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Discussion in 'EverQuest II Guide Events' started by Ryleth, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. Zlily New Member

    Woo hoo Thank you so much Both of you Croakis and Kinyoubi.... I will surely be there!!!
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  2. Moonpanther New Member

    Happy dancing!!
  3. HawkTheSlayer New Member

    Is there any chance one of you lovely Frogloks can come on earlier - i am on EU time so 7pm Pacific is 3am UK time :( i sooo want to do this quest. I dont mind if you give me a 10 minute window, that would work ;) btw you guys do a fantastic job :)
  4. Lurge_Annenchurge New Member

    *tacklehugs Kinyoubi* thanks again guys for running this one .. i had a couple that i missed out on it the last time it was ran... will be there in some form !

    Lurge Annenchurge of Dreamwalkers
  5. Iuvili New Member

    Hmmm, it is 7:34 pm PDT and there are 80 players waiting in Obol to get the Newsies quest. Maybe someone could let us know whether this is going to happen or not/
  6. Alexic New Member

    Now 745 PM a calling of event would have been nice.... I missed raid for this *sigh*
  7. Rifuru New Member's a bit past 8 p.m. now and no hide nor hair of any guide(s) so far...:(
  8. Forestyne SWAT EQ2

    Please except our humble apologies for being tardy this evening. Guides are having log in issues and are trying to contact the great beyond to bring forth the spirits. Thank you for your patience.
  9. Iuvili New Member

    yeah, now have login issues, too. can't switch to another character. Hopefully, the guide will hang around for a while.

    Or, better yet, schedule it again for tomorrow or so.
  10. Croakis Guide EQ2 Antonia

    Not only did the original plan fall through, :( plan B&Cfailed,:eek: but fortunately plan D:D was a success! (Thank you to all the guides who did what was needed to get this event off!)
    While it was a very late start, we do hope that everyone hoping to take advantage, was able to collect!:)
    (I can tell you that there were HUGE numbers that did even with the log in issues!);)
    If you were not able to catch us this time, keep an eye open here for future news... I can not say when... just... :oops:
    More Soon!:rolleyes:
  11. Amberdina New Member

    Oh noes! I missed it with the log in server troubles! I've been curious to find out what these nebulous newsies guide events/quests are since I came back to game, and the log in server fails me! perhaps next time..

    On a side note. what does the quest entail? I know what a guide event is, but I don't know what a nebulous newsies is, lol. Just been hearing about them.
  12. Xianthia New Member

    Thank you so much. Very thankful to the guides that were able to step in and get this going last night!
  13. Iuvili New Member

    Yes, thanks Dierea! She stuck around for a long time, handing out the quest :) Although, the whole event seems to have been cursed with tech issues. Funny thing is.......after I finally did receive the quest on several toons, there were no more tech issues with the game. All problems seemed to have magically disappeared.

    Dierea.....that name just makes me giggle every time I look at it!

    Thanks guys for pulling through!
  14. Zlily New Member

    Thank you so much Dierea. The Log In issues were horrible but you stayed so very long for us and we thank you very much. It is crazy how the log in issues happened just as it was time for the event... Makes you wonder... but thanks again for pulling it off for us...
  15. Kinyoubi Guide EQ2 Antonia

    Help for the imbalance in the Ethernere will be sought again (for those who had login or other issues) this Friday, October 9, around 6:00 pm PDT in the Obol Plains!
  16. Amberdina New Member

    Awesome! Thanks for the potential repeat! I'm already looking forward to checking these out!
  17. Bazrake New Member

    Still looking for the story time guide. i really wanna see those little ones. now if only the game istaria can jump into everquest2s game and play as a feral dragon forever *thinks* Would really make it fun to play *hint hint*
  18. Ocarinah Member

    Thanks so much for everything! Really appreciate all the effort that was put into getting someone online to hand out the quest even when there were major issues with logging into game. It was nice to see just how many people stayed just in case someone was able to come help. People were there long before the event was scheduled to start. Having a repeat session is awesome and I will spread the news since I know a few people that were able to get one or even two of their characters with the quest but then couldn't log in until very late. All of you guides are amazing amazing amazing and we all appreciate everything you do!!!
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  19. Xianthia New Member

    I wanted to thank you for this extra day. The guide (Malel) was fantastic and really stuck out there for hours. A friend logged in hours after event had started and he was still able to pick up the quest and was very happy. I know it's not the norm to stay that long, but really appreciated the extra time/effort. Thank you very much.
  20. Bazrake New Member

    Ive been doing my very own made up guide things to just help the new players out ^^ Infact im tempted tonight around 7pm EST ill be giving out hand outs blessed and enchanted stuff to the public. Course beginner things right now ^^ level 10 stuff for new players. im going to appear in Darklightwood For a good hour ^^ so if you have an alt or you want to give your new player friends into the game look out for Frostillicus in darklightwood around 7:30pm EST
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