C4 is too expensive

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Perk-i, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Perk-i

    Sheesh... 200 and 500 certs to unlock one and two block carry, and then each block you use costs 100 infantry resources.

    Since C4 is one of only two tricks light assault gets... I'm seriously wondering why it's so expensive.
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  2. NinjaPirate

    It should be 100 and 200 at most, its not a weapon of mass destruction by any means, only rarely do you get to drop one into a crowd and even then a grenade would've done the same if not better.
    And its indeed one of only two good (And Fun!) tools the LA has, not to mention its only Anti-Vehicle solution, and even that is quite a dangerous job to attempt.
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  3. Trysaeder

    It should be 10 and 50 for the LA.
  4. Village

    200 and 500 is insane. At the absolute most 100 and 200
  5. Kane Hart

    Please remember this is a MMORPG not Battlefield. 200-500 is just fine but I would agree though infantry needs to be toned down a bit.
  6. HvcTerr

    C4 is such a massive game-changer that it has to be cheap, in order to avoid "Newbies get Screwed" phenomenon.

    With/without C4 is a hell of a lot more than a "20% power difference".

    Horsepucky. Like BF3 (and unlike most "MMORPG" games) Planetside 2 is designed to allow PvP combat between both max-upgraded characters and complete newbies. Can you imagine how f***ed-up a game like WoW would get if all gameplay involved Level-80 characters killing Level-1 characters with a sneeze?

    PS2, like BF3, is under a much greater obligation to ensure that Min-vs-Max players don't have a huge gap in power. Compare two Light Assault players, and two blocks of C4 is an enormous difference in how many people and vehicles they can take down. That is only acceptable if the cost to get the C4 is low.
  7. Skurcey

    well C4 is very effective vs vehicles. Light assault role isnt much suppose to be used that way
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  8. OldMaster80

    I believe the idea behind C4 is that is something players shouldn't be able to spam, that's why it's so expansive. 3 Light Assault dropping C4 from the top of base can do a massive amount of kills before being spotted so, as far as I see it, C4 price is fine.
    Don't forget you can unlock weapons and increase certifications gain by subscibing or via item shop ;)
  9. Bigperm

    LA is supposed to be sneaky and get damage in when it can. If you can sneak up on a tank or sundy, you should be rewarded.

    Jetpacks themselves aren't enough to make the LA stand out on it's own.
  10. Purple

    its not as bad as it seems. i already am only 400 certs away from getting my second one. and with how powerfull they are im fine with the price.
  11. Sikab

    depends. C4 can 1shot a MAX.
  12. Shadestrike

    ...No, it's an MMOFPS, and the LA needs something defining besides just a jumpjet. I feel it should be auto unlocked at the first rank.
  13. Perk-i

    C4 cannot be unlocked with Smedbucks. I'd understand the high price if it was a money maker for SOE, but it's not. As for the boosts - with the bug on the Alpha Squad 10%, I can't equip another boost without losing the next six months of 10% =/
  14. NinjaPirate

    Well we can consider several things here,
    MAX has few Hard counters among infantry, in fact it only has two, the Rocket launchers and C4. That one brick of C4 costs nearly as much as the MAX itself and carries a Significant Certification cost which the MAX itself does not have, and still relies on the LA getting close to the MAX.

    The C4 merely balances the odds of the LA to kill the MAX with the odds of the MAX killing the LA, they're both lethal to each other.

    The C4 is as essential of a tool to the LA as the Rocket launcher is to the HA, and half the time it is quite harder to use in comparison, I just do not see any justification to pinning such a high cost to such a basic tool.
  15. SiosDashcR

    Two C4s basically kill almost all vehicles (MBTs and Sunders included.)

    It's not about the damage it does to MAX suits but how easy it is to take out vehicles.


    On another note: When you become a Light Assault, you already:

    a) Have a great default gun with relatively nice accuracy and damage
    b) Have a high mobility - so that you're able to get in certain areas people cannot and can camp nice places
    c) Because of high mobility - You can set squad beacons in some really great places that no one would find until way later
    d) You're able to crash your airplane and deploy out safely instead of spending the 200-500 (forgot) for Safe Ejection
    e) Light Assault + Grenade Launcher = Ridiculous
  16. Grotpar

    I always thought that cheap C4 was a nice LA perk, if it's really that expensive(I haven't checked) I think they should definitely lower it, but only for LAs.

    While we're at it, might as well give them additional ranks, so they can pick up one for 50, and then 100/200/500 for the second, third and fourth, each will increase the amount of C4 carried by one.
  17. Sikab

    woah woah. i didn't said C4 is way too strong or not :D I'm fully with you. C4 price needs a significant reduction.
  18. MarlboroMan-E

    I don't know y'all, I was thinking it was too expensive too, but after only one day of play, I've got enough certs to grab it. Granted, I played 6-7 hours last night and one more this morning, but if you can get something as powerful as C4 in a day or two of hard playing ... seems ok. It really did seem high to me at first.
  19. Flix

    Is anyone telling us how much dmg c4 does considering that it costs 100 inf? I definitivly hope that it deals a hell of a lot dmg for 1/7 of my infresources for one single use.

    Onehitting a MAX...fair trade. 100 against 100 points. everything else would be rather strange.
  20. Perk-i

    It's either been buffed or just fixed so it actually does damage consistently now. No doubt it's powerful. It will one shot a Max or a Lightning. One brick will not outright a full health Sundy or MBT, but
    based on the damage that one does, I'm assuming two bricks will kill an MBT and burn a Sunderer like in Beta.

    That of course is balanced by the fact that you have to actually get right up next to said vehicles as an infantryman. This is not easy if the driver isn't an idiot and sitting in amongst buildings or rocks. If it's like beta there will also be a considerable delay between throwing the first brick and throwing the second brick, which tends to result in the Light Assault getting run over =)

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