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  1. Croakis Guide EQ2 Antonia

    Shalour said
    Yay!! :D
    I will pass this on to all of the guides on Antonia Bayle. :) I know we would be honored to officiate at such a great occasion! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to join in :)
    More Soon! :rolleyes:
  2. Croakis Guide EQ2 Antonia

    Jhael'vyl said:
    Keep an eye open here for "news"... :p I can not say when this will happen... right now.. :confused: but I will do my best to get the "news" :p out there when I have some idea!;)

    More Soon!:rolleyes:
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  3. Croakis Guide EQ2 Antonia

    This just in!! :rolleyes:
    Thursday 11-5 around 4:30pm pacific in Zek.. the Greenhoods are looking for some :confused: "help"... delivering a message to the local orcs! :eek: Could this be the start of a new understanding between these long time enemies?? o_O
    Be sure to come and find out for yourself!;)

    More Soon!:rolleyes:
  4. Ocarinah Member

    Awesome! There are a few new people to the server that never was able to get this quest on their old server that are very excited to get this quest. There will be a bunch more once everyone is able to do the free transfer as well. Thanks so much for all that you do! Guides are so awesome!
  5. Kinyoubi Guide EQ2 Antonia

    Word on the wind says that the balance of the Ethernere is in peril!

    Please come to the Obol Plains on Sunday, November 8th, around 5:00 pm PDT to see if you can help with this News worthy problem!
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  6. Jhael'vyl New Member

    Thank you for this!
  7. Bazerko New Member

    I can say Yesterday which was Thursday was a great success while trying to secure peace between the greenhoods and orcs!
  8. TinweSaa New Member

    We would like to extend an invitation to the guides to join us on AB Server for Festival of Discord, our open air, player run event.



    7p - 8p Opening Ceremony/Blessing/Executions
    8p - 9p Ranged
    9p - 10p Bug Munch
    10p Jousting

    Venue: Ossuary

    2p - 3p High Dive
    3p - 4p Rum Run
    4p - 5p Stick-n-Pike
    5p - 8p Bardic
    8p Lera's Scavenger Hunt of Doom (TM)

    Venue: 5p - 8p Maiden's Fancy
    8p Overlord's Crown

    130p - 430p Arena Fighting
    430p - 730p Guud Eetz
    730p - 830p Haiku
    830p - 1000p Pumpkin Carving

    Venue: 4p - 7p Wayfinders
    7p Wellspring & Peach Pit

    7p - 9p Witch's Brew Contest
    9p - 930p Closing Ceremonies
    930p - 10p March of Champions

    Venue: 10p Soulfire
  9. Atourina New Member

    YAY!! The Festival is back and it starts on my birthday!! Also I'd like to thank everyone who came to story time hosted in my village and a special thanks to Guide Norika and Guide Bellandu for making this a possibility. We will be having it again next Sunday at 7pm EST/4pm PST and will be continuing where we left off with the story. Everyone is encouraged to join us and to bring friends. I do ask though that you send me an in-game mail RSVPing so I know how many books I will need. As a reminder or for those who haven't been there yet you can get there two ways. Housing and Leaderboards - Hall of Fame - #69 - Oakheart Village or you can visit Qeynos - Housing Portal - Tenebrous - Atourina. ((Since everyone can't wait to see what happens next, here's a little hint:Rina trips when leaving the spires and ends up in an awkward position.))
  10. Norika Policy Team Member

    It was my great pleasure to attend, and I look forward to the next time.

    /crosses fingers for Rina.... hope springs eternal!
  11. Smallcorners New Member

    Is Croakis all right?
    *peeks under lilypads*
  12. Croakis Guide EQ2 Antonia

    Yes.... thank you for asking... I have been in hiding!:(
    I have heard rumors about theseo_O .....these... butchers:eek: who absurdly are calling themselves :confused: "chefs"... that are hunting frogs:eek: ....You will likely find them doing their evil deeds in Commonlands on Thursday 11-18 around 4:30pm pacific. There must to be an end to this mistreatment of frogs!:eek: Come support your favorite frogs! :)
    (I might be hiding myself... until it is safe once more for frogs...) ;)

    More Soon! :rolleyes:
  13. Ocarinah Member

    Today is Wednesday the 18th??? I think you meant Thursday 11-19. I will do my best to come help my favorite frogs but that normally is a time I have conflict attending such fun and wonderful events.
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  14. Atourina New Member

    Silly Croakis likes to get the days wrong..We still love him though.
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  15. Ocarinah Member

    So sorry I missed this event Croakis! I really really wanted to make the event but so many things going on right now. I hope you got lots of support.
  16. Lessica New Member

    Hi guys, I am new here, as this is my first post. Anyhow I have been watching this thread now since Sunday and was planning to help Croakis out yesterday but don't think I made it in time, I looked in Commonlands for you guys around 8:30 Eastern, but the area was empty. Next time! :)
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  17. Ocarinah Member

    Eastern is 3 hours ahead of pacific so the event was at 7:30 Eastern. Just letting you know for next time :D
  18. Lessica New Member

    Yeah I realize that... I was just unable to make it on at 7:30 Eastern, guess I was hoping for the after party! haha :p
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  19. Dragoneyes New Member

    I'd like to "axe" a favor. Is is possible for us to have the guide quest "Axe and Ye Shall Receive" sometime soonish?
  20. Bazerko New Member

    Since he "axed" a favor, Would it Kael you to offer the quest kael or be kaeled :p