[Wish List] Non-Specific House Items

Discussion in 'Norrathian Homeshow' started by Cyliena, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. decator666 Member

    1-Dye Tubs
    2-Interactive furniture...(beds you can lay on, chairs you can sit in, opening cupboards you can put things in etc.)
    3-Windows you can see out of and windows that have scenes relevant to where your house is
    4-Actual Roof tiles that you don't have to raise and that can be arched 45 degrees
    5-More interactive plushies like cats that meow and cuddle your character etc etc
    6-Stereo/jukebox that you can play music on and/or acquire music for
    7-Interactive instruments that you can pick up and play or sit down and play

    Just some of the many things I'd love to see yay.
  2. Deveryn Well-Known Member

    For the building blocks: Square beams
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  3. Mythical House Item Active Member

    I'd gladly pay status and coin to add AMENITIES to my prestige homes - even SC - like the guild hall amenities.
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  4. Tyrus Dracofire Well-Known Member

    please add our old "raiding" shields and weapons as house item just like mounds and some HQ items.
    with tinker tool to make them as house items.
    those are too cool to throw away to vendors or mutings, and cant get them again without any groups.
  5. Mythical House Item Active Member

    I would like to put my clothes on Mannequins and use them as 'hangers' so I don't have to fill my bank slots with clothes and so that I can buy more SC outfits. Just sayin'!

    PS - And if it is heirloom I want my alts to be able to take it off said mannequin!
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  6. Twinklin Member

    Stone tiles. Not bricks or cobblestone or anything like that just ones that look like a rocky or dirt surface. Something that would work for making walls in mine tunnels or the walls in a crypt or ancient temple.
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  7. Kisy Active Member

    or for that matter... why aren't all HQ items house item enabled?
  8. Tenchigirl15 Well-Known Member

    I have seen pig pets and plushies in the game but how about guinea pig plushies or pets! comes in different colors like the cats in the game. ;)
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  9. Caela Well-Known Member

    More farm animals...

    Upside down hanging herbs that are drying... and need to be placeable somewhere besides the ceiling.
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  10. Katz Well-Known Member

    I would like a lot of items that used to be in the game brought back as craftable. I listed them on the old forums once before. The list was generated from this site.

    Once sold by merchant:
    While touring houses (NOTD inspired) I ran across some furniture that I loved. A search showed me that it was "once sold by merchant". Some of the items on the page link have similar appearance to items crafted now but many others don't. In particular the ones that are "wooden, citizen's, and decrepit ...." are no longer obtainable in game.
    I would love these to be added to our current recipe books. In particular, these would fit well with tiers 1 - 4 where we could use a few more recipes.
    This would be a great way to get these items back into the game and hopefully wouldn't take a lot of effort as the items are still in people's houses from when they got them from the merchant long ago.
    Here is a list of items I don't think are still in game:
    a basic wooden stool
    a carved chair
    a citizen's table
    a coalition table
    a decrepit chair (the seat is different from the one that has a similar shape)
    a decrepit table
    a faydark bed (we have a bunk bed but not the single)
    a freeport oaken table
    a freeport ornate urn
    a freeport shelf
    a freeport wooden table
    a large plain urn
    a masquerade vase
    a medium wooden chair
    a oaken table
    a simple stool
    a simple table
    a weathered chair (?)
    a weathered table
    a wooden bed
    a wooden bunk bed
    a wooden chest
    a wooden shelf
    a wooden table (?)
    an antonican chest (?)
    an oaken bed (we have a bunk bed version)
    an ornate overlord bed
    I'd also like to suggest this one: A Twisted Oak Table (no longer player made)- it was once in the recipe books and was probably taken out by mistake when duplicate appearance items were removed due to the introduction of being able to resize items. There is no corresponding item in our recipes.
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  11. Plavem Active Member

    Hanging vines that can cover a wall.

    I also think it would be cool if we could grow a garden, raise animals, etc. I think we should be able to harvest some thing from our house. Some harvested items by logic shouldn't be grow i.e. rocks formations. I know one thing that is aggravating is being a provisioner on my alt it stinks when I go out to pick berries, tea leaves etc and I am looking for 1 certain one, and I keep getting everything but the one I need. I wish I could plant only the seeds I want.

    I also think we need some house vendors. This has been an ongoing debate. But I wish for my house I had a banker, a general good merchant, mender, Fuel Merchant, Reforger are the primary ones I would like to see. People used to argue this would make people scarce in the cities etc. Well flying, portals, guild halls, population, mercs, have all attributed to people who want to play solo.

    I like the idea of the guild hall harvesters, but I think its time for housing harvesters. Maybe they should have a longer harvesting time, while I enjoy my goblin, I find him to be very very pointless. I don't think he should bring rares back. Rares are meant to get people out in the world interacting with it.

    Also I would like to see more crafting quests like the ones in great divide. It makes crafting fun and I love the house item rewards!

    I also think it would be very nice if the best looking stuff wasn't only on the station store.

    I would also like to see more types of fountains.

    Lastly I would like a wardrobe closet to put my appearance gear in. I hate when it gets mixed up with all my raiding, pvping, soloing gear.

