Medic = Rifle, Pistol. Special: AoE+Self heal. Bonus: Heal Gun+Res.

    Engineer = Rifle, Pistol. Special: None -but-. Bonus: Ammo AND repair gun AND turret, more than makes up for no F.

    Infiltrator = Rifle, Pistol. Special: Cloak. Bonus: Proximity Detector.

    LA = Rifle, Pistole. Special: Jetpack. Bonus: Nothing.

    Add in to that, the Medic rifle is better than LA rifle, and the Engineer has the same GD rifle we do.

    No one sees a problem with this? Enjoy your empty servers in 6 months.
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  5. Undead Clown

    I hate people like you, so just because 1 class isn't "balanced" in your mind, EVERYONE is going to stop playing?
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  6. Rasdwatrium

    Guys, guys! We have Jetpacks! Do you even get this? JETPACKS! You can fkken fly!
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  7. krizy9000

    nades are 45 i say 60-65 max price as it is risk and reward with the c4 but im happy it costs a lot for the cert it means you have to dedicate your self to get the c4 briks perks unlike the self heal and ect which are noob friendly:confused:
  8. Nak2

    The dev's might have been afraid it'll end like Battlefield 2-3: (C4+Car=Boom)
  9. Witchkrapht

    Don't be silly. The Infil's Cloak does them more harm than good and gets them killed more often than not. The Engineer Turret is pretty decent, but leaves them wide open as easy targets. The HA Shield is rubbish.

    The Jetpack offers maneuverability that is unmatched by every other "tool" or "special ability". It is far more superior than what is offered to the other classes.

    I don't mind having to buy my own C4....it wasn't difficult to get.
  10. Raez

    C4 actually doesn't kill anything. maybe 2 might but 1 is just another grenade that costs 100 resources.
  11. FluffyM

    I've been mirroring these same thoughts for a long time. Now that 2 C4s cost so much in certs alone, I doubt I will even unlock them within the next 6 months. It needs to be cheaper, both in certs (1 C4 would do nothing for me, needs 2 to be even worth considering) as well as resources (though I don't feel too strongly about the latter).

    I'm fairly certain that everybody here is aware of the LA jetpack and I don't intend to play down its usefulness, but what the jetpack comes down to most of the time is "that ability that allows me to get more kills and not to take falldamage". This is an objective-based game. Most all objectives require more to take than just jetpacking onto a rooftop/dropping from a bridge and killing a few guys. As more and more people unlock S-AMS, C4 (or lack thereof) will become increasingly important, not to mention the hordes of tanks that can be seen around every bigger hub.

    Sunderers are a huge boon to both attack and defense and are very easy to defend since you can respawn on them and they have a large healthpool. Having another class that can deal (under great risk) with Sundies without playing the game for ages can't be a bad thing.

    And let's look at the LA as a class-concept. Huge mobility is great, it's why I (and most people here, I'm guessing) love the class, but that isn't really enough to define a class. At least not in a game like this, in traditional FPSs it might be enough, think scout in TF2.
    That probably is the main reason we got C4 in the first place. To now make it so expensive seems counter-productive. The LA inherently doesn't further objective-focused gameplay (well, they do, but not to an extent where smart play really pays off in the big scheme of things), and then we wonder why people deathmatch over the Crown for several hours at a time. LA is a killing machine right now. An insanely fun, rather effective killing machine, but it brings little else to the table which is a shame.

    Imo making C4 cheaper would add more depth to the game itself (squad covers while LA applies C4 -> Sundie gone if the squad isn't outmatched- this is good gameplay. 4 HAs shooting rockets at an immobile object for 5 minutes while engies repair it isn't), would help define the LA as a class better (again, I know the jetpack is great, I wouldn't want to give it up for anything, but it doesn't really do too much for objective-play) and would probably cut down on mindless armor-spam a little bit. Did I mention that having C4 can also be fun?
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  12. Cob

    I finally got to 200 certs and bought C4! For the engineer! FML!
  13. iambeastx

    200 is fine for the first one, its easily reachable.
    500 for the 2nd is downright crazy, i'd be ok with 300.

    100 resources is a bit steep but manageable, any lower than 80 would be too easy imo.

    One C4 takes a lightning to 5-15% health from full health (depending on there skills).
    One C4 wipes out a max and his buddies.
  14. Dovahkiin

    C4 is extremely useful. This is why:
    • C4 can take out vehicle terminals, rendering the enemy at a disadvantage.
    • It can take out Sunderers (3 bricks) which eliminates enemy mobile spawning in that area
    • It kills maxes or lightnings with 1 stick of C4
    • It can take out any MBT with 2 sticks of C4
    • It can be used to set up traps/suprises (especially on base capture points)
    • It can be used on a flash or ESF's and blown up at the last minute
    As you can see, C4 is very useful, and therefore, this justifies the huge price.
  15. NDroid

    C4 is indeed very useful, but the point is that the LA class doesn't have any other tools at his disposal by default, and is the one who is best suited to utilize it. That's why I agree that the cert price for it is too steep- during beta it was cheaper for the LA compared to other classes for whom it's more of a luxury and for a good reason.
    The resource cost doesn't bother me as much to be honest, C4 is not something that should be spammed around. Although 80 would probably be better.
  16. Yalk

    Cert cost is way too f***ing high

    Resource cost...whatever...If I ever get the certs I won't mind it...

    C4 isn't something you need or should use all the time...but when you do and when it's time it's usually worth the cost...

    Unless you die (probable)
    Fail to destroy (possible)
    Or any number of things that can go wrong getting within spitting distance of near certain death
  17. GeneralDisarray

    The cert cost is high but understandable. But 100 resources EACH?! Something is seriously wrong about spending twice as much as a MAX to get two C4. The 50 resource cost was fairly prohibitive during beta, unless your team was dominating. I can understand maybe pushing it to 75, but 100 each is far too much. I feel like I just completely wasted 200 certs.
  18. CaaKEE

    kinda expensive yeah... but I got the second last night (with help of my purple medal on merc) and I must say... its fabulous...
  19. Bombless

    I see the second C4 brick as the endgame of the LA (along with the final jetpack rank). That's why the cost is prohibitive. I would had preferred it to be in the range of 400-450 but here we are. Being free and all there has to be some carrot dangling in front of the player to stay with the game for a long time.

    If anything it's the Inf Ressource cost that bothers me. 100 is A LOT. Incidentally even more once you unlock the 2nd brick and start blowing tanks up.
  20. pochacco

    aren't smokes and flashes cheaper than c4?

    it's a sign

    there should be significantly less vehicle-busting LAs and more sneaky LAs