What's up with hate mages?????

Discussion in 'Mages' started by sycla, Jan 15, 2017.

  1. sycla Active Member

    1) first off THE MAGE REWARDS FROM EPIC 2.0 have flurry instead of DC
    2) we need 100 fervor rune nerf for scouts or addition of 100 fervor to mages
    3) or we all roll beastlords
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  2. Errrorr An Actual EQ2 Player

    1) Would make sense, or at the very least Abil Mod rather than Flurry.
    2/3) Perhaps a little over the top here. BLs are not the only scout class.

    Beastlords need bringing back in line with everything else, and perhaps Summoners need something again, but giving mages 100 Fervor is just a plain dumb idea.

    Minor tweaks to BL's would bring them back down to same level as Predators. Sorcs could use FC/FB fixing, but not being made OP, and Summoners need their non-swarm pet abilities increasing to make up for their lack (And stop them lagging people with swarms).

    Making demands in 3 bullet points without no real numbers to back up your statements is just going to be plain ignored.
  3. Flamace Active Member

    Go roll a beastlord, why anybody would want to start over given the amout of stuff you have to do to remain realvent in this xpac is beyond me. Raid main change? /delete EQ2
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  4. sycla Active Member

    Post a parse where you see a BL Not in the top then we can talk
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  5. sycla Active Member

    what number do you want backed up?
    The first point mages got flurry for rewards is not in question
    100 fervor rune puts scouts way ahead is not in question
    3rd point... just post a. Parse where you beat a semi decent bl on the parse... dps or heals don't matter
  6. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    Why should a BL not be top dps? Do you know how much utility we have in feral? A good BL should be top, it takes quite a lot more management to play a BL then any other dps class (cept maybe sorcs). While you sit there and play your petclass like a tradeskiller and press the same 3 buttons and shout nerf. I agree with you on one point tho, get rid of the fervor proc. Sick of playing around that, sick of using same bow since AoM.
    Give ranger a slight boost and sorcs a bigger one then we are getting somewhere
  7. Mrmacky Active Member

    Again this brings up my point of not changing specifically "summoners" since if you increase our regular spells necros already fl a large bit more then a conj in personal dps.. They are the highest dpsing mage right now.
  8. Mermut Well-Known Member

    The issue with flurry on the 'mage' gear is not restricted to the epic 2.0 items. Gear with casting stats has flury this expac and gear with melee stats has doublecast. It is endemic across ALL the gear, not just the epic 2.0.. it's the same issue with ALL classes epic 2.0 rewards and ALL gear this expac.
  9. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    What is melee stats? Oh all those wdb and dps that dont mean anything anymore? :p
    Just remove flurry and all those wdb stats and be done with it DB! What do mages want? Double cast! What do scouts want? DOUBLECAST (lol) !!
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  10. duckster Active Member

    It must vary per guild but ive seen wizard compete regularly with our BL for top spot(wizard doesnt have hammer either for fervor purposes). Does that mean they need nerfed too?

    The change to tithe definitely plays a huge part in the DPS disparity(said wizard has 27k+ potency) .Alot of grinding for that so it should pay off no?

    So many things to consider rather than blanket nerf on the basis of parses.

    For the record i dont play BL or Wiz.
  11. Brightlyz Active Member

    Summoners should be competing with BL now that the resets got nerfed, sure BL is still top by a small margin but why shouldnt it be? Way more skill is required to play a BL to potential.
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  12. Rondo9 Active Member

    Sorcerers need some attention and very soon before they're are none of them left playing.
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  13. Ashandra Well-Known Member

    If they want to fix stuff do properly or not at all . ie Take out Rising tide and the plus 100% to fervor rune the most powerful stat in the game or better still lose ferv all together .Then tinker class by class not stupid blanket adjustments that make the stronger classes more powerfull and the others even more ****.:)

    Who wants to compete with a blord right now ppl scream for class nerfs if you do to much.
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  14. sycla Active Member

    I really dont mind beastlords topping parses all the time will be fine if they always do 10-20% more than everyone else
    but 50% more is too much.
    i dont want any nerfs ..just even the playing field by giving mages the 100fervor
  15. Brightlyz Active Member

    Giving mages(summoners) the 100 fervor doesnt even the playing field, It shifts it back the other way. If gear is equal and a BL is beating you by 50% post reset rune nerf then something else is wrong. I play on skyfire and arent any other BL's outparseing me and im not 50% ahead of my raids conj so would love to see a parse of this mythical BL you keep referring to that ive never once came across.
  16. Tajar Well-Known Member

    As with any class, there are some seriously uber individuals that blow the rest of us out of the water. My old guild it was a ranger, another guild was a wizard. Other times has been a summoner. You can't just nerf an entire class because the BL in your particular raid force is beating you.
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  17. sycla Active Member

    time to delete this thread..went way off track
  18. Errrorr An Actual EQ2 Player

    Or you could provide evidence for your claims?
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  19. Zeddicious Well-Known Member

    lol, I clicked on your signature and it came back with "error loading character" - I secretly hoped you rage deleted it and rolled a BL...
  20. Rondo9 Active Member

    a 6 or 8 second fervor proc every 30 seconds at a minimum doesn't benefit all mages, sorcerers rely on building stacks and on single target fights reaching max increments is somewhat near impossible now they have nerfed resets. Some classes ie beastlords with 30sec resuse on primals are made for these procs. I know as a wizard trying to time fiery blast around immolation proc and max increments can be very frustrating at times when most other class just wait for the proc then cast big ****.
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