  12. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    You know those areas in Greater Faydark, the Maj'Dul great hall/house, etc. that are climbing walls? Well, try this on for size:


    Carpenter recipe, maybe a different wood/appearance (and maybe metal options) for each tier, moveable (i.e., not fixed to a wall forever), something that would help li'l mousies and gnomes and etc. get to their upper shelves without having to spend a lot of space and items building stairs to everywhere. ;->


    P.S. LOVE the water cube idea where it acts like real water; just hope the keys that get us to the surface when we're swimming would work in them, too! Nothing more embarrassing than drowning in your own decoration. ;-> --U.
  13. Plavem Active Member

    I would like to see half curved walls. Kinda like a half moon. And quarter moons. I would also like to be able to change the floor & wall patterns to no design. It's hard to decorate curved walls and floors with some stupid elevated design on it.
  14. Zhaanish Member

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  15. Zhaanish Member

    Fine china and silverware
  16. Brax Active Member

    Looking for an item, that give you some darkness - like void creatures
  17. ShyMidnight Active Member

    Love these what if threads. ;) So many good ideas! Here are the ideas I like:

    Building block items:
    • Tunnel segments so that we could create twisting/forking tunnel systems
    • Liked the idea above about curved walls/dividers
    • Dome stained glass roof/ceiling to place on a structure
    • Thatched roof to place on structure
    • Archway dividers (divider that has archway built into it)

    Fluffy stuff:
    • Jewelry box with necklace strands and gems sparkling inside
    • Picture frames in a variety of colours so that we can more easily coordinate pictures to their setting
    • Lots more paintings, romantic ones of lovers, fancy-dress parties, highwaymen, and animals paintings of cats, direwolves, snow tigers, elegant still life oil paintings of stuff like bowl of fruit/vase of roses etc
    • Lots more carpets - new, bright, and exciting, maybe a luxury line that looks like stained glass, ones with a border of roses and hummingbirds, or a pretty carpet based on a vivid peacock feather design. Plain gem colours like Amethyst, Topaz, Dark Sapphire, Cerise pink and ice pink might be fun.
    • A fluffy cat plushie, maybe even with kittens playing with a ball of wool.
    • Make-up (lipsticks/eyeshadow) kit to put in bedroom/bathroom
    • More baths, along the lines of the Paneel ones, maybe matching sinks/toilets
    • Stacks of folded towels and linens, variety of colours/patterns
    • Lots more pillows in lots more plain colours and patterns
    • Many more mounts that can also be house items - eg Jumping: Bunnies, Kangaroos, Giant Frogs, Giant Grasshoppers; Flying: Butterflies, Gargoyles aka Notredame; Dragonflies; Ground: Red Fox, Chimera, Monster Furry Spider, Camels would be kewl especially if they spit :p
    • Fruit trees (apple, pear, orange, lemon, peach)
    • Lots more flower varieties in many bright new colours, to put in garden areas
    • More dainty china, eg I like my Country Roses, would be nice to see something pretty along those lines
    • Breakfast in bed tray, complete with plate of egg and bacon, strawberry jam toast, glass of orange juice (champagne if it's a champagne breakfast), napkin, knife, fork, flower vase
    • Dirty dishes, dirty laundry, stuff that makes home look lived in
    • Plates with single person servings of things like Salad, Sandwiches, spaghetti 'n meatballs, egg 'n bacon, fish 'n chips, bangers 'n mash etc
    • Stovetop pots/frying pans that have stuff cooking in them like porridge, eggs 'n bacon, chilli, cheese sauce, etc
    Too sleepy to write more. People that do these threads are wicked!

  18. ShyMidnight Active Member

    Like this idea a lot. I think it's true that non prestige homes hardly get visits, so I'd like to be able to have a portal to every home I end up decorating, whether or not it's prestige.

    Thanks, off to bed!

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  19. Arwenna New Member

    I've seen alot of great ideas here in the wish list 3 in particular: water cubes that you can swim in, curved blocks/tiles (seems alot of the homes have curved walls) and tringular cubes/tiles or odd shapes like spheres. I would love to see a cream marble with gold veining and a cream colored tile .... I have come to understand why so many people break out of homes to build .... when one builds you don't run into all the glitches you do in the 'made' homes. I'd also love to see some pastel colors and a blue marble that is blue not green or teal unless you put blue lighting on it. The ability to designate or dye furniture would also be great!
  20. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Awesome ideas; especially like the seeds idea and more types of fountains...I'd like to see them available at lower tiers; maybe simpler/more primitive designs starting at T1. Hmm...maybe "geysers" (but set up like the Hearths, so you can "adjust" them [constant, timed to certain times, small puff, major gusher, etc.])? If you flip them upside-down, that would help people build more authentic-looking waterfalls. ;->

    A working wardrobe closet would be awesome! Showing the clothes hanging up, like with the mannikins, or just a list of them?

    I think you could drape the current Vines you get from the Greater Faydark Moonlight Grotto thing over a doorway, but I'm not sure how easy they'd be to walk through. I'll try that experiment with my Ranger; he's got a ton of stuff like that, being a Tunare worshipper. ;->

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