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  1. chamks liked JarredGalaxy's post in the thread [Suggestion] Prowler buffs: Rework the Rampart Projector.

    This is likely something that's been brought up numerous times since it got added to the Prowler following its changes during the CAI and...

    Feb 16, 2024 at 9:34 AM
  2. chamks liked AuricStarSand's post in the thread [Suggestion] Toss all the noob medics hp buffs & dps nerfs. 2nd tanky class..

    HA is the tanky class. Why not 2 tanky classes? How about medic? Suggestion: Medic gets double the hp it has now & does 1/3rd less dmg...

    Feb 16, 2024 at 6:42 AM
  3. chamks liked xMeserionx's post in the thread State of the Game from a Vet's Perspective.

    Do I Count as a Veteran? Well I've been playing the game regularly for about 8 years now, so I think it counts. Been in my outfit for...

    Feb 12, 2024
  4. chamks replied to the thread baf the max.

    the 1.5 dmg i mentioned is the ovelhole dmf output of the max compare to a 600 rpm 167 dmg gun approximately. the archer must be reduced by...

    Feb 12, 2024
  5. chamks posted a new thread.

    baf the max

    hello players, why is a unit that cost 350 nanites (7 minutes worth of time), big, balky and slow, cant drive, cant capture the point, cant...

    Forum: PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion

    Feb 11, 2024
  6. chamks liked RiP0k's post in the thread Will there be work on problems in the Construction System this year?.

    List of problems: -Low survivability of structures, especially the Command Center -Constant running around due to the new module system...

    Feb 3, 2024
  7. chamks replied to the thread rant about fortification..

    totaly agree. its a chore to build now. not only that its also ridiculously vulnerable and fragile. just like everything meaningfull in...

    Jan 25, 2024
  8. chamks liked Droidverizer's post in the thread rant about fortification..

    Silo ownership now does not let you delete anything that other people places in your base. Before fortification we were able too. watch...

    Jan 25, 2024
  9. chamks replied to the thread What's wrong with Cobalt and Miller servers?.

    yo im stuck at the loading screen where you choose chr. 90% of time it stuck in "logging in" and i have to exit the game. robot chr never...

    Jan 15, 2024
  10. chamks replied to the thread There is no longer a time of wisdom and reason.

    completely agree, it could use some improvements to make it less chore and more comfortable to build and defend. and be much tankier

    Dec 30, 2023
  11. chamks liked littleshan1's post in the thread There is no longer a time of wisdom and reason.

    There was a time when the Construction system was so good that no matter how many enemies there were, as long as you found a way, there...

    Dec 30, 2023
  12. chamks liked Illtempered's post in the thread Make Auraxis Globular Again.

    I don't who remembers this, but when the game was released you could fly out to the edge of the out of bounds line, and see a nice curved...

    Dec 19, 2023
  13. chamks liked FLHuk's post in the thread [Guide] Planetside 2 is simply genius..

    I had a conversation with a new player on Cobalt last night. He couldn't understand why he couldn't remote deploy a vehicle. He didn't...

    Dec 18, 2023
  14. chamks liked BorgUK1of9's post in the thread [Suggestion] Merge Cobalt and Miller.

    One of the issues coming up now is what we saw when the populations declined on PS1, teaming, two empires actually ignoring each other to...

    Dec 14, 2023
  15. chamks replied to the thread how long we bring back the AI module ?.

    dude im totally agree with you. but it dont have to be either kill everything in a 500 meter radius or do nothing. ai can focus close...

    Dec 11, 2023
  16. chamks replied to the thread how long we bring back the AI module ?.

    no. its not.bit takes a lot of desinging, thought and creativity to build a base. i take into account terrain, structures placement,...

    Dec 10, 2023
  17. chamks replied to the thread how long we bring back the AI module ?.

    w4ll3 no its not. just like they cant carry c4 they shouldnt be able to stalk their way around and kill you when you try to defuse the...

    Dec 10, 2023
  18. chamks replied to the thread how long we bring back the AI module ?.

    not only that, infiltrators can solo kill your base with cortium bombs and there is nothing you can do. i had it once infiltrator did it...

    Dec 10, 2023
  19. chamks replied to the thread New curse words.

    its one of the thing that you should write a letter to the company, not write it in their open forum

    Dec 7, 2023
  20. chamks liked Amador's post in the thread Remove stealth.

    Original post made back in August 2020. A hotly debated topic, even beyond 3 years ago. I don't recall a single proposal or change for...

    Dec 5, 2023
  21. chamks liked AuricStarSand's post in the thread FLYING SUNDIE..

    Melioa your graphics look good. What's your pc specs? As for chamks heh. Language sandwich? sundies. Sometimes I say sundies and they say...

    Nov 21, 2023
  22. chamks liked 36thelement's post in the thread [Suggestion] The spawn system makes starting and maintaining new battles hard.

    Take a sunderer to a base, a few people spawn and attack. A few defenders spawn and you've got a semi-balanced decent small-scale fight for...

    Nov 20, 2023
  23. chamks replied to the thread Remove stealth.

    yeah i agree. in my opinion infils hunter should have one lvl up on the cloak so crouch visability should be like crouch move. also all...

    Nov 20, 2023
  24. chamks replied to the thread FLYING SUNDIE..

    english is so stupid languwich. this word is aktually pronaunce sundie, su like susan, die like diego, not sandy. i mean whats the point in...

    Nov 19, 2023
  25. chamks liked Warspine's post in the thread Remove stealth.

    Ither you remove or rework stealth. Or i will simply take my money and toss in on some other sub and ingame cash. It's simply just griefing...

    Nov 17, 2023
  26. chamks liked IrishInsanity's post in the thread [Suggestion] Planetside 2 Classic.

    Many MMOs like World of Warcraft have been relaunched from initial versions and seen great success. Sell going back in time to the 2012...

    Oct 20, 2023
  27. chamks liked tigerchips's post in the thread RPG working on New Planetside Survival?.

    Are they going to replace the Vanu with zombies now? Not that there's much difference. Joking aside, not another zombie game please.

    Oct 18, 2023
  28. chamks liked Mechwolf's post in the thread PS2 Shuts down?.

    Construction needed to have much smaller "no build" zones around existing bases, and flails and routers with a 500m limit. This way bases...

    Sep 27, 2023
  29. chamks liked TR5L4Y3R's post in the thread What about strengthening the Construction System?.

    which simply is not gonna happen after the departure of a certain someone has there been any mention of a roadmap recently what the...

    Sep 18, 2023
  30. chamks liked Rythix's post in the thread What about strengthening the Construction System?.

    Things I would love to see added to building: Constructions snapping together Especially walls. It's so annyoing if you want to build two...

    Sep 18, 2023
  31. chamks replied to the thread What about strengthening the Construction System?.

    yes as someone who love construction it need revamp and upgrades to comfortability to build and be safe heaven logistic between bases. and...

    Sep 18, 2023
  32. chamks liked Yaesu's post in the thread You know what, Remove Infil Cloak, I could care less. *Heres Why*.

    It's so crappy now they might as well remove them. Just like most everything else, nerfed to uselessness.

    Sep 5, 2023
  33. chamks liked DarkStarAnubis's post in the thread [Suggestion] allow certs transfer between characters.

    Title says it all. I have old characters with tens of thousands of certs 100% useless and starting characters lacking certs to upgrade...

    Sep 4, 2